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    Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
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    Dr Pistone
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    Propecia (Finasteride)
  1. Dr Feller did approx 1500 graphs in the crown, hoping to get good coverage. Did your Dr write prescription for Proscar?
  2. Yes I do have some pics in my folder, also Dr Feller took some.
  3. I just had my second hair transplant with Dr. Feller a few weeks ago, so all or most of the hair on top of my head is transplanted. I stopped using Propecia approx 6 monthe ago due to less sex drive and also very costly, was paying around $70 per month. I see many people continue the use of Propecia even after several hair transplants, I'm wondering why? Do I have to worry about losing transplanted hair if I'm not taking Propecia? I don't understand why people that have payed thousands in hair transplants continue to take Propecia? I'm currently taking 5000mg of Biotin and MSM. I do not want to begin Propecia again due to above mentioned items, but I also do not want to lose any hair, especially transplanted hair.
  4. I recently had my first hair transplant surgery ( approx 2000+ strip) on Dec 19th with Dr. Feller. Originally scheduled for early November but Superstorm Sandy changed that date. I had my first surgery withDr. Pistone in April of 2011, with good results. This recent surgery with Dr. Feller was to add to my hairline and address my crown. I'm approx 3 weeks post op and everything is heeling well ( will add pics ) I went for my consultation in the summer and immediately knew Dr. feller was my guy. Dr. Feller did ask me why not just go back to Pistone? My answer was "I hear your the best". Mainly from everyone on this site, thanks to all who contribute on here, you know who you are. Time will only tell with the results, but I expect good things. My overall experience with Dr. Feller and his staff was excellent, I was shocked to hear most of his clients come from Europe. I'm a local guy living in Jersey, where is everyone from this area going? Dr. Feller has a great attitude and sense of humor and his staff was terrific. I'd like to thank Cathy for staying in touch after Sandy hit, rescheduling had to be a nightmare, she just kept telling me to be patient, which I was. Only part of the surgery that hurt was the local needles, other than that I just had a hard time sitting in the chair for 4+ hours, but it will be worth it in the long run. First couple of nights were a little uncomfortable, but I knew what to expect. I had staples removed by my local Dr, 5 minute drive vs 1 hour to Dr. Feller's office ( without traffic ). I feel much better now. I will update photos and keep all updated on progress.
  5. Spreadlocks, I bought Kirkland brand Glucosamine with 1500 mg of MSM from Costco, I take one pill with breakfast and one with dinner. Pills are pretty big but don't bother me. Jetsfan
  6. Jetsfan

    jetsfan photos

    photos taken immediately following surgery with Dr. Pistone.
  7. Thanks Janna, will try for a week at half dose.
  8. I am approx 9 months post op, happy with results so far. My crown still needs to be done, Dr Pistone worked on my original hairline and advised me to come back to finish the crown and thicken up the front if need be. I began using Kirkland Minoxidil shortly after surgery, hoping I would get good results and avoid a second procedure. Shortly after using Kirkland Minoxidil I got a bad rash, very red, and uncomfortable. I then switched to Rogaine foam but still irritated. I then visited a Dermatologist and was given Clobex which solved the rash. My question is should I try Rogaine foam again? I'm 90% sure I will be scheduling a second procedure to fill in crown and possibly thicken front of head. Thanks in advance for help.
  9. I am a little over 3 months post op now and was wondering if using styling products like mouse and hair volume products would negatively impact the growth of transplanted hairs? I have some older hair that is present, then the transplanted hairs are under my native longer hairs. The transplanted hairs are just starting to grow, so I guess I'm using some products to give my hair a thicker look until my transplanted hairs mature. I don't think this would impact my ht hairs from growing, but thought I would ask anyway. Thanks, Jets Fan
  10. Thanks jotronic, will try it for a few months.
  11. I am now approx 3 weeks post op and I just bought msm, any advice on how much to take? Thanks, Jetsfan
  12. Dr.Charles, Thanks for your response.
  13. I just posted another photo of what has been shedding from my head, I am now 12 days post op, so I take it that this is normal. I keep running my hands through my recipient area and more shedding occurs, should I stop this? I'ts hard to stop because my scalp feels different. Some of the shedding particles do have hairs in them, and some are dark, like a root. Still have some scabs remaining that I'm gently trying to remove in the shower. Would trying to rub these off dry be a bad thing? Thanks in advance. Jetsfan