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  1. Hi, I was in the same boat as you. I shaved my head down to a 5mm buzz and hated it, as my hair is really thick so it is obvious that my hairline is receding, as the difference in hair thickness was so noticeable, despite there being some 'peach fuzz' hair there. I ordered dermmatch and applied it dry for a while. I scratched the surface with the handle of the applicator and then applied the powder I dislodged. It looked ok, but really did not stay on very well, just running your hands through your hair removed it. I now wet the applicator as little as possible, literally turn my tap on and off and then catch a singular drop of water on the applicator, then rub on the dermmatch until it looks dry, and then apply to my temples. This works very well, the dermmatch thickens up my temples so I go from NW2 to a NW1, so it is barely noticeable that I am balding. Although I feel that you have hair shorter than the 5mm buzz I do, applying dermmatch will simply look like painting your scalp.
  2. Would removing generic 1mg finasteride tablets from the foil blister packs they come in and in to a container damage them or reduce the effectiveness in any way, would they go out of date sooner or anything? Also if I cut a large amount of 5mg tablets up in one go and stored them in a container would this have any effect? Thanks.
  3. Hi, thanks for your replies. Future_HT_Doc- It was reading that post that has made me consider using oral minoxidil, after he stated the success of it, and I am hoping that used in combination with finasteride it can provide some good results, or at-least maintain what I have so that I can keep hiding it with concealer. Topical minoxidil is really not an option, I wish it was as I still have peach fuzz at my temples and I think it may thicken it up, but I don't want to risk my housemates detecting my use of concealer. RCWest- You mean you have seen some good results from it? What is your hair loss pattern like? Also where do you source your oral minoxidil from?
  4. Hi, I am considering taking oral minoxidil, after reading a post from a doc on here saying that it caused hair growth so individuals that were not candidates for a HT became eligible for one. I am on finasteride, but it seems to be having no effect as my hair loss is progressing, so I am trying to find other ways around the problem, and I am reluctant to take dutasteride due to unknown long term side effects. Topical minoxidil is not an option for me as I use dermmatch, and live in a student house so I can not walk around without concealer on whilst the minoxdil dries, also I used it for a while and it gave me flaky skin. So does anyone on here have any actual experience of using oral minoxidil, or know of anyone that does? Thanks.
  5. Hi, I have been on generic Finasteride for about 9 months now, and it appears to have had no effect, with my hair loss progressing, and maybe even early signs of crown loss. I am considering going on dutaseride aswell now, maybe 0.5mg a week, or maybe every other day or something, although I am a bit worried about sides from it. Also I use dermmatch, and as a result it is not practical to apply topical minoxidil twice a day as I live in a student house and can not wander round without dermmatch on whilst minoxidil dries. Does anybody have any info on oral minoxidil and whether it is worth considering taking? Thanks.
  6. Hi guys, thanks for all your inputs. I can appreciate that hairloss is unpredictable, and that having 1500 grafts at my hairline then balding behind would look pretty stupid. I was not really considering getting a ht immediately, I am on finasteride, and have been for about 8 months. I am hoping that the fin will allow me to maintain the hair I have now for a good few years, or atleast minimise the loss so that when I am around 23/24 I can have proof that the recession is slow and docs will feel less apprehensive about filling in my hairline. Also, on an unrelated matter, would Dutasteride be worth considering just to try and sure up maintaining the hair I do have now? Thanks.
  7. Yes, but if I continued to get smaller surgeries to keep up with the hair loss that would not happen. Besides from that being quite expensive, is that not viable?
  8. Hi, I am 18 and am about a Norwood 2 soon to be a 3 I reckon, my Dad is bald and so is one of my uncles, but one still has a full head of hair. But I am pretty sure I will be bald unless I do something. I am on generic Fin, but I was wondering why surgeons will not perform transplants on younger patients. Why could I not have a surgery of about 1500 grafts to fill in my temples so it just has the appearance of a mature hairline, then continuing small surgeries to fill in the rest? My Dad had quite a large donor area as the hair goes quite high up the back and sides of his head, and the bald bit in the middle is quite thin, I think I have a very similar loss pattern so would have a large donor area. I have sought no professional opinion so far, I was just wondering if anybody would even consider operating on me within the next couple of years? Thanks.
  9. After some research it looks like dutasteride is better at suppressing scalp DHT, and just 0.5mg a day does a better job then 1mg of finasteride. My question is why are more people not on dut, is it due to more sides? Also would the risk of sides increase dramatically if one were to take 1mg of fin and 0.5mg of dut a day, as I am considering adding dut to my regimen after a year on fin (in 3/4 months time) if still no improvement? Thanks.
  10. Well it kind of looks a bit like that after you have a shower without using shampoo, so is that what it goes like in chlorinated water too? As I have short hair when it goes like that it actually looks quite good, so I would be happy if that's what it looks like, I think I'd just take it with me and apply some after I have dried my hair as some does come off when you dry your hair with a towel.
  11. I do have some minoxidil, however I use Dermmatch, and I am also at University so I struggle to apply it twice a day as you can't apply it over Dermmatch due to it's water resistant properties. It is quite difficult to tell about further loss, as I used to have quite long hair that I have recently cut down, but if I had to say either way I would say there has been further loss. I am pretty sure I went through a shed period as I was losing hair like crazy, which was part of the reason I shaved it down. I was hoping this meant the finasteride was starting to have an effect, but I'm not sure as I think I am maybe starting to see some follicle miniaturization behind my forelock, but that is questionable, I might just be seeing things! I plan to stay on fin for at least another 6 months anyway and see how my situation progresses, fingers crossed for some positive results!
  12. Hi, thanks for the advice so far, need a bit more though please? It says in all their literature that it is fine to swim with it in, but I have been asked to go swimming with a group of friends and none of them know I use concealer so I am very worried about it. Would simply applying more than normal before I go swimming help, so that even if some does come off it would not be as noticeable as if I had less on? Would spraying my hair with hairspray help to keep it on?
  13. Hi, I am an 18 year old male with a receding hairline, it has been receding for about a year and a half to two years now, it started very early I know! However it has only just become properly noticeable from about a year ago. I cut my hair down to a grade 2 now and have become quite adept at applying dermmatch so it barely looks like I am balding. I have been on generic propecia for about 8 months now and have seen no results at all, I'm not expecting regrowth in the temples, I was mainly just hoping to halt the loss but it does not seem like it has. Do you think it will come in time, or am I part of the small percentage of individuals who do not respond to finasteride? i am experiencing no side effects, so considering stopping is purely from a financial point of view. Thanks.
  14. I use dermmatch to hide my receding hairline, and it is waterproof to an extent that you can shower with it in and, unless you scrub vigorously or use shampoo, it will not come off. I was wondering if it will stay on whilst swimming in a pool, will the chlorine and other chemicals act like a shampoo and remove it? Thanks.
  15. You sound like you are in a similar position to me, I am only 18 and my hair is receding and has been for a while. It has recently become more noticeable, so I shaved it all off, which does make the contrast between thinning hair and thick hair less obvious, although it does expose your hairline. I still have these fine vellus hairs at my hairline, which are visible in certain light but worryingly absent in others! I have been on finasteride for about 6 months and it does not seem to have achieved much yet, but I an remaining hopeful! I have also just started Kirkland 5% minoxidil in an attempt to thicken up the thin hairs at my hairline, but only been on it about a week so no opinion formed yet. You have done the right thing in trying to get hold of finasteride, and even if you can not get a prescription there are ways of getting hold of it online, if you are willing to go down that route, good luck!