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  1. Hi guys- The last 2 months have been pretty steady progress I haven't had another explosion of growth like I did at 3 months it's been mainly thickening with the odd new hair appearing here and there. I'm hopping the next couple of months will see my hairline thicken up as it's still quite patchy and thin in parts but all in all I would say I'm quite pleased with my progress. Anyway have a look for yourselves and let me know what you think. Cheers.
  2. Hi guys, I thought it time I should update this blog as I'm now 4 months post op and have experienced some growth. Nothing really happened until around two months where I noticed a few new hairs start to spring up but nothing major. It was about the 3 month mark when I suddenly had a whole bunch of thin little hairs appear on both my left and right temples. As you will already know they start as barely visible thin hairs which thicken over time. Some of them have already thickened nicely and others are still quite thin even though they appeared around the same time. I've taken some photo's to show you but I must apologies in advance for their poor quality, the camera I'm using is simply awful. I took a variety of different shots in different lighting conditions but they all seemed to come out blurred no matter what I did. I promise that next time I update I will use a better camera and will get someone to take the shots for me. You should still be able to get an impression though. With regards to the scar I was applying bio oil to it twice a day but can't honestly say if this has made any difference at all as it's still pretty red. New hairs have started to come through but some caused spots which scabbed over. When the scabs came off they took the new hairs with them :eek: I'm assuming these will grow back again though.
  3. Haha, cheers Ziggy! ....Brilliant! Thanks for the response orlhair1 I'm sure you right.
  4. I do appreciate that logic and I'm hopping it's right, I just had a bit of a panic when my newly sprouted hairs fell out where the slight discolouration on my scalp is which led me to believe the sun has had some effect on them. In fact another one shed in that region today. There's nothing I can do about it now if it has caused any damage so I'm just going to chill out and see where I am in 6 months. Thanks for the reply.
  5. Hi Monkey- Just wondering how everything turned out for you?
  6. Cheers for the quick responses guys much appreciated. I still find it strange thought that newly sprouted hair would shed 1 week after emerging. They started as little black heads in an area with no native hair so definitely new transplanted hairs. Has anyone had this experience before? The reason I am particularly worried is that I read a posts of someone who had burned himself whilst away on holiday about 5 months post op. He also noted his new transplanted hair shed about a week later which he stated never grew back again. :eek: I know he had a proper burn and I didn't but we were both exposed to the sun all be it at a lower dose for me. It just seems a little bit too coincidental. Is it possible they went back into a resting phase due to sun exposure? Does this ever happen? Or should I just start preparing myself for the worst. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi guys, A week ago my grafts were exposed to the sun for no more than 8 mins. Basically something happened at work were I had no choice but to brave the sun without a hat. I didn't burn but I did go slightly pink most noticeably on my right temple. To be honest I didn't worry about it at all at first as from what I gathered from previous posts your pretty much safe up to a first degree burn which I didn't have. Over the last couple of days however I've lost a few transplanted hairs whilst showering. I'm nearly 9 weeks post op at the moment and had experienced some really early growth in fact some had just sprouted in my new hairline around week 8 which was just before I was exposed to the sun. What has really worried me today was that some of the new hairline hairs shed where the slight discolouration is. As you can imagine I'm pretty worried about this as I assume the only reason this would happen is if the follicles were going back into a resting phase (I imagine unlikely after 1 week) or if they have died. Has anyone had any experience with this? Is it as bad as I'm fearing it could be as although the pinkness was very slight and has all but disappeared it did cover quite a large area. Cheers guys your thoughts and insights would be much appreciated.
  8. Thanks for the advice Skinnyshaft I will try to put it out of my mind. You should definitely treat yourself to a weekend break over there I know I will. Tempenet thanks for your comment I appreciate the support. Bonkerstonker love your name and all pal it's genius! Taking the plunge thanks for that made me laugh and of cause I completely agree they don't stand a chance, Spex good to know I can sound you out if I need some advice, cheers buddy. I'm 16 days post op now so thought it's time to update my thread to let you know how i'm getting along. I had my staples removed by a friend on day 12. I contemplated getting a nurse to remove them but after watching Spex's video illustrating how simple it was I decided to get a mate to do it. Again this wasn't bad at all, it was definitely worse for my mate than it was for me in fact he made all the noises as they came out it was hilarious. There is a bit of a nip when a hair gets caught but nothing too bad at all. I've got to say having my staples out has made a huge difference as i was finding it hard to sleep due to a couple of them being particularly sore but once out that disappeared straight away. I also noticed my hair started to shed in the shower at day 12. I've been consistently shedding a little more everyday now. I believe this is normal for some people to start shedding earlier so I'm not overly worried about it. I decided to give myself a bit of a hair cut today to try even out the length between the back, sides and top which worked a little bit but I still look pretty ridiculous. I've been told I resemble a monk at the moment, not the best look. I buzzed the back and sides with a grade 6. It's exposed the scar but i'm still able to cover it up when I wear a cap. Anyway I'll pop up the pics below for you to see. They were taken today 16 days post op. I've taken a picture of the most noticeable part of the scar. Some of it has healed better and is a lot less red.
  9. Hi everyone, First off just wanted to say a big thank you to all who contribute to this site. I, like most people from the U.K. would never have considered going abroad to get this procedure done if I hadn't had access to all this information to show the different standards that are out there. After months, well more like weeks of deliberating between two or three top doctors I decided to go to New York to have my procedure done with Dr Feller. He was the stand out choice in the end for me mainly due to the sheer number of patients posting positive results on forums like this. Also Spex, who is Dr Feller's U.K. consultant for those of you who don't already know is by far one of the most helpful guys I've ever dealt with. Seriously if I had any questions he would get back to me straight away, sometimes within minutes. He's a good guy to have in your corner leading up to surgery. I flew in to New York on the Friday so I could stay a few nights in Manhattan as I've never been and have always wanted to go. I've got to say it lived up to it's reputation it is an absolutely awesome city. Just a shame I wasn't able to enjoy a few social beers whilst over there as the night life looked incredible and I'm pretty sure the accent would have worked in my favour and all. Actually saying that I probably saved a shed load of money as it is pretty pricey. Anyway I booked myself into the Inn at Great Neck on the Sunday night which is one of the hotels you're recommended to stay in the night before as it is in walking distance to the Surgery. For anyone who is considering staying there the rooms were pretty nice and fairly big and the staff were friendly enough. I met Dr Feller the next morning and we discussed my goals and he drew on the agreed hairline. Next were the injections which were honestly fine, there is a slight nip but nothing major. The donor area was then cut and stapled back together. Again nothing to worry about here you can't feel a thing and you have the doc and his brilliant team of techs reassuring you through out the whole procedure. Then came the placing of the grafts. Singles were placed in the front part of my hairline which had been designed jagged so as to look natural once grown in. Then a combination of twos and threes were placed in the mid scalp to add density. I have to say all the reviews you read about Dr Feller being a real 'straight shooter' and easy to talk to are absolutely true but to be honest the thing that reassured me the most was his confidence. You can just tell he's performed this procedure a million times before and when he tells you there is nothing to worry about you believe him. I honestly wasn't nervous once through out the whole procedure. In fact I couldn't believe how easy the whole thing was. The hardest thing by far is sitting still in a chair for 6 hours although you do get regular breaks and at lunch you get an absolutely awesome sandwich from a fantastic deli. In fact that was definitely the highlight of my day, haha. I'm actually 9 days post op now and everything seems to be going to plan so far. I'll upload the pre and post surgery pics below for all to admire Dr Feller's handy work. If you've got any questions I'll be happy to answer them.