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    Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
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    Maintain Existing Hair
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  1. thanks hairlosscursed i recognize the difference and thank you for the advice
  2. my problem is that my hair was sparse and thin all over even in areas which are normally thick like sides and near neck from the back, and i had a hair grafting procedure in 1996 on the crown area but it didn't make much difference.. the bald skin still showed beneath the thin hair - and i never could style it anyway i wished... i had lost hope on treatments and gave up for a long number of years until in 2005 I had a semi-permanent toupee attached and I endured it for 3 years but I didnt like the look it was so unnatural and it was too hot in summer as it was a toupee that couldn't be removed at home but only at the salon once a month.. then i used a laser after removing my wig in Jan 2009 and the hair increased at the crown and the front and top and I started going out with no wig - the hair was still thin but not so noticeable as it was before.. then i discovered this stem-cell triggering treatment and took a gamble and my hair increased very noticeably even in the first 4 weeks - that was Nov 2010 and up to Jan 2011 it made great progress and i stopped using it to see if the progress continued on its own if it triggerred the stem cells as it claimed, and the progress in fact continued going on, and i started another treatment after a break of 3 months, and i was offered to promote the product as I bought 4 sets myself so it was for my trust in them that they offered me to be an affiliate and i had just created my internet website for my hobby of marketing and i made a section on the product.. this is how it happened bit by bit my friends, now I will share more news as it comes - I assure you I am excited that something is working - it may not be perfected yet as there are several companies working on hair cloning with stem cell technology including Histogen which is worth mentioning as well, and I will definitely jump on another opportunity for some other launch of more stem cell triggering products..
  3. I had a consultation in Malta about hair transplant before i started the stem cell treatment which incidentally does not contain stem cells but growth factors which are produced in controlled conditions that is why its expensive to produce and these growth factors wake up the existing stem cells in the bald skin even in skin which has been long non hair producing.. it takes time but it starts moving like a ball rolling downhill.. i'm happy with my progress which hasn't been overnight- it already took 6 months now and I will share when i have more progress .. i will share only news no links promise
  4. thanks bonkerstonker I appreciate your reply and I know that you mean well.. take care my friend, keep in touch..
  5. @bonkerstonker: you have every right to your opinion and you can keep your money i don't need it.. i'm employed in a high earning job and i don't depend on the sales of this product. i only added it to my website to share it after I was excited that after 20 years i found something that really thickened my hair all over and started growing even in the very sparse area of the crown. that is the area i had made a hair grafting procedure which wasn't so effective so i can't resort to surgery in my case, i can rely only on treatments or shaving it, but this treatment is really working for me.. but at the same time i understand the scepticism and i would probably react with the same way so i don't blame you my friend... anyways take care and wish you all the best
  6. @hairlosscursed- you are right.. i don't want to fight - its the reaction how I was met in here - and to show i don't want to sell i removed my link and im not offering it even to new visitors- my profile is now empty... good luck for your hair loss fight - i can treat with civilized persons like you if we talk civilized... take care
  7. @bonkerstonker- its good that ur laughing maybe ur hair will grow again now with your jumping up n down with laughter!
  8. @hairlosscursed why are we fighting- its just because of your mocking attitude - you started it!
  9. your words don't mean anything, I enjoy my thicker hair while you continue to play the mocking joker, no one likes bullies
  10. I tried to pass news about stem cell treatment and it was judged as a scam, so I will not share anything about it even if asked, Thank the other members for treating me like dirt when they don't even know me and they don't know that my hair increased with this treatment, its not a miracle cure like they imagine but it changed my hair that now I no longer need a wig, and I go to the hair stylist with no shame as I no longer have balding patches. I don't know if you're interested to know more but I'm not interested in selling - to prove that I'm not a salesman and I only wanted to share news on hair loss that may make a difference to someone's life!