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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last 10 years
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    Norwood III A
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    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration

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    Dr. Jerry Cooley
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    Propecia (Finasteride)
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    Revita Shampoo
  1. Thanks guys! I'm pretty pleased. And thanks Spanker - after the hair started coming in I dropped about 25lbs. Amazing how easy it came off when I was just feeling good about myself in general. Another 15 or so more to go.... not as easy ;-)
  2. I have been bad about posting pics the last few months. :-( Hard to believe it has been nearly 11 months since the procedure for me. I couldnt be happier. Just a reminder of where I started last July: And today:
  3. I just went into my primary care doctor's office and the nurse took them out no charge, no questions asked.
  4. Actually I cannot find the scar. Feels just like the surrounding area. Very flat. I have a very very thick donor area and I think that plus the trico closure plus the acell makes it impossible to see. Only exception- I have one little area on the right hand size that feels like a bump the size of a pebble. That is my only point of reference for where the scar even is. No redness, but to be honest, with the exception of the day the stitches came out, it was never red.
  5. Four months and all is well... even started experimenting with a little Toppik to beef it up in the interim... No Toppik: With a little spritz of Toppik: Let me know whaccha think
  6. All depends on the density you are looking for: 45 gr per sq cm would be 2,700 grafts. 50 would be 3,000. 60 would be 3,600 So I would say anywhere from 2,700 to 3,750.
  7. I have a strong crown and mid, just recession in the frontal third. I had no noticeable shed at all. (As for saying that your loss isn't happening in your crown and mid- remember it takes up to 50% loss before you notice it is thinning.) I have had no side effects from Fin except lots of new baby hairs growing where none were for years.
  8. Not all docs do bloodwork. And it is illegal to test for HIV in the US unless the patient is explicitly informed and gives consent (except in cases of accidental needle sticks, etc where a health worker may have been exposed). As an aside- unless your HT Dr explicitly told you they were testing for HIV, don't rely on that as having a negative test. (However, ethics work both ways, and a positive person should always inform their health care providers, even though they are not obligated)
  9. In the US, Dr's are required to use universal precautions and treat all patients as though they have a blood born infection. It is ethically (if not legally) not allowed (in the US at least) to refuse treatment solely on the basis of HIV status. Of course, that is assuming that the positive person's immune system is not compromised and there are no other contraindications. There actually was a case a little while back where Dr. Brett Bolton (who has been accused many times of being privy to questionable reviews on this site) refused a patient a HT because he was positive. Not sure how the case turned out- HIV-positive man denied hair transplant - Health - AIDS - msnbc.com
  10. I had a very similar hairline to yours and was scheduled for 2k grafts then thought what the heck and went for an extra 500 for a total of 2,500 the day of the surgery. Although mine is not grown in yet, I can say that in my case, I need to keep telling myself that my Dr's recommendation for a mature hairline was a good one. For me it is easy to think, "Gee, I am getting a HT, I should have a juvenile hairline like Beckham or Tom Cruise." It is easy to get greedy. A good looking mature hairline is generally between 7 and 9 cm above the center of in between your (relaxed) eyebrows. Measure that out then take a marker and make a dot, then draw a curved line across. That will give you a good idea of what a mature hairline looks like in the meantime between now and when you see the doc.
  11. My HT doc, Dr. Cooley, recommended only once a day as being effective. It is so easy to apply and cheap (I use the liquid not the foam) so I actually do apply twice daily. I usually only shower once a day in the morning. It takes 10 seconds to apply and is just part of my routine, just like brushing teeth. I also apply before bed without showering first. No problems at all. I buy 6 month supplies at Sam's Club for $20-$30 and apply just in the frontal third. I started that plus 1/4 proscar daily the day after my initial consult for the HT. By the time my surgery rolled around (two months later) I had very noticeable growth in my hairline and temples. It actually made me think about reconsidering the surgery. No side effects whatsoever.
  12. I think Revita only contains 1% not 2%. Am I wrong?
  13. I am 6 weeks out from my HT with Acell. I have to wait to see if there is any positive recipient area since I am still waiting for growth to start. What I can say is that my scar is completely flat and very hard to find. Also- it seemed like it was very well healed about 36 hours out. My regular family Dr. saw it 72 hours after the surgery and said it looked like the scar had healed for at least 3 weeks. That alone was worth the little extra cost to me.
  14. Oh- that also includes two nights hotel and shuttles to and from the office from the hotel. You really shouldn't bargain shop with something as important and permanent as surgery, but Dr. Cooley proves that you can have a top notch surgery at an affordable rate.
  15. Sure - he uses graduated pricing - they get cheaper the more you do. I did 2500 grafts and it averaged 3.76 per graft plus $500 for acell which has made my scar nearly invisible even just a month out and hopefully will produce greater yield.