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  1. I had an unsuccessful procedure with him unfortunately and he has a fairly killer marketing team behind him to make sure that he stays popular. I hope you will have a better experience.
  2. I think that most people do understand that fact, and can appreciate that this is a private forum that can suppress speech as much as they want. There is really no legal repercussion, just like there is no legal repercussion for Dr Rahal failing to deliver results or proper estimation for me. Saying that there are consequences where it comes credibility. This Network claims to take a neutral stand on the topic, By suppressing speech they are failing to deliver on their promise or at least our assumption of that promise. Saying that, I have been posting quiet a few messages here and unlike my first post that has been removed they seemed to tolerate the rest of the discussion. So thank you for that. It is becoming an interesting debate :-) and I'm no longer as frustrated, lol
  3. that's actually very funny. I'm pretty sure that bill threatened to suspend me so it's not really that much of a conspiracy but sounds like you guys are more open for conversation. Thank you for that.
  4. oh yeh win 200, prove it :-), I'm just kidding but this is what the moderator expect from me. I guess we simply had a different experience. Maybe he learned his lessons since he was working with me.
  5. David, I was not anonymous I went out of my way to prove to you that I'm a legitimate client of DR Rahal, this was real effort to legitimize my claim and I'm clearly not trying defame him on behalf of some competition. You just decided to be a stickler for the rules to a level that questions your credibility as a moderator. The internet is full of reviews and it is the accumulation of the reviews that makes you decide which service to use, and people should have the permission to decide how much content they would want to make accessible online. I made a clear decision that I don't want image of myself online, this is not so unreasonable. To start making every reviewer prove that he is legitimate is crazy and even if I provide images I have no idea how to prove that Dr Rahal wanted to charge me more for the extra follicles.
  6. That is a fact. My account might be suspended very soon for telling you that :-)
  7. I also would like to welcome you to the 21st century where limiting free communication on the internet is the perfect way for you to lose credibility. Suspending me will only prove that you have something to hide, and will make it more personal for me.
  8. Bill common, you guys have been defending Dr Rahal the second I mentioned anything negative and then you insisted on pictures which gave you permission to remove the entire post. Even before the request for pictures, when I said that DR Rahal counted every follicle and throws out the rest your buddy denied it on behalf of DR Rahal like he work for him and I have no idea how picture evidence would prove it otherwise. I sent you a full proof that I was a legitimate client and the DR confirmed and you guys still continued to defend him. I have no idea if DR rahal pays you or not but you are clearly not a neutral bystander and I'm sure you wouldn't scrutinize me if this would have been a Doctor that you don't like. So you can say bullshit all you want, but your behavior clearly questions your crediblity
  9. Hey Sorry for the delayed response. I have to be careful the Admins might remove my post for saying bad stuff about Dr Rahal. In reality the estimation that I was given with DR rahal's assistant was completely different that what DR rahal told me once I reached his office. He didn't even apologize or care about that miscalculation.
  10. I had a very bad experience but this forum does not permit to place bad reviews without pictures about dr Rahal. So I'm just saying to watch out.
  11. THis forum does not permit bad review with no pictures. So I'm just saying you might want to consider other doctors.
  12. Do yourself a favor, reconfirm the follicle estimation. I got really screwed and unfortunately still bald
  13. The reason why you don't see bad review about DR rahal, because the admins in this forum go out of their way to defend them. My post has been removed on technicality after the admin made few posts defending the Doctor. I'm sure they will remove this post also.
  14. I would like to tell you about my no so wonderful experience with DR Rahal. It has taken me awhile to write this review, but every time I look at my bald spot I remember that I procrastinated this too long. I also feel I owe the community an update about my experience considering that Dr Rahal is probably doing a great marketing job on this forum. After sending the necessary pictures and having continuous discussion with Dr Rahal’s through his assistant I was told that with 4000 graphs I can reduce the ball spot in crown and thicken the front. I was excited and prepared myself financially and emotionally to the treatment. When I made it to the office 200 KM away from my city, Dr Rahal exchanged some nice words and he got down to business. He looked at my scalp for few minutes and said “that today we will do the front.” I asked him what about the crown area which was my bigger concern and without a blink he said “ok we will do the crown” as if we never discussed doing both areas. I almost cried asking him about what we agreed on, and he totally avoided the topic. I know that there is no guarantee for the remote estimation but there was not even an emotional budge or apology. So I brought myself to a positive state and thought to myself at least I will have thick crown. After all the emotional investment and the travel to Ottawa he probably knew that I’m not willing to turn back now. Where it comes to the surgery itself, all Doctor Rahal did was the injection and the cut. The rest was done by another doctor with assistants. I don’t know if this is a standard but after all the marketing that say that Dr Rahal is an artist, what artistic standard are there when he is not the actual person one who inputs the hair. So after the surgery I waited about a year and start noticing that my crown is shrinking but the middle is still bold. I came back to Ottawa to show it to the doctor and he told me this is the results he expected. I couldn't believe it, apparently he was not trying to fill up my entire crown. He continuously threw the word ethical in the same sentence. “I wouldn’t be able to fill up the crown ethically” and this would not be ethical to do. The only thing unethical is that I came out after a painful 15K surgery with a bold crown and a thinning front. He finished the conversation with a duchy comment “ I guess you have a reason to come back for another surgery.” P.S. after few years, my crown area is still numb and my scar still itch and hurts. P.S.S Doctor Rahal counts every follicle and is willing to throw your hair to the garbage fi you are not willing to pay more. I know that with many other reputable doctors this is not the case.