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  1. I have been taking it since pretty much the day it came to the US market as 1mg Propecia in 1997. My hair loss essentially "stopped" for many years. It wasn't until I decided to stop taking it a few years ago that I noticed a big difference, so I knew it must have been working for me. Sometimes, you really never know how much it is helping until you go off of it. I stopped taking it in 2010 after reading some of the new information about the side effects. The main "side effect" was that I lost a lot of hair fairly quickly, and became very self-conscious about it. Going back on it, plus having a fairly small transplant of just under 1500 grafts (I have very poor donor density) in 2011 has made a huge difference.
  2. I know there are a lot of people that have been happy with Dr. Feller, but I am personally not a fan. I think he is very overrated. While not every doc bats 1000, his reactions to these cases have been very unprofessional in my opinion. There are several examples on this board. Click on this link, and look especially at all of the locked threads. Forum By and for Hair Loss Patients - Search Results I have met with him in person, and he exhibited this same type of behavior. Also, be aware that he requires one of the largest deposits in the business of $2500. Note that this is NOT REFUNDABLE at any point, so be absolutely sure you feel that he is the right choice for you. With so many other great docs out there, I would look elsewhere.
  3. This comes up a lot, as they are 2 of the more popular surgeons in the NY area. I personally recommend Dr. Dorin very highly, not only for his skills as a surgeon, but for his professionalism as well. I was able to get a very nice result with under 1500 grafts (I have very poor donor density). I personally do not recommend Dr. Feller. I posted my negative experience with him here: One thing to keep in mind is that Dr. Feller always shaves the recipient area, while Dr. Dorin rarely does. This is something to keep in mind if it's important for you to conceal the work after the HT. Many feel that there are benefits to shaving the recipient area, but I just wanted to make sure you were aware of this, as this is something that Dr. Feller neglected to tell me about. Best of luck with whichever doc you choose!
  4. It's a little hard to tell with your hair that short, but if you have sufficient donor, then you may be a good candidate. Definitely consult with a few high-end doctors, and stay on the minoxidil and finasteride. I went off finasteride for about a year around 2 years ago and it cost me a lot of hair! I am a diffuse thinner, but I have poor donor density. I was still able to get a cosmetically significant result with a small number of available grafts. This is one of my favorite diffuse thinner results. He stopped posting at 6 months, but the result was very impressive even at that point. Not everyone can get over 4000 grafts at one shot though. Hair Restoration Site for korean boy
  5. TommyLucchese, I'm honestly glad to hear that you had a positive experience. Dr. Feller seems to be a very polarizing guy, with people having strong feelings about him one way or the other.
  6. josh606, I am glad you had a positive experience, but I would like to respond to David's (TakingThePlunge) comment. Sorry David, but I have to strongly disagree with this statement. I found the exact opposite to be the case, as have many others on this board (this is well documented in several threads). As much disdain as I have for Dr. Feller, I try to stay away from commenting on any of his threads, but I had to respond to your "Everyone" statement. I wrote about my experience here, so I won't go into it again. Personally, I found him to be very unprofessional, rude and defensive, and having met with him twice, "warm, charismatic and caring" are not words I would use to describe him.
  7. Thanks for the feedback. Yes, every doc has classified me as a diffuse NW6. I am definitely happy with the result given the small number of grafts.
  8. Sure. Here are a few. Also an update on my potential future plans: I have met with Dr. Dorin, Dr. True, and Dr. Rahal, and they all essentially told me the same thing. My donor density is very poor, and that I should wait to see how my hair loss progresses before having another HT. They all felt that I had maybe around 3000 grafts total available. That stinks. My HT didn't exactly turn me into Elvis, but it is a significant improvement, and I can now use Nanogen (I like it much better than Toppik). Whereas before, my hair was almost too thin too use these type of concealers...it did not look natural.
  9. Correct, I don't believe they had anything to do with deposits, but I was amazed at how similar his tone was on those threads to the way he handled my situation. As far as Dr. Dorin patients, it was really just Corvettester who voiced his opinion on those threads. Also, Feller and Dorin are both in NY (about 20 miles away from each other), so it makes sense that people may consult with both of them. Not that you were insinuating this, but I have no affiliation with anyone. I am just some balding guy from NY. Fair point. Admittedly, I didn't do as much research as I should have before the first consult. I saw a lot of before and afters, but it wasn't until after I put the deposit down, that I did the proper amount of research and found out about the shaving. This was my mistake, but he should have definitely told me this during the consult. I definitely take accountability for my situation, but I was honestly very shocked how Dr. Feller handled it. In fact, the crux of my follow-up email to Dr. Feller was about the fact that he neglected to tell me about the shaving. He didn't even acknowledge or mention this at all in his response. He essentially said, I don't remember your case, and the website says that deposits are non-refundable. I'll chalk this one up as an expensive life lesson.
  10. Gandolf, Very interesting. Sorry about the money you spent, but I agree that it was well spent if it helps you narrow down your choice of doc. Glad to hear that they now have a form to sign which discusses the deposit. Good question. I know the date, so I would be curious to know this as well. ej, Very valid point. Not sure how I could prove anything, although I do have all of the email exchanges with Dr. Feller, as well ones with Spex and Bill. I tried to resolved this with all 3 of them to no avail. Hariri, I completely agree with your assessment of the HTN. My situation is 100% true. I would not make this up. Absolutely. I was very angry about this last year, but I eventually let it go. This thread really hit home with me though. After I tried to resolve this situation on my own with Dr. Feller, I then contacted Bill, who contacted Dr. Feller on my behalf. Bill's response after emailing Dr. Feller was, "he claims he's been more than fair to you already". I am still trying to figure out what "more than fair" is in my case. Thanks Bobilero. I wound up choosing Dr. Dorin, and I am very glad I did.
  11. Sure. It was really more around his attitude and professionalism. He was quick to belittle other doctors, and seemed very impressed with himself when showing me pictures. He was like , "look at what I did for this guy". Then, I remember on may way out he said, "send me your bald friends". The whole vibe was just weird for doctor that seemed to have a very good reputation. I remember saying to myself, THIS is the guy that all of these people recommend? I was a little put-off by the 2% surcharge by using a credit card, but that was a minor issue. Do other clinics do this?
  12. I haven't gone public with this before, but I also had an issue with Dr. Feller when it came to a deposit. I want to first say that I think it's great that a lot of people have had very positive experiences with Dr. Feller, and that they support him because of this. Unfortunately, my experience was not positive. In April 2011, I had a consult with Dr. Feller, and I decided to go ahead with the procedure. I honestly was not completely comfortable with Dr. Feller, but he seemed to be highly recommended, and was only a half hour drive from my house. I will admit that this was a mistake on my part to go with someone I was not totally comfortable with. I paid a $2500 deposit. I paid by check, because he charges 2% extra for using a credit card (I thought that was a little odd). I was never told that the deposit was non-refundable, nor did I sign anything which said this. My main issue was that at no time did he mention shaving of the recipient area. I had an HT back in 1997, and know of several people who have had HT's, and never had to shave. I understand that times have changed, and there are several potential benefits to shaving down, but that is really not the issue here. So, I went back for a second consult to discuss this with Dr. Feller, and he completely denied not telling me about the shaving. He got very rude and defensive, claiming that he definitely told me. It got a little uncomfortable, and I left shortly thereafter with the situation unresolved. I went home and thought about it for a few days, and then called to cancel the appointment. This was a full month before my scheduled date. I wrote Dr. Feller a nice email explaining the situation. I then had to call his office several days in a row just to get a reply. Finally, I got an email reply from him basically saying that he didn't remember my case, and that the website says that deposits are non-refundable. Overall, I understand if people feel that I shouldn't get my deposit back, but it was how rude and unprofessional Dr. Feller was in handling this situation that really rubbed me the wrong way. There are several threads in these forums where he demonstrates similar behavior. So, he has my $2500, but he will never get my business, and I can absolutely never recommend him to anyone. This is a shame, as I live very close to his office, and would love to be able to recommend him to others. I simply cannot do this. Bobilero, while our situations are a little different, I completely empathize with you, and this thread is not pointless by any means.
  13. That's a typical Dr. Dorin hairline. See this result, which shows a similar design post-op. http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/161214-dr-dorin-1508-frontal-fut.html
  14. Have a look at this thread: http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/164016-do-concealers-recipient-area-post-hair-transplant-affect-yield.html
  15. If you search this forum, you will see that many of the members will travel great lengths to go to the doctor they feel most comfortable with, and will recommend that travel not be a limiting factor. This thread from today has many of the names in the US & Canada that are very popular on this site. There are 2 doctors recommended on this site that are in the Bay area, so it may be at least worth a consult with both of them. Dr. Kabaker is in Oakland, and Dr. Rosanelli is in San Francisco. To see members who have had HT's done by these 2 doctors, click here, and select their names from "Hair Transplant Surgeon" drop-down. You can try sending a private message (PM) to a few of them to see if they will share their experience with you. Send an email to Bill at help@hairtransplantnetwork.com if you are having any issues sending a PM. Good Luck!