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  1. the first two are the day of the procedure. the next one is my head after getting it washed the next day. then one with nanogen and then 2 pictures from today which are a month from the procedure. since i had PRP done, my post-op results look a little bloodier than most since i had to spend a night with it on my head.
  2. here are the pictures i sent to doctors for my virtual consultations. my next post will contain my post-op pictures and 1 month results. these pictures were taken with my webcam
  3. First, a little background on myself. I am 24 years old and have been thinning since high school. My loss has been in the crown and thinning throughout the entire top of my head. In March, I started generic finasteride and Rogaine and started doing a lot of research on getting a transplant. I sent pictures for virtual consultations to many doctors. Dr. Charles was the ONLY doctor to actually take time out of his day and call me back instead of emailing. I think our first conversation about various aspects of the procedure and what to expect lasted over 30 minutes. After a few more phone calls with Dr. Charles, I decided to go ahead with the procedure. One of the main reasons I chose him (aside from other glowing reviews) is that I did not feel at all like he was trying to convince me to have the procedure. There was no pressure to have it done. He listened to and answered all my questions, encouraged me to continue to consult with other doctors, and gave me realistic expectations. I felt comfortable with him. From the time I showed up at the office, everything was great. You start in Dr. Charles’ office and go over what is about to happen, take the pre-op medicine, and then he draws where hair is going to go on your scalp. The only part that really hurt was the first 5 minutes when they numb you. After that, there really is no pain at all. If you start feeling it a little later on like I did, Dr. Charles will just give you another shot to numb you. At one point I even fell asleep. The staff was great. They take your lunch order and are in the room talking to you the whole time. I had control over the TV but I barely remember watching it that much because I was talking to them (except for the short time I was sleeping). I chose to have PRP done for the scar and graft areas in the chance that it actually does help recovery. Everything has been great post-op. I had my hair washed at his office the next morning and I wasn’t in any real pain. I only had some minor discomfort which is completely understandable. I followed his post-op instructions very carefully and took an occasional Tylenol for minor pain. I had my sutures removed by a plastic surgeon who is a friend of my parents and he told me that everything looked great. He was really impressed with Dr. Charles’ work. I would strongly suggest everyone contact Dr. Charles, especially if you are looking to have a procedure done in Florida. He is awesome and really does care about his patients. I will try to get pictures up as soon as I can.