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  1. So i have had 2 previous transplants both successful. I am thinking of going for 3rd transplant in a month or so to tweak my temple points and fill in a a few gaps in hairline etc I have been told 500 or so grafts should do . My hair is really good but id like to hopefully fill i n a few areas that bother me. I am not shaving my recipient area and hopefully not my donor area depending on length of hair. Has anyone had such a small procedure . I dont want to be noticed this time that had work done. Im hoping this is possible with such little grafts. Any views?
  2. I think you are fine mate.iv had two and didnt really concern myself with the winter sun. I would advise to wear hat in future though
  3. congrats . looks great. Not a negative but 3 days seems alot for 1500 grafts. prob done manually but even still seems a tad excessive
  4. Surf dude. I gather you are joking in which case haha very funny bit if not you are completely off your head!! And if you are cop god help the poor sods who are in your jurisdiction!!
  5. Mate.check out your pre op pics and check out your new hait line.you look great. Lots of density and maturing to come . Should be great result
  6. Just a quick comment on not really price but the clinics ethics . I contacted clemens weber re going back for a further treatment in future. I'm afraid I have acquired a.case of hair greed. While he didn't refuse me he did state that doctor did not think necessary at this time. In a way I'm glad as shows I'm I'm a good position right now. I respect the clinic for not snowballing me into another procedure unlike many others that I hear off.
  7. Hi guys.iv decided to give sarms in particular s4 a go. Apparently this product does not cause the side effects of steroids. Perhaps some of you guys have experience or views on this. I love the gym and would love to add a boost but not at the expense of my hair.
  8. Hi mate. Best way to get hold of dr demirsoy I found was through his agent clement weber. He will get back to you promptly. Look up health travel dr demirsoy in Google and you will find contact info
  9. Joetronic. I'm happy to do what I can.i make no apologies for the fact I am a rubbish photographer. Here's a few without flash . In terms of angles I don't feel comfortable asking someone to take photos of my hair so I shall have to fiddle with that when I get more time I should have really styled my hair but these are with no product or even brushed for that matter By the way I'm so glad you are happy for me.�??
  10. Plus people knock motorised extraction . 2265 in one day and I'd say a very high yield rate
  11. Thanks mate. I'm really pleased. I feel dr demirsoy is fantastic