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  1. Sam, For burning sensation I get that from most shampoos.... try to change your shampoo and see how it goes as some shampoos csuse allergy.... I find free&clear shampoo work best for.me. Also can you tell me where in UAE are you doing injection for ridging and with which doctor? Would those injection make the hair around the area fall ? Did it improve your ridging significantly ? I am.dealing with this ridging issue and looking forward to treat it.
  2. I use regenepure dr (1% keto) twice a week and nizoral 2% once a week, but again nizoral 2% is available over the counter where I'm from.
  3. Hi guys, What you think about this product:as a hair supplemen: http://www.regenepure.com/regenepure-advanced-hair-loss-formula-with-biotin-maximum-strength.html Regenepure is known for its good ingredient for shampoos and now they have a biotin supplement that contains saw palmetto and many other ingredients and vitamins. Please let me know what is your thoughts about it (p.s. I know it won't stop hair loss by itself, but is it worth adding as I am planning to use boiten anyways, or should I go for a plain boiton product? )
  4. Hariri, What you think about this product: Regenepure Essentials Hair Loss Supplement Regenepure is known for its good ingredient for shampoos and now they have a biotin supplement that contains saw palmetto and many other ingredients and vitamins. Please let me know what is your thoughts about it
  5. BTW i read on other forums great things about "Jason Thin to Thick" shampoo. You might wanna check it out
  6. IMO the implanting of the grafts is the most important part since it is very important to implant the hair in the right angles following the exact angle of your existing hair, or the result will not look natural.
  7. Don't have a thread yet might create one soon Back to this thread. One thing I'm surprised no one mentioned is that knowing this patient family history and the fact that he is not willing to take fin do you guys think it was a wise choice by the doctor to use 2500 grafts for that small area and work on the patient's temples as well ? I'm not expert but I think unless the patient has a GREAT donor area (which I can't judge myself) it wasn't a good call by the doctor to use that much grafts in that small area
  8. I know where you coming from as Im not satisfied with my HT as well (was done with a different doc) and was thinking of going to dr. Hakan for repair but I'm glad I saw your post. I know it's easier said that done but try to not think too much about the future as you never know when would you lose the rest of your hair as it could be years from now so why to worry much about something you can't change now. I hope at least your result would be decent. My advice to you for now is to get on Rogaine foam and Nizoral (keto) ASAP and believe me they work and help you maintain what you have.
  9. I don't know who is the best but in turkey it seems like dr. Keser is the only doctor who does the complete procedure by himself.
  10. You might want to consider adding dr. Keser (turkey) and dr. Lorenzo (Europe) to your list as well
  11. Interesting... What you think of regenepure NT ? If it makes the hair looks good im thinking to make it my daily shampoo as they claim that it is very gentle and free of all harsh chemicals and has saw palmetto and so may other ingredients that might help against DHT (even if it's very little).... While using nizoral 2% once a week
  12. You sure ? In their website they state clearly that the shampoo is FREE of sulfate and parabens a as well.. The regenepure NT (the one with no keto) is gentle. It has good ingredients and they claim that it gives the hair volume and can be used as conditioner.
  13. I read that Toppik hair building shampoo is really good but I haven't tried it yet. It also contains no SLS
  14. I have been using nizoral for the last 2 years with no problems. However, recently I bought regenepure and I don't know if I should make the change or not.... I like how regenepure is free of sulfate and other chemicals and is loaded with so many ingredients like saw palmetto and caffeine which might somehow help (very little) with blocking DHT since I'm not on fin. BUT I'm afraid throwing too many ingredients together might lessen the effect of keto. Also the studies That support keto helps with blocking DHT was done using Nizoral 2% not 1%.... So I'm not sure if using keto 1% multiple times will be as effective as using 2%.
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