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  1. Got my stitches out today, and what luck. Who was working at my neighbourhood walk in clinic but a former hair replacement surgeon. Seriously. He sold his practice (as he was getting older) and moved into the neighbourhood and works part time only at the clinic. It was a bit more of a "to do" than I had expected. But in the last few days I have been reading a lot around the site about "donor scars". So I was a still pretty nervous when he piped up with "whoever did this suture work is excellent" He said the grafts I had received looked "fine, just fine" which was quite the compliment from th
  2. Thanks for the encouragement everyone ! I must correct the graft numbers a little bit though. I was given 7,151 not 7,260. This entailed: 1060 1's 3967 2's 1973 3's and 152 4's And It took about 11 hours of surgery time.
  3. As my username and blog title suggest, I have had the FUT hair replacement procedure. The result, is that hair loss is no longer a concern of mine. I read this site morning, noon and night some days. I asked questions, I followed the progression of individuals right from post op to months into the future. I decided upon doctors then changed my mind, many times. Nearly two weeks ago I had a very fortunate day with Dr Rahal. I had modest expectations of 5,000 grafts going into the operation but was amazed when thanks to a plentiful donor graft he would be able to transplant 7,152, ! I had bel
  4. I'm starting this thread as a thank you to all the contributors who encouraged and imparted with me their experiences and opinions. Since I began writing and reading here (about six months ago as a "guest") I have taken the plunge and sat down in Dr Rahal's chair. I expected to receive little over 5,000 grafts but because of an overly plentiful donor extraction I was overjoyed to find out that Dr Rahal would be able to transplant a full 7,260 grafts ! I believed I would have to return and go through the long post op and recovery stages all over again to get the coverage I was after, but was
  5. Welcome to our Hair Restoration Social Community and enhanced discussion forum. Feel free to customize your profile by sharing your story, creating blogs, sharing your treatment regimen, presenting your hair restoration photos, and uploading videos. You can also join groups and interact with other members via public chat and instant message those you add to your friends.

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