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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    Maintain Existing Hair
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    Dr. Alan Feller
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  1. A week after my staples were out , I headed to the gym on the doctor's allowance. Generally I avoided crunches-flat/incline/decline bench press- squats other than that you should be good. If you feel a strain on the scar, then avoid it. Generally I was back in full force 4 weeks later, no issues, no stretching thus far and I am 6 weeks out. Actually I found myseld arching my back on standing exercises, to release tension from my upper body. -Walking? -Running - 3 miles? 10 miles? :cool: -Lifting weights - Machines? Free weights? Moderate:cool: -Abs - Leg raises? Crunches? Sit-ups?:eek: -Whitewater rafting? Not sure, would be wearing snugg head protection so I would avoid. -Wall-climbing? Heeeh, too much head tilting looking for the next best grip so I would leave it for a bit. My two cents. Hope it helps.
  2. Fritz, Looks amazing to me. Thanks for month by month expectations post...I needed some sense knocked into me. I am nearly 6 weeks and was getting impatient and thinking of the worst.
  3. Scar very decent. I slapped Bio-Oil twice a day and Vit E oil on the grafts. I can't say if it helps but redness was gone after week and a half, scar is as you see it. I was wearing a beanie everywhere I went up and until I buzzed ( week 4 ), only person who knew was my mises. Its a tough one, you can fess up and get the banter which will only last as long as everything looks a bit off. I guess you know your mates best. Its usually not them that will give you a hard time but news travels fast so the wider circle might include some tards who will throw in a comment or two. What I am certain, all of them will join in on the piss take, but a few after a few drinks will ask you questions and you will see they are not be being inquisitive but investigating. If you can cover you grafts with the hair behind, cool, otherwise from my own experience, after 4 weeks buzz, toppik and good as golden.
  4. Mate, absolutely natural. This is my post 7 days after my procedure... http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/159582-post-op-worries-tell-me-you-have-been-there.html Hope you can see all this part of the process and you are well on your way to recovery and fill up those temples. Judging from your photos it seems we had pretty similar grafts placements.
  5. He has been busy;should consider starting a shuttle service from JFK and LGA. Welcome aboard and kick back for a few days before the mind starts running!
  6. Mine looked identical along with the redness. The pain/discomfort I experienced also lasted until the day I removed them, plus I don't think I had a decent night sleep after the Vicodin prescription run out... Staples out, everything starts to get better. I am sure you have read before, but aloe vera gel took away some of that discomfort. Good luck!
  7. Hey rws, hope your holding up bro. How come you bumped up to 2.5 mg?
  8. Conundrum29, I has been mentioned before but it has to be said, the worst part of an HT is the actual wait. This is simply a result of all the free time and continuous search of negative experiences. You chose an experienced surgeon, you followed all post-op instruction to the tee so now we have to do the hardest, focus on getting on with life and re-visit at the 6 month mark. I had a bit of shedding, but in the few hairs here and there, nothing more. If you are experiencing more than you contact your doc just for an ease of mind.
  9. Maybe also be a sense of guilt, as I don't consider myself vain or obsessed with looks; I just wanna keep my freakin hair!
  10. Well said, I surfed this board like no other. Now I can relate and happy to contribute as a sense of gratitude for the choice it helped me make. It seems stuck at home as part of the down-time is harder than imagined, going over and over if you made the right decision as opposed to just bitting the bullet and shaving. Just as Tao sais, 4-8 months from now we will be elated with the results and regretting we didn't take the step sooner.
  11. Started 1mg every day and within a few days I could notice the standard side-effects. Now, this was probably down to Propecia but most certainly a combination of the mind games from the threads relating to how it has destroyed people's libido. During the course I could maintain but wasn't as before plus semen was more liquid. I held on and at the three months mark , everything went back to 100% normal plus I the noticeable gains on hair thickness and retention. Testicle pain at the beginning was part of the deal as well. I reckon you you monitor your body and if you see literally adverse reactions, then considere limiting the dose and see how you recover. Trial and error. Usually response to dosages can be realised in a week, or at least in my case.
  12. Hi guys, so I am one full week after my HT and looking good, no swelling, redness has gone but still very uncomfortable with those staples. Monday they will be out and I will be feeling so much better. So naturally, all I do is go through the board searching the standard questions realting to graft survival/ post-op instruction but somehow my research has taken a turn and I have been narrowing my search to unpleasant experience and/or dissatisfied outcomes, thus stressing myself , Mahair being the one that really painted a bleak picture. I wish him the best and hopefully he can remedy his situation. Am I part of the very few who is asking the "What have I done ?" question and imagining all worst possible scenarios. One day till the weekend! Have a good day guys.
  13. Thanks Spex. I sent you an email regarding the same questions since you are Dr. Feller's right hand man and his office is closed over the weekend. Hope that was cool with you. I am planning to begin a photo blog, can I simply ask Dr. Feller for my pre-op pics?