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  1. Hi Dr. Lindsey, looks like it has been filled in. How wide/long was the scar? I'm curious as to the density at which hair is planted in the scar to ensure good growth. Also, in your estimate, how many of the grafts should grow as I believe scar tissue is quite avascular? Interesting case.. Thanks and regards, Chix
  2. Hi Rod, Sounds like you had a great experience. Dr. Radha is very knowledgeable - what did you think of her skill
  3. Hi ran - PM me your mobile number so I can have word with you! Who was your doctor?
  4. Thanks Dr. Alexander - I'm almost 6 months post-op and my scar is about 2 mm at the ends and 1 mm at the back and all through. Its completely faded out at the back and is very light pink at the two ends/sides. I had tricho closure so hairs are grwing through. Do you think I can expect any further improvement or this will be about it? Also, what are the chances of it stretching further at this point? regards, chix
  5. hey richie48, thanks a bunch mate - awesome pics...and awesome scar. Hope it did'nt widen after 6 months. Looking good chix
  6. Hi all, I was wondering - by what time post-op can one expect the donor strip scar to have reached maturity and widened as much as it will, that is, it will not widen any more? Any thoughts chix
  7. For the record, it is only on this forum that Dr. Madhu is well known for HT in India. Otherwise, very few plastic surgeons/HT docs/ Dermatologists have even heard of Dr. Madhu in India, whereas docs like Dr. Manoj Khanna/ Dr. Sanjiv Vasa are the most famous in India. Further Dr. Manoj Khanna is way more expensive than Dr. Madhu - he charges Rs. 70/= per graft (probably the most expensive for FUT in India) versus Dr.Madhu who charges Rs. 50/= per graft (in fact he's upped it to this figure since being recommended on this site). Don't know why the other docs in India are not interested in being recommended here - too much business, I guess
  8. Hi Guys, Just wondering - my strip scar is about 25 cms long and about 2.3-3 mm wide at the sides and about 2 mm at the back and closed using tricho closure. I was thinking of filling it with FUE grafts and was wondering how many grafts would be required to break up the scar and achieve significant improvement in appearance given the lower yield in scar tissue versus virgin scalp. Would appreciate any feedback from all experienced posters out there chix
  9. I suggest you consult a recommended HT doc or your dermatologist and ask him the pros and cons of doing an HT without Propecia. In any case, you should be ready to have more than one procedure in your lifetime. IMO, if you keep your goals modest and are financially and emotionally prepared for more than one HT, with proper planning,you might not need propecia - but only with careful planning in conjunction with your doc. However, no one knows whether you will experience any side effects till you give it a try, but I totally understand your reluctance. There are tons of Propecia fans on these forums and no doubt it works well for them and they experience little or no sides or even if they do, they continue to use it and live with the sides. Personally, I wonder how its still on the market!!! I feel its going to be just a matter of time before it's recalled or plastered with even more severe warnings of side effects - the scope and variety of side effects are breathtaking to say the least (and not all of it has to do with sexual sides) and all evidence points to sides being experienced in more than 2% of men. Just google "propecia side effects" or check out propeciahelp.com (accused by some of being fearmongerers) or propecialawsuits.com. Don't believe everything you read on these forums - make an informed choice only AFTER consulting a doc. There are a lot of people having had transplants who are not on propecia. You could also explore the FUE route or not opt for an HT at all and just shave down.
  10. Hey guys - very insightful posts!! I totally agree with mattj and mahhong that meds, especially fin, will probably go a long way in helping you maintain and making healthy your existing hair as well as regrow some new hair. However, seeing the number of guys having had transplants and staying off meds, it begs the question as to whether they are totally ignorant of the meds or are conciously staying off them for the sides or whatever other reason. I guess another thing to consider is age - a guy in his early twenties probably needs to get on to meds to help slow down/stabilize the baldness. However, older guys, who have already lost a lot of hair over the years can probably get by. I guess this is true only if you're transplanting into a totally bald area where meds will not affect the DHT resistent hair. I've seen severely bald guys looking amazing after a transplant where the meds are not required for the transplanted hair. However, fin will definitely help preserve the hair above the safe zone as well as keep the donor area healthy. Again, the anectodal evidence regarding severe and persistent side effects of fin continue to mount and I wonder if young guys are playing russian roulette with their bodies by continuing on fin for an unlimited period of time. Sure, there are tons of guys who don't experience sides or overcome them but then the long term efficacy of the drug is still largely unknown. Having said that, there is no doubt that fin helps in slowing down hairloss but its a tough choice to make. I agree with Corvettester - the considerations are mind boggling with too many uncertain variables. If you choose not to take fin, IMO its better to settle for modest goals and be satisfied with that, coz from what I can tell, guys are still struggling with this question. Zenmunk will definitely be doing the whole community a huge service by keeping us informed of his results, although I suspect after 13 years of being on fin and experiencing few, if any sides, all should be well. But how many guys are as diligent as he is? and that too on a continual basis? Can't think of too many people monitoring their livers every 6 months! hairthere - thanks for your PM. Much appreciated! I PM'ed you back with some more thoughts, i'd love your opinion on.
  11. Hi all, Am curious about something. Have spoken with at least a dozen guys who have had a transplant and not one of them is using any meds - fin or minox. Just about all of them are in their late 30's/40's. So what I'm wondering is whether at this age your hairloss pattern is well established? Also is it worth doing an extra HT in future if you don't wnat to mess with meds? Some people seem to think so. Is it worth staying off the meds if your goal is maybe to fill up to the crown - will that be too unnatural if you proceed to a NW 6? I know a few forum members have also had transplants without meds. The transplant might not look that great as if u were on meds, but if u could afford an extra session, is it worth staying off the meds. Am curious, since alot of people seem to have done this without meds. Also, as an aside, any idea as to how many grafts will an average donor yield? Just curious.....
  12. Levrais, Was using the samsung galaxy. But just can't access the PM function
  13. Hey MusoInOz thanx for your input! Am on a tablet so cant get a handle on the PM yet - not able to figure out why! Gotta get to a PC. Yo thanx for your input - going thru a lot of shedding with minox. Gotta ask the HT doc or my GP but gotta stay on it, I guess. Not sure yet about finax (indian fin). Worried about side effects. Thanx buddy for all your help so far
  14. Hey awsome pics kanth721. Congrats! Can u PM me your mobile no.? Am from india as well and would love your input! Thanks
  15. Thanx David - yeah it's a wait and watch game. That's what causes the anxiety. Unfortunately did not take immediate post- op pics- how dumb am I? Thanx a lot for your response btw - really appreciate it. U guys r the experts! Any word on shedding after using minoxidil?