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  1. Thanks for the reply I'll definitely look into it more. My dad wants me to go to my GP first though to see what they recommend or if they'll refer me to any private practice as it is getting me down lately. I just want it to stop for a few years, or at least until I leave college. Yes, I'm definitely losing it. My family don't even deny that it's happening as it's becoming that obvious that they would be lying to make me feel better. I'm not the type of person to exaggerate it or be overly self-conscious about it haha, but I have done a lot of research over the past year my dad started receding in his early 20s so it's no shocker, I just wish it held off until I left education, or at least until I wasn't a teenager anymore. As for photos, I really should upload some soon and I understand it will help people help me. I'll try to do that on my next post thanks for the help.
  2. Hi everyone I'm 18 years old. I've used Regaine for almost 2 years and it has definitely slowed down my temple receding but it has got worse. As well as this, my hair is starting to thin at my crown quite quickly. I know I started going bald very young which is why I'm wondering whether finasteride/propecia is worth doing. In all honesty, I am fine with going bald in the long run. However, I'm still at college and plan on going to university. I really want to be able to keep my hair thick and healthy throughout my teens and education. I know a lot of people can relate to that! I've been recommended the site uk finasteride - Legitimate UK finasteride for hair loss Is this what you use? Is it legitimate? Any replies are greatly appreciated! Please help if you can. Thanks, Lewis
  3. Hi I've been using Regaine/Rogaine on my receding temples for about a year now and over the last few weeks I've noticed slight thinning at the back of my head, at the crown area.. I'm 18, hating this experience as a whole...wondering whether I should now begin to use double the amount of Regaine? Like, should I continue to put a palm splodge on my temples and then even more to the back of my head, or split the amount I currently use? Could you guys also recommend anything else that could help? Maybe Propecia? Maybe some links to good places to get it in the UK? A lot of sites seem dodgy so I've avoided it for a while! Thanks a lot to anyone who replies, I really do appreciate it Lewis
  4. Thanks! where would you recommend I buy propecia from? Hope it's not too expensive!
  5. Hi guys It's been a while since I've come on the forum. I'll make it one of my tasks in the new year to come on more and answer to other people as well. I'm 18 I've been using Regaine/Rogaine for about a year now. It has definitely slowed things down up until recently where I feel my hair is thinning quicker at my temples and a tiny bit at the crown of my head. I've heard things about Proscar or Propecia? Are these available in stores? I'm from the UK and wonder if I should be getting these. Do they work as a good combination with Regaine? I've got quite a lot of questions that need answering but any feedback will be massively appreciated. Apologies that I don't have a photo, I really should get round to that if I want real help. I went to my GP about a year ago when I was first worried about my hair loss. He was bald himself. He said 'if there was any sort of cure, in any form, Prince William wouldn't be bald'. I'm not sure why he didn't help me or tell me about any forms of hair product or medication, it may have been because I was 17 at the time, or it may have been because he simply didn't know anything about it. Who knows... Sorry for babbling, really, any feedback is appreciated! Thanks a lot, Lewis P.S I use Regaine twice daily. I use Foltene thinning hair shampoo with a small amount of Pantene conditioner so my hair doesn't go dry as hell, and a Catwalk hair mouse on my hair after I wash it to give it some movement. Should I avoid Pantene and Catwalk? I've come across forums which say stay away from commercial products like these but my hair looks and feels terrible if I don't use them...thanks!
  6. Thanks for your reply I use Rogaine. I plan on getting Propecia when I turn 18 in hope that will help too! But if I did use these products along with the mousse, it shouldn't have any bad effects, should it? Thanks!
  7. Hey guys, I went to the hair dressers today. My hair dresser knows that I'm receding and is careful with how she cuts it, however today she recommended me using hair mousse and put some on for me after it was cut. Is this a good idea? It feels good on my hair at the minute and has stopped it from looking really dry, however I feel it won't be good in the long run... I'm almost 18 and my hair is receding and thinning on the top, not so much that it's very obvious but people can notice more and more recently. I've been told commercial products may help in the short term to make it look like it's in good condition, but can cost me my hair in a few years time. What are your thoughts? Thanks, Lewis
  8. Hey guys! I'm 17 and fairly new to the forum. I have a receding hairline and it's thinning a little on top too, however it's not that noticeable yet. I use Regaine/Rogaine at the minute. However, I turn 18 in a couple of weeks and I've been recommended something called Propecia I think it's called? I'm not sure what it is...I need to look into it more I guess. However, I'm wondering how I can protect my hair further at home. Is there anything I should avoid doing while washing or anything? Also, I'm an electronic music producer and this summer I've spent most of my days with massive headphones on mixing down and mastering for myself, artists and record labels and I feel as though that could be the cause of my hair slightly thinning on the top of my head...although it might just be me being paranoid. I'm basically wondering if there's anything I can do outside of the medication and products to help my hair! Thanks for any replies that I get Lewis
  9. Hey guys This is my second post now...I know I really need to start answering other peoples questions and I will soon For those who haven't looked at my profile. I'm 17 and I have a receding hairline. I'm wondering how much a hair transplant costs? and what is the process? anything else I should be aware of? I've said before I'm not afraid of going bald in the long run, however I will consider the transplant if it saves me going bald while I'm in college or university...it just seems out of the ordinary! again, I know this is asked often and very difficult to answer, but how long does it usually take to go bald? I've been receding slowly for the past year and only a few people have noticed at college. I'm using Regaine/Rogaine and a shampoo that claims to do a similar thing which has slowed down the process up until recently where it has been speeding up a little more and my hair appears to be thinning on the top of my hair and at the crown. This isn't noticeable yet however! Thanks to anyone who answers, hope to hear from you guys soon! Lewis
  10. Thanks for the replies so far everyone. I'll look into everything you've all mentioned and see if it's any help at all keep the replies coming!
  11. Hey everyone I'm 17 and I'm from the UK. My hair started receding last year and got quite aggressive within the first few months until I started using Regaine and a shampoo which was also meant to reduce hair loss. However, my hair still does seem to be getting worse. Are they any other treatments to have done? I am not afraid of going bald in the long run. I just don't want to go bald while I'm at college or when I go to university. I've noticed the slightest thinning at the crown of my head also but that may just be my imagination taking over as I worry pretty often about it. Only very few people have noticed my receding hair at college at the moment so I'm aware that I'm in the early stages. What I'd like to know is how long do you think I have until I my balding becomes noticeable? All of the men on my Dad's side are bald but didn't go bald until their late 20's and they had thin hair. I've always had thick hair and everyone's always said I take after my Grandad on my Mum's side as he's 80 and has a full head of thick hair...I wish that was the case! I'm using my last bottle of Regaine from my pack of 3 at the moment and my Dad has got me a new pack but it says Rogaine...what's the difference? My Dad was unaware that he had got me anything different as the packaging is all the same, but I'd like to know if there are any differences that I should know about. Thanks for reading and I appreciate any replies. Lewis
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