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    Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
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    Generic Minoxidil 5% for Men
  1. Hi Everyone, I thought I'd finally give an up date regarding the progress of my HT in 2011 (so about 2 years ago). I could not be happier with the results. I take pleasure everyday in the amazing work that Dr. Madhu done for me. I've also been using finestraide and minoxidile too, as much as possible since then. My hairline is fantastic, I can even wear my hair pushed up and still feel comfortable. Even at close inspection it's hard if not impossible to notice. I still have some thinning on the vertex, crown of my head, but that isn't anything to do with Dr. Mudhu, rather the limi
  2. Hi Deeps13, Thanks for your comment, I hope this was useful to you. It was a conscious choice not to post any pictures of my HT. Partly because I don't feel comfortable with it and also because I think that everyone's HT is unique. Donor area, hair type, hair colour, skin colour, Norwood stage, age, hairline, all these things are usually different with each patient, so two people could both have their surgery done by the same doctor but their final results could look completely different. For this reason I thought it would still be helpful writing about my experience even if there were no
  3. Hi 1966kph, I understand how hard it is deciding which doctor to choose for a hair transplant. It costs so much money and the idea of going to a foreign country often only adds to the dilemma, believe me I agonised for a long time before making my decision. The few members of my family that knew what I was going to do thought that I had gone crazy or at least thought that I was taking an enormous risk (which I guess I was). But now it's all over and life is back to normal they all think I made a brave but extremely good choice. They can see the good work for themselves and have all sai
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  5. Dr Madhu - Hyderabad, India. The advanced hair transplant clinic. I`m a 40 year old white male, I`ve previously had two FUT hair transplants in Europe, Paris, both over ten years ago. I have not used minoxidil or finasteride for many years, although I am going to start again now. After many months of reflection and searching the Internet I finally decided in March 2011 to proceed with a third FUT hair transplant that I felt was well over due. My primary consideration was obviously for a great surgeon and a first class operation, and also the total cost. After various
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