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  1. Hi @rocketmas As far as a compelling reason - I believe you'd have to ask her. When she and I spoke, we discussed the possibility of further recession and the idea that, given my age and the possibility of the need for further procedures, the frontal third should be addressed initially. I can appreciate your desire to knock it all out in one go and, in your case, it might be more appropriate. But, in my case, our strategy made the most sense. I think, with competing consults, the best source of knowledge is the treating doctors because it's my understanding that every case needs a specifi
  2. Thanks for the support, Nick. Dr. Nadimi was great, I didn't get a chance to meet Dr. Konior. I took a look at your thread and it looks like great work. Months 4 through 6 had huge changes for me. I'll keep up to date on your progress. Happy growing!
  3. @brickellmoto I'd rather he didn't I didn't start this thread to get the work done criticized. He's entitled to his opinion. Feel free to have this conversation through PM.
  4. Not styled at all, but this is from today. Interestingly, my hair stylist noticed I had something done. I hadn't been into the shop to see her since before the procedure, i was going in days when she was off, since the procedure. She said it was the best she had ever seen and commented on how good it looked. I'm also including a pre-op (previously posted) and a three month for comparison. Today: Pre-op: 3-Months:
  5. No problem. To answer your questions (sort of) I know she was present for extraction and I believe she was there for all transplanting. I don't remember her ever not being there, but I was out cold for most of it. I think she just uses her judgement in terms of which hairs to use in the hairline (I think mostly - if not all - singles). Also, she mentioned my hair was coarse so that may have been why she distributed the hair like she did. I'm not sure if she sorts by diameter, but I'm really happy with the results at 6 months. I'm under the impression it's going to get better, but it's hard to
  6. Hi, I’ll post some pictures at my seven month. Everything has been going smoothly so far, but I think two month photos rather than one month photos may show a better change.
  7. @Payam She literally just drew it on. I kind of just deferred to her given my complete lack of medical background. I assume she is trained to make these decisions, what looks best, what looks bad, etc. I didn't want to muddy the water with my layman's opinion. She revised it a couple of times, but the entire design process took about 15 minutes.
  8. That’s the impression I got. Here’s a pic from yesterday under much less harsh lighting. Again, about 5.5 months post-op.
  9. Yup. Procedure was on July 20th, 2018. So about 15 days away from 6 months.
  10. Just realized I posted two of the same picture. Here's the third showing the front right side.
  11. Hey guys, sorry I haven't posted. Work's been busy. Here are a few under pretty harsh lighting. Just took them about 5 minutes ago. Procedure was on July 20th, so this is about 5.5 months post op. I think I got a lot of early growth and certainly didn't expect it to fill out so quickly. In harsh lighting (with no styling) still looks a bit thin, but a hundred times better than it did the morning of the procedure. In normal day-to-day light or sunlight, it actually looks significantly better than it does in these pictures, but the hairline looks natural and if I get more growth over the course
  12. Thanks guys. To answer your questions, Nadimi has results at: https://www.realself.com/find/Illinois/Chicago/Otolaryngologist/Sahar-Nadimi and, no, Konior was not around to the best of my knowledge.
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