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  1. The drug is VERY effective in stopping hairless, no question . It helped me as well for about 2 years But there is a cost as it affects your endocrine system - most people don't perceive the changes, but for those that do, it can be terrible for them So there is a tradeoff, but more like roulette - if your number is up, then you may suffer. If not, decades may go by and nothing bad happens. I recently got my hormone panel done by an endocrinologist and he recommended I stop taking Propeica. I have stopped for a couple of months now and can already see my hair is less thic
  2. Bear d hair was used across , especially on the scar . I think it did a good job concealing the wide scar . My biggest problem was w acne that started after the HT was over -- all over the beard area . I have detailed that experience in my other posts this was the single biggest post op complication - which made me take all sorts of anti biotics and even accutane. For me it is a strict no no going forward for beard / body hair - mainly because of this reason. But if you are asking whether beard hair eventually grew and did its job, yes it did. the tradeoff with the ac
  3. My HT#4 was a slow growth (see my thread). I think growth is also a function of age and how much trauma the scalp has gone through in the past. I am finally seeing growth at the 13 month mark but it has come in quite nicely all said and done.
  4. your surgeon will give you the best opinion since he is actually seeing your hair in person . very hard to tell from these pics . just follow his post op regimen strictly and then revisit this forum in a month or so when your scabs have all fallen off . as to smoking / nicotine , that is not advisable for any medical procedure (pre and post op), so I would lay off on that as well as far as you can.
  5. thanks for the compliment htsoon I have used toppik and various toppik like concealers but every time I have tried them , I have eventually quit. something just doesn't feel right w them and when I travel it becomes a real hassle to maintain the same regimen
  6. thanks mikeyhwk. Below is another picture, this time of the hairline . And here is where I want to make an important point for anyone undertaking this journey -- especially if you are heading to a NW6 or NW 7 , a position I am in now . Pretty much all the hair you see on top is transplanted hair Very critical to have a solid foundation to build upon. That hairline is from 2004 and still looks natural. I was lucky that I went to Dr Shapiro for my first HT and he designed a hair line knowing well where I was headed. Some one else who might have been more aggressive in order to
  7. Here are some post op pictures at the one year mark. these are after a fresh shampoo , with no product or concealers in the hair, taken with my iPhone . All in all, you may recall me mentioning that I had faith in Dr Ron and was willing to be patient , and as you can see from the pics , it turned out to be quite good, even though it took a bit longer this time around. a factor may have been this being the 4th hair transplant. I know I had posted several issues with my progress after HT so let me address these points one by one 1. Shock loss - has completely recovered by now as
  8. Here are some photos at #5 cut where you can see the scar but it is a bit faint and only if you know what you are looking for -- so yes, the FUE into scar was effective . The third pic also shows a bit of the side channel thinning that I wanted to fix -- no improvement there yet
  9. I avoided taking propecia for the first 15 years of my hair loss but finally succumbed to it 2.5 years ago after my HT #3 -- It actually helped w regrowth after HT, and also led to generally a fuller appearance. So for me it worked . Side effects - mainly I had issues with brain fog (lack of coherence) once in a while and to combat that , I cut the dosage to 1mg every other day which seemed to alleviate that issue a bit. I switched from oral to topical 10 months ago after my HT#4 and my hair is a lot worse for it . Not sure if the switch itself is the cause but to test that theory
  10. Accutane is serious stuff and I am aware since I took it back in my early 20s (and I thought I was done with it forever ). I have never seen so many warnings on a medication as I have for accurate. I was also asked to sign some sort of generic pledge and my information is in a database for monitoring . Plus regular blood tests needed to monitor liver ! But yes, Dr Ron is aware of accutane. He didn't seem to think it would be a problem with the hair growth per se (there are other side effects of course). ALL -- If you have a prior acne condition from your youth and are thinking about u
  11. Thanks Pete-from-Farjo . Hair implanted into scar hair did grow- closer inspection the scar is a bit visible at #5 but it is meaningful improvement from before. Given many of the hairs were from the beard they feel a bit uneven, curly and coarse to the touch I will try to post some pictures tomorrow.
  12. Thanks HTsoon. I am hopeful too. The one thing I will re emphasize is Dr Ron is the ultimate professional and he has shown great degree of personal interest and support for my case. Since he made the incisions himself I am hoping it is not a case of permanent shock loss from inserting new hair into existing transplanted hair and should grow back eventually. mikehwk - re: topical fin., a lot depends on the absorption into the scalp and maybe mine has been so jaded now after 4 HTs that penetration is not as effective , who knows , I am obviously not an expert on this subject. But the fa
  13. HT soon you are correct -- post 24 is 10 months post op and 27 and 28 is the day I walked into surgery . On the question that did I even need surgery ? --- Like I said in a different thread, pictures can be a bit deceiving . Outdoors and especially under direct sunlight , the side channels would become visible and I also wanted to create more fullness behind the hairlines to get more styling freedom. Lastly I also wanted to fill in the big scar on the right side side that had developed after FUT #3 in early 2015. Right now, as you can see I look worse than before the FUE surge
  14. Another pre op photo from the top view Here you can see the thinning areas in the frontal third and midscalp that I wanted to fill in with the new FUE transplant , to provide more support to the hairline .
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