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    Thinning or Bald Spot in the Crown/Vertex
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  1. Hi, i've been on finasteride for about 13 years and have not experienced low blood pressure, furthermore i also have hypotension and on meds and had no problems with interference with my blood pressure meds i hope that helps. But do seek your GP advice.
  2. Okay mate that's useful information thanks.
  3. Hi MarshallUK, Thanks for responding, may i ask how was your healing process after the surgery? And also was you advised to stop taking your medication for diabetes before the surgery? Thanks.
  4. Thanks charles for your response. However, Let's say for argument sake that my donor area was good, would any doctors perform FUE surgery with my health issues? Thanks.
  5. Hi everybody, Straight to the point, I am 50 year old man with health issues. I suffering from type 2 diabetes which is very well controlled with meds, I also have blood pressure and again its well controlled with meds, i also take medication for acid reflux. Now as for my hairloss, i having been losing my hair since the age of 23 almost for 27 years, about 14 years ago I Joined a hair loss clinic i won't mention the name. They prescribe propecia along with 12% Minoxidil it has really slowed my hair loss, at the age of 50 i still have full head of hair. But over the last couple years my hairline has deteriorated along with my crown region, it's not bold but it has thinned quite bit. So, my question is; with these health issue that i have, would any surgeon consider me as a candidate for fue, and which surgeon should i seek advice from? Thanks
  6. Thanks guys for your view experiences, however what about Dr. Jean Devroye
  7. Dr. Bisanga Dr. Jean Devroye DR Feriduni IF YOU HAD TO CHOSE ONE WHICH ONE AND WHY Regards 555
  8. Thanks guys so who would you recommend in europe, if money was not a factor
  9. Hi everybody I am new on this forum, and this my first post. Why I joined this forum is because there seems to be very honest and genuine people here who really want help other people hair loss issue which is why I joined,so I could seek advice and some help form people on this forum . will give a brief description of my problem with my hair loss, at the age of 23 I noticed that around my crown my hair was getting thin, which really didn’t bother me then when I reached the age of 32 my hairline also started to recede, it wasn’t dramatic receding but it was happing in a slow process, then when I reached the age of 37 my loss was becoming quite apparent so I decided to something about this , so I done some research it was concluded that I had typical male pattern boldness which is obviously very common, then I became a client of belgrevia centre in London they suggested that I should a laser comb in conjunction with propciea and minoxidall, and honestly it slow the process down for about 3 years then in the last 18moths my hair loss began again my crown and temple are receding quite a bit now , I spoken with belgrevia centre and they said its quite normal for this to happen, and to be honest I dont believe then. So decide to have HT after a lot of consideration, and method that I chose is FUE, The reason I chose this method is that my hair is very short around my doner area. Now, what I like to ask how do I go about finding best surgeon in this method in the uk your help will be much appreciated thank
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