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  1. Hi Everyone, I thought I'd finally give an up date regarding the progress of my HT in 2011 (so about 2 years ago). I could not be happier with the results. I take pleasure everyday in the amazing work that Dr. Madhu done for me. I've also been using finestraide and minoxidile too, as much as possible since then. My hairline is fantastic, I can even wear my hair pushed up and still feel comfortable. Even at close inspection it's hard if not impossible to notice. I still have some thinning on the vertex, crown of my head, but that isn't anything to do with Dr. Mudhu, rather the limitation of my donar hair at the time. The Dr, advised me to concentrate on the front, which I don't regret at all. I told my new hairdress about my HT, and he looked for ages trying to find the scar at the back. He eventually did find one, but I suspect it was from my original operations, which although weren't bad, were still light years away from Dr. Madhu and his team. I can't imagine now how I would look if I'd never had my surgery. It's a no-brainer now when I look back. Probably the best decision of my life. If you want to do it too, then do your research and go for it ! It changed my life for the better. No question. Good luck, I hope my experiance has helped a few of you.
  2. Hi Deeps13, Thanks for your comment, I hope this was useful to you. It was a conscious choice not to post any pictures of my HT. Partly because I don't feel comfortable with it and also because I think that everyone's HT is unique. Donor area, hair type, hair colour, skin colour, Norwood stage, age, hairline, all these things are usually different with each patient, so two people could both have their surgery done by the same doctor but their final results could look completely different. For this reason I thought it would still be helpful writing about my experience even if there were no photos. I understand everyone's curiosity means they would like to see what other peoples HT look like, but in this case I hope you'll take my word for the fact that it was done well and that I am more than satisfied with the preliminary results. I tried to give an in-depth report of my experience and hope that the information I have given is just as useful as a photo. Dr Madhu has plenty of before & after pictures on his website. For my part I can only say that the surgery was carried out very well, the implants were well inserted without any damage to the surrounding scalp area and the donor scar is very thin and clean (although it is still quite tender). I know that taking the plunge is no easy thing to do, but take courage in the fact that I was in your situation and did take the plunge and things worked out fine...no horror stories, no regrets. Good luck. I'm sure you'll make the right decision.
  3. Hi 1966kph, I understand how hard it is deciding which doctor to choose for a hair transplant. It costs so much money and the idea of going to a foreign country often only adds to the dilemma, believe me I agonised for a long time before making my decision. The few members of my family that knew what I was going to do thought that I had gone crazy or at least thought that I was taking an enormous risk (which I guess I was). But now it's all over and life is back to normal they all think I made a brave but extremely good choice. They can see the good work for themselves and have all said that it's much better than my previous two HT. My stitches were taken out by a nurse in the UK about two weeks ago, and she remarked that the scar was very thin and the sutures came out easily. Friends who didn't know about my latest HT haven't noticed anything for the moment (or at least they haven't said anything). There was and still is a little bruising around the hairline and the scalp in that area had a slight purple colour which is now looking more red and less angry. Take a look at Dr. Madhus' website. If your looking for a good HT at an affordable price he really is seriously worth considering. Good Luck.
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  5. Dr Madhu - Hyderabad, India. The advanced hair transplant clinic. I`m a 40 year old white male, I`ve previously had two FUT hair transplants in Europe, Paris, both over ten years ago. I have not used minoxidil or finasteride for many years, although I am going to start again now. After many months of reflection and searching the Internet I finally decided in March 2011 to proceed with a third FUT hair transplant that I felt was well over due. My primary consideration was obviously for a great surgeon and a first class operation, and also the total cost. After various online consultations I was advised several times that I would need one session with between 2,500 and 2,800 grafts implanted for a reasonable result. The costs for this were quoted at anything from 6,000 GBP (uk pounds sterling) to 12,000 GBP in different clinics around Europe. I finally came across a doctor called Dr. Madhu from Hyderabad in southern India who had received some great recommendations from the website www.hairrestorationnetwork.com I was extremely interested in this doctor who seemed to be carrying out state of the art hair transplants at a fraction of the costs of European clinics. I researched the Internet for as much information on this doctor as possible and finally became convinced that this doctor was well known and well respected in the field of hair transplant surgery and that he was able to perform this operation at such low costs because his clinic was based in a country where wages and prices were completely different from those we expect in the West. I contacted Dr. Madhus` surgery at first by telephone and although it wasn`t always easy to understand everything over the phone despite the fact that most of the people I dealt with spoke reasonable English, everyone seemed polite and very helpful. I had a little trouble getting a date for the operation with the doctor at first because there is a waiting list that can be anything up to three months long. I was advised that I could have about 2,500 grafts depending on my donor hair and that this would cost about 1,700 GBP (50 Indian rupees per graft). This was less than a third of the price of the cheapest quote that I`d had from any clinic in Europe. To this I had to add the cost of a return flight from London to Hyderabad which was 470 GBP with Emirates Airlines, plus the cost of a hotel for the duration of my stay in India. Dr. Madhus`clinic helped organise a fantastic hotel just over the road from the clinic, and this 4 star hotel cost about 40 GBP per day (a third of the price for the equivalent hotel in Europe). The hotel also had a great menu with dinner, desert, drinks etc all for about 5 GBP per meal. I arrived in Hyderabad on a Friday morning and was met by a member of Dr Madhus staff who took me to my hotel. Then we went over to the clinic where I was greeted by the other clinic staff all of whom were very friendly and made me feel very welcome and relaxed, I appreciated this because I was travelling alone and could easily have felt a little bit like a fish out of water. I had a half hour meeting with Dr Madhus assistant doctor who was very nice and who explained in detail what would happen over the next few days. Today I would meet Dr Madhu to decide and discuss what I wanted done and what he would be able to do, the next day (Saturday) I would have the operation in the morning which would take about five hours. On Sunday I would return to the clinic for a free hair wash and check up with Dr. Madhu and on Monday everything would be finished and I would catch my return flight to London. Dr Madhu himself was very friendly and took his time to talk to me and discuss what he thought would be the best way to proceed considering how much donor hair I had and what my expectations were. I was very happy with this and it`s something that I felt hadn`t happened enough with my previous hair transplants in Europe where the very famous and expensive doctor had always made me feel like the operation wasn`t really anything to do with me and that I should just let him get on with it and not ask too many questions. I was shown around the clinic by the Dr and saw the dissecting room with at least a dozen people busy at work. He told me that there would be a team of at least fifteen people working for my operation as a pose to the three people team I had in Europe for three times the price. My operation went off without any complications and I even feel asleep at one point and awoke to hear one of the nurses softly singing a song that was playing on the radio in the background. I was very relaxed and felt throughout that I was in extremely capable hands. The doctor told me that things had gone very well and that he had been able to harvest the maximum number of grafts from my donor area. There was slight pain but nothing compared to my previous operations. I returned to my hotel and slept for the rest of the day. I went back to the clinic the following afternoon as planned and was given my free hair wash and a bag of shampoos, oils, medicine and instructions. I saw Dr. Madhu one last time to talk over the operation then I was taken by a nurse to another office where she explained everything that needed to be done over the following weeks, she went over each detail asking me to repeat what I`d been told until she was sure that I had fully understood. I left Hyderabad the next morning wearing a head band under a loose woolen hat. I arrived back in London feeling in pretty good shape all things considered and without experiencing any swelling or excessive pain. From my own personal experience I can only commend Dr Madhu on his work, his clinic, his staff, his technique and his fees. Things couldn't have gone better. The results of the hair transplant obviously won`t be fully visible for another twelve months, but already two weeks post-op there has been no swelling, many of the implanted hairs never even fell out which is something that is normally to be expected. The scar on the back of my head is nothing more than a thin pencil type line and much better than the previous scar from the European doctor. In general my head is in very good condition and suffered next to no post operation trauma and the techniques used have given a very clean natural result. There were no hidden costs, with the whole things costing under 3,000 GBP everything included (surgery, flights, hotel etc) and I really feel that I couldn't have made a better choice for this surgery than with Dr. Madhu. Anyone who is thinking of having a hair transplant can be assured that if they go to Dr. Madhu they are in good hands and have nothing at all to worry about. They will receive World class treatment at a fraction of the European or American cost. I couldn't recommend this doctor any more highly. Don`t believe the horror stories you may have heard about cosmetic surgery in India, and although some of those stories may be true, they certainly do not include Dr Madhu, his clinic or his staff, and even if money was no object to you I find it hard to see how another more expensive doctor could give significantly better result if at all. If you want a great hair transplant then Dr. Madhu of Hyderabad India is definitely worth considering. I have no vested interest or connection with either Dr. Madhu or his business. My only motivation in writing this letter is to help other sufferers of hair loss make what is often a very difficult and nerve racking decision. I hope this has helped. Good Luck.