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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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  1. I’m not really active on here (I joined a long while ago), but am a very frequent reader and lurker since I’m considering a HT again myself.. I have a suggestion that might help with Erdogan... Maybe you should try cutting your hair to a short low guard fade, like maybe a 1 or 2 guard on the sides and back. That way he can get a very clean look at your donor area and see what the hairs actually like when they are short and growing. Not sure if your comfortable with cutting it that short but it couldn’t hurt to try..
  2. My hairlines been receding for more than a couple years now. My hairdoesnt look horrible but it doesnt look good either... I was wondering if anyone can suggest me anything.. And if anyone knows of any good well recommended surgeons in California thanks.