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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last 5 years
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    Norwood III
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    Maintain Existing Hair
    Maintain and Regrow Hair

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    Dr. Alan Feller
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    Propecia (Finasteride)

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  1. A week after my staples were out , I headed to the gym on the doctor's allowance. Generally I avoided crunches-flat/incline/decline bench press- squats other than that you should be good. If you feel a strain on the scar, then avoid it. Generally I was back in full force 4 weeks later, no issues, no stretching thus far and I am 6 weeks out. Actually I found myseld arching my back on standing exercises, to release tension from my upper body. -Walking? -Running - 3 miles? 10 miles? :cool: -Lifting weights - Machines? Free weights? Moderate:cool: -Abs - Leg raises? Crunches? Sit-ups?:eek: -Whitewater rafting? Not sure, would be wearing snugg head protection so I would avoid. -Wall-climbing? Heeeh, too much head tilting looking for the next best grip so I would leave it for a bit. My two cents. Hope it helps.
  2. Smgrl, your crown looks pretty good from your pre-op pics. How long have you been on Propecia? How come you decided for ht hair in that area as well?
  3. I wouldn't worry, you went to one of the best HT clinics and just saw your weblog so it is looking better, if anything you are lucky you had no shock loss, but still think there is some improvement. Happy Growing.:cool:
  4. Agonizing pain the waiting. LOL! Been the Zappos route but for beanies, so soon I need to hit the caps. Still pretty rough weather in NY so I can pull it off for a month or so. Will need to revert to the cap from then on. Had some shock loss on the donor area and unsure on the recipient as I have never had it so short, plus I can't say what is native and what might have stayed on. I am assuming nothing so just the waiting game! Happy Growing.
  5. Fritz, Looks amazing to me. Thanks for month by month expectations post...I needed some sense knocked into me. I am nearly 6 weeks and was getting impatient and thinking of the worst.
  6. Hey Dan, can you post the link to the thread about concealers. I was aware dermmatch could be a problem, but is toppik on the same boat? All I have found is that the use of toppik is ok as long as its in moderation.
  7. Cheers Jobtronic. I did some scouting and I was able to find your elaborate posting on this subject. Very comforting.
  8. Scar very decent. I slapped Bio-Oil twice a day and Vit E oil on the grafts. I can't say if it helps but redness was gone after week and a half, scar is as you see it. I was wearing a beanie everywhere I went up and until I buzzed ( week 4 ), only person who knew was my mises. Its a tough one, you can fess up and get the banter which will only last as long as everything looks a bit off. I guess you know your mates best. Its usually not them that will give you a hard time but news travels fast so the wider circle might include some tards who will throw in a comment or two. What I am certain, all of them will join in on the piss take, but a few after a few drinks will ask you questions and you will see they are not be being inquisitive but investigating. If you can cover you grafts with the hair behind, cool, otherwise from my own experience, after 4 weeks buzz, toppik and good as golden.
  9. Much appreciated ttp, I hate flash pictures. I am no sure where the consensus stands on whether they highlight true hair loss or just magnify the effect. I guess prepare for the worst.
  10. Mate, absolutely natural. This is my post 7 days after my procedure... http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/159582-post-op-worries-tell-me-you-have-been-there.html Hope you can see all this part of the process and you are well on your way to recovery and fill up those temples. Judging from your photos it seems we had pretty similar grafts placements.
  11. He has been busy;should consider starting a shuttle service from JFK and LGA. Welcome aboard and kick back for a few days before the mind starts running!
  12. Mine looked identical along with the redness. The pain/discomfort I experienced also lasted until the day I removed them, plus I don't think I had a decent night sleep after the Vicodin prescription run out... Staples out, everything starts to get better. I am sure you have read before, but aloe vera gel took away some of that discomfort. Good luck!
  13. Gents, jumping on-board as a fellow February Feller client, week 4 and hairthere must have been in the day...just finished buzzing my do as I couldn't sport what I was left with . Your coverage looks bang on and well distributed. Dan72, a few more hours to go and ya can call it a night.
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