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  1. How is this done along with the previous scar? Do they do it along the same place? Is this what is meant by 'scar excision'? If it is along the same place, is the strip going to be the skin immediately below the scar or above the scar or does it matter? Can they improve the original strip scar? Mine is quite thick so am hoping it could be improved. I know that the conditions that cause the first scar - such as degree of scalp laxity - will probably have a say in how the second scar forms. Maybe fact that skin will be tighter after the second HT could mean it stretches more.
  2. If you are going to get your maximum grafts you would need to use both FUE and FUT, I assume. What is the best way of combining these in an ideal world to get maximum grafts? Should FUT be used until all that can be taken is taken and then move to FUE or is it the reverse? Or is it all the same either way? I have had one FUT and then one FUE. I am considering what is best to do next.
  3. Yes, I could see the scar on a 4 or 5 grade before my FUE. I don't think I could see it using two mirrors but could see it when I took a photo outside and under bright light. I don't think anybody else seen it though as it was never mentioned to me. I'm pretty sure friends and family would have asked if they had seen it. The FUE above has probably not helped though. Yes, I think he did FUE above the scar because the hair below was less quality. An 'imported Harris punch' was used. I believe he extracted the grafts but techs put them in. Is this common? I think the extractions were motorised but I'm really not sure about that.
  4. Thanks Gillenator. That's a really helpful reply. I'm veering towards FUT. I feel since I already have the scar then it does not matter so much. From my experiences of each, I feel FUT would be easier to cover up in the weeks afterwards as I will not need to get a significant area shaved. I am not sure about beard hair. It seems to be mainly 1 hair per graft and would probably not be great along the hairline. I am wondering how the next strip would be done. Would it be cut along the lines of the previous strip? Is it above or below? Is it common for the scar to be improved with a 2nd FUT transplant? I am wondering do people that have had 1 FUT generally go for FUT afterwards as the damage is already done concerning strip scars? The area of my FUE surgery was above my strip scar last time. I think it was maybe a cm above. I will need to check photos again. I am hoping the doctor would not need to go in to the previous FUE zone as the hair density would be reduced here. FUT was a lot more painful than FUE and had more swelling. FUE was very hassle free. However, I'm now thinking FUT may be a better option in this case.
  5. I got an FUT 3.5 years ago (2,100 grafts) and then got an FUE 9 months ago (850 grafts). They were with different doctors. Both approved here. Unfortunately the FUE I had 9 months ago does not seem to have worked out. I will post further info on this in the coming days but I'm going to keep it separate from this as it's too much for one post. I am wondering if I've already had one FUT am I as well to get another one? Since I already have the strip scar worrying about that does not need to be part of my consideration any more. It is also quite a visible strip scar too (visible with a blade 4 and I think also 5). Perhaps the scar can be minimised with another FUT. If I were to get FUE it would be beard hair. The reason for this is that I can not shave my hair. Last time I got FUE I got the 'no-shave' technique where an area at the back was shaved and the hair above that was supposed to cover it. I was told that this would be fine when I returned to work in 2 weeks but it was not. The area shaved was around 6cm and it took about 2 months for it to look normal again. I tried to use concealers but not sure how succesful they were. Not easy applying to the back of my head! Perhaps I could have a couple of cm used but not 6cm like last time. I am wondering how many grafts I can get from beard transplants. I think I need about 1,000 grafts. However, beard hairs are about twice as thick so may not need as many. This may be negated by the fact that I don't think there are as many hairs per graft though. The problem with getting FUT is that this is quite a low number for this. Perhaps I may need up to 1,500 grafts though. I'm not sure at the moment. I am currently in Thailand. I am considering Dr. Path and Dr. Pong if I decide FUT. Finally, I read on Dr. Pong's website that not all patients are suitable for FUE. Perhaps this is a reason for my unsuccesful surgery last time as my growth rate appears to have been very, very low. My doctor never mentioned that some patients are not suitable when I recently contacted him about my grafts not growing. Any opinions greatly appreciated.
  6. On my first HT I started seeing hair regrowth after 3 and a half months. I had my second hair transplant 4 and a half months ago and see only a few tiny hairs. On my first HT by 4 and a half months my regrowth was a lot, lot better. I think it was about 40-50% of my final results. This one seems to be 1% of my final results. I thought the rates would be consistent with each other. First time it was FUT and this time it is FUE. I know growth rates are better with FUT. It was 3 years ago.
  7. Sethicles, man boobs are not primarily caused because of lack of exercise. A lack of exercise will make you fat all over, not just your man boobs. They are caused by a hormone imbalance which can be as a result of propecia. This means breast tissue, not just fat, grows there. You could do all the exercise you wanted and still grow man boobs due to a hormone imbalance. I must also point out that man boobs is very rare from propecia.
  8. I've always assumed sunlight shows hairloss at its worst. When I look at my hair in the mirror under a direct strong bathroom light and in the light in the elevator in my building it appears see through. Yet, in sunlight my hair seems quite ok. I'm a bit confused by this. Has anybody else noticed this? So are these lights stronger than sunlight? Would people not notice my thinning in sunlight if I don't see it in a mirror or with a photo? I've used the same mirror and camera to compare under sunlight and under these harsh lights.
  9. Hi Gwallt, that'd be great. There are not many pics of this out there. How long is your hair around the shaved part? My hair in that area is only just over an inch (I think) and have the transplant in 2 weeks. It's just over the minimum of 1 inch so hoping it's be ok.
  10. I have 15 days before I return to work. My doctor said that I could grow my hair longer than an inch and get the 'no shave' or stealth technique. This is FUE but only a strip of around 1 inch is used and the rest of the hair will cover this strip. This obviously mimimises the amount of grafts I can use but I don't need a lot anyway. Around 1,000. My other option is to shave all the back and side of my hair and hopefully it'll look ok after 15 days. The problem I have is that I got a FUT a few years ago so I need my hair to be around a number 5 around the FUT scar. This is why he suggested the no shave technique. I would need this to blend in with the shaved part. I've read that the shaved part will be the equivalent of a number 2 after 2 weeks so this may be hard to do. Does anyone know if a 'no shave' technique can look ok after 2 weeks? Also, is it possible to shave the back and sides to a number 1 or 2 or does it have to be bare blade? If it was 1 or 2, it would blend in nicer with the longer hair around my FUT scar after 2 weeks. 'no shave' technique - (Video removed by moderator)
  11. Yes, I've followed your progress as well as Shane13, QuestionMark, Johnny24, DE, eternaldenied, GaelicDawn and a few others. Some of you are still only a few months in but even the ones that had the transplant last year seem to just stop posting after around 6 months (unless they are a co-ordinator for Darling Buds). I see Midnightio75 has posted results after 13 months though. Wondering if there are any others.
  12. He seems to get a lot of great reviews here. I'm considering a transplant with him. I've seen many posts of people that were getting decent results but they stopped posting after months 4-7. This has happened in a few posts. Very hard to find any after 7 months. There may be 1 or 2 from his representatives but I think that is it. His work seems very good and I am encouraged by how well he is regarded but would like to just see some longer term results. Mostly everything was going well by the 4-7 month stage and perhaps they felt no need to post as all was good after that. The same question was asked here too but didn't get many responses. http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/172024-need-speak-old-patients-dr-bhatti-1yr-ago.html If anyone can give me their experiences after 7 months or if they have any links of people's experiences please send them on.
  13. Hi, apologies for the long message but wanted to try to include everything. I received a transplant 3 years ago where I got around 2,100 grafts to the front of my head by Dr. Pathomvanich. He left the area or tuft to the front centre of my head which was a bit stronger than the surrounding areas and felt there was no need to work on that as it could be affected by shockloss. The temples were filled in and the area behind and surrounding the tuft was thickened. I was very happy with his work but feel I would like to have this centre front area filled in more as it has since become thinner. It is see through in sunlight and under lights. I need to use Toppik and would like to not have to use this anymore to conceal my thinning. I contacted Dr. Pathomvanich about this but he thinks that the area is not thin enough yet for a transplant and that working on this would be too dangerous for shockloss. I fully respect his decision as he is obviously someone who knows about the effects of shockloss. I am just seeing what others think and how they think the shockloss would affect it. Has anybody ever got a transplant on a similar looking area? I am wondering how dense do you think my hair is? I would guess that it is near 40 hairs per cm2, though many may be minituarized. I have zoomed in on the pictures and used a ruler in some pics. I have some pics with wet hair and hairs in the thin area spread out to get a good view of the thinning. At what stage would you think I could get a transplant on the hair so shockloss would be less likely? When it reaches 25 hairs per cm2? I feel that if I was to have a transplant with my hair at 40 hairs per cm2 then I would lose more than if I had one when my hair has thinned to 25 hairs per cm2 as the hairs are a bit denser. However, would it not all be the same as I would be starting out with more? I'm assuming I have 40 hairs per cm2 but obviously it may be more or less that. Here are the 2 hypothetical scenarios: 1) transplant when hair is at 40 per cm2 - lose 50% to shockloss (20 hairs per cm2) - end result from shockloss is 20 hairs per cm2 2) transplant when hair is at 25 per cm2 - lose 20% to shockloss ( 5 hairs per cm2) - end result from shockloss is 20 hairs per cm2. So although I lose more in scenario 1, I had more to start with so I would still have the same amount after the shockloss and before new hair grows. These are all just hypothetical figures but you get the idea. I am also aware that shockloss is unpredictable but that it is more likely when hair is denser. In short,I am wondering is there a density threshold for when it is safe from major shockloss?