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  1. Honestly, no one can know whether it's real or fake unless you bring it to the laboratory for testing of the ingredients.... Like ^^ said, 2% is prescription grade.. You could just go to your family doctor and get a prescription... 4 oz here in U.S. is ~$30 for 2%. Better buy the real deal than to have side effects later on. I also saw that same one from Amazon but decided against buying it ...
  2. What's express scripts? I got a prescription from my family doc and gave it to Walmart
  3. Has the price of 2% 2 ketoconazole shampoo gone up? I remember about 1.5 yrs ago I got a generic 4 liquid oz bottle for about $15. Now the generics are like $28 and the Nizoral 2% is like $50. I'm in the U.S. Thanks!
  4. I use foam during the day time as it helps to style my hair. At night, I use the liquid as it's more cost effective and also seems easier to penetrate directly into the scalp as it seems like it's less absorbed by hair strands. Kirkland liquid is pretty cheap. For foam, I use Rogaine, both 5 %.
  5. No switch but my brother uses ONLY min; he's never tried anything else, anything. And even when he use min, he does it very casually and doesn't spend too much time. I haven't seen his before picture but he still has a head full of hair. He's been doing this for about 3 years so i guess if he's not complaining, just minoxidil is working for him.....
  6. Wow $20 ?! Can you ask where they got it from? I got mine at Walmart generic 30 day supply 1 mg for ~$40... Propecia 1mg at my local Walmart is $75 for 30 days
  7. My local Walmart in Southern California sells generic 1 mg finasteride 30 day supply for about $40. Propecia 1mg 30 day supply here is $75.
  8. I have the pimple as well but i just ignore it... Not sure what it is
  9. WOW! GRATZ! I should've kept a before and after of my results... I'm also taking Rogaine for about 4 months now AM & PM as well as Propecia for the past year... Been noticing hair shed about 2 months ago. Maybe it's the Rogaine... Keep going at it and update us on your 1 year result later
  10. Bumping this thread up again! This thread should deserve more views. PS: Has anyone tried dosing down on Finasteride? I've been on 1 mg Propecia once every 2 days and so far I DO experience hair shed. HOWEVER, the time when I started skipping the dosage was also when I started using Rogaine foam.
  11. Wow! I just noticed you're doing 0.5mg once PER WEEK! How long have you been doing that, and was there any adverse effects? I started Rogaine foam around the same time I started taking Propecia 1 mg once every 2 days about 4 months ago and have noticed hair shed up till now. Hopefully it's the Rogaine foam working... But if Propecia stops hair loss, then by taking Rogaine + Propecia, shouldn't hair shed stop?.. hmmmm...
  12. On the same boat as you, but unfortunately, my family doctor will not prescribe me 5mg generics as the pharmacist she called told her that the drug will oxidize (or something of that nature) if it is cut in quarters..... Hopefully by when the Reddy agreement ends in half a year, we can expect other companies to start mass producing these and induce market competition.
  13. Hi guys, I saw a thread on this forum a while ago with graph indicating that you don't have to take Finasteride everyday. Taking it every other day, or every 2 days, or skipping even longer seems to have the same effect as taking it everyday. Does anyone have the link to that thread? And is anyone NOT taking Finasteride everyday and still see good results?
  14. Umm.. I get my Propecia from Walmart for $76... 30 day supply...
  15. I heard Biotin can make your hair thicker and healthier. Anyone taking it along with other drugs? If so, how much dosage?