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  1. Dr Moore in St Louis, however the tech did the whole procedure. She said she'd been doing it for 8 years
  2. What would be my next step? I paid for 1000 and get 500, is their a way to tell for sure?
  3. Hi Guys, I'm weird that I only have hairloss in the crown, my hairline is pretty normal and doesn't bother me. Yesterday I had 1000 FUE. The procedure took about 6 hours. One person performed the whole procedure. I'm curious on what you guys think of the job. I'm know expert but the grafts seem a bit too spread out, and to my eye it looks closer to 500 grafts (I paid for 1000). Again, i'm def no expert. Thanks for feedback. I can continue to post pics if anyone is interested. Below pics are the day following the surgery
  4. Hi all, I had 1000 FUE yesterday in my crown. The whole procedure took about 6 hours (including harvesting and transplanting). I'd be interested to see if anyone with more experience thought the job looked good. To me it looks like their arent 1000 grafts and they look a bit to spread apart - but i'm not an expert. Thanks in advance
  5. 2 scientific studies have investigates the use of fin and minox. In both studies it was shown that using a combo was significantly better than using one alone. If you're going to just use one then use fin. Minoxidil isn't really all that great when you look at the numbers, but certainly helps
  6. Oh...one final point. Why are you buying proscar anyway? Just buy a generic finasteride or get a script from your dr
  7. John, I'm afraid i misunderstood what you meant. I didnt realise you meant that the drug was randomly placed actually in the pill. I thought you meant within the packet, i.e. some pills are only 1 mg and some are 5 mg. I would imagine it's not true anyway. Knowing what i know about drug development, it would be way more hassle than it's worth and probably impossible. Pills aren't just empty space with drug sprinkled throughtout; pills have many other ingredients to stablise the drug and improve its bioavailabilty. Maybe i was a bit strong on the DO; but he really should go back to his pharmacology classes. BTW, just because it's written in some article doesn't make it true.
  8. I think the problem here is that most people do not understand what 'half life' is, nor does the lay-person have any idea about drug pharmacodynamics or pharmacokinetics. I agree that the drug will stay in your body for several days, however it will most likely be at a sub-clinical dose. I do not understand why anyone would not take propecia everyday , as indicated. Unless they have experienced side-effects.
  9. i disagree with dr lindsey. This is very exciting news and follows logical progression of what is currently being learned in basic lab science. Already there are companies taking cells from people at a young age, freezing them with the intention of re-tranplanting them when your face is old and wrinkly. 5-10 years this stuff will be on the market BTW: PHD - Genetics - Cambridge
  10. did you consider that they may have gone away cos he doesnt have enough drug inhim?
  11. no studies have been conducted on every other day dosings. The half-life of finasteride is hours, so the guy is talking bollocks
  12. whomever told you that they were placing 1 mg randomly in pills is a fool. That is totally illegal. Can you imagine somone expecting to get 5 mg and only getting 1???? MAJOR law suit.
  13. Please Grow Please Grow. I'm afriad it is the guy you are talking about. I have cancelled my HT. Not sure i will get one considering the cost and continual financial black hole. Curious as to why you said this surgeon is so bad????
  14. from what i heard, the comb has only been FDA approved as being 'safe' no studies showing it causews hair growth