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  1. Hi, I am planning to travel to get a hair transplant. How long should I stay there? I have heard of some places that recommend flying home immediately after the HT. I have also heard of doctors recommending that patients spend 4 nights after the HT. What is best? I would, of course, prefer to be in the comfort of my own home. But is it better to spend some time in the city after the HT? Thanks in advance for your input. :confused:
  2. Hello all, I am considering Dr. Rahal, Bisanga and Keser for an FUE procedure (approx 2,000 - 2,500 grafts). What factors would you consider when choosing one of these doctors? Would appreciate your comments / advice on who to choose. Feel free to message me as well. Thanks, Neil
  3. Hi everyone, I have been reading about Dr. De Reys and he was the top doctor at the ProHair Clinic in Belgium but now has his own office. Does anyone know if Dr. De Reys in Belgium performs good FUE procedures? Thanks, UY:confused:
  4. Can anyone recommend a good doctor to have a FUE procedure performed:confused: in Turkey? Thanks, UY
  5. Hey guys, I had a FUT procedure done about 8 months ago and my donor area (where the strip was taken) is becoming very itchy. Should I apply anything to the area? :confused: Thanks in advance! UY
  6. Hey guys, I've had 2 FUT hair transplant surgeries in the past. My last FUT surgery was on January 3, 2012. The scar from the first strip procedure was tolerable but now my scar is more noticeable and has been causing me to worry that people can spot it. I'd like to fill in the scar by having an FUE procedure done to hide the scar. Does anyone know how many months I should wait to have this procedure done? All feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks, UY
  7. Thank you for that info, now i have to rush deliver dermatch . Good luck on your HT.
  8. Do you think dermatch works better than toppik for little hair in the frontal hairline?
  9. My hairs are starting to shed in the frontal part of my head and I am thinking about using toppik to make my hair look fuller. I am hoping my hairs do not shed so much. How little or how much hair does a person need to have on their head for toppik to work? Thank you
  10. Hey Frank, the plan was to do this 1st fut procedure and then evaluate if i am happy with the results. I was thinking about doing a 2nd procedure (fue method) to hide the scar that was caused by the strip method.
  11. Will do, Im not in a rush, just wanted to know approximately how long I should wait. I hope the scar isn't that bad.
  12. Hi everyone, I was thinking about getting a second hair transplant (just had 2000 fut grafts about 10 days ago). I wanted to get an fue transplant to cover the scar from my first ht. When is the earliest I can do that?
  13. Hey guys, I recently had a hair transplant 8 days ago and my post op instructions were that from days 8 to 10 I should lean my head back and soak in the tub for 10 minutes. Do you think this is a good idea? I tried looking through this forum about this issue but some people are saying that soaking should be done after 10 days post op? Thanks, Niel
  14. Hi everyone, I recently had my first FUT hair transplant a few days ago (approx 2000 grafts).
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