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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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  1. Thank you for your quick reply Spex. You always reply in good time which is a real help. I will send you over a few pictures but hard to see the scar from pictures but i will do my best. I look forward to seeing your pictures and maybe next time you are in London we can meet up for a coffee and i can have a look at your scar as i am very interested to see what it looks like in person and you can look at my scar maybe then too? I don't understand why other clinics are allowed to post pictures of their results and you are not?
  2. Uk finasteride is a great source for the drug, I have used them for 3 years now, You can opt for either Proscar, generic 5mg of finpecia 1mg. Email them after you have signed up as a new patient and then they get back to you within hours and you meds are at your house as fast as first class can deliver I guess! Excellent
  3. Hi, It won't jump start the transplanted hair, by definition the hairs tat have been transplanted into the new area are genetically protected from loss. What I was meaning was that often a lot of peopel have native hair around the area which has been transplanted unless your completely bald. So here you would still want to protect those hairs. the transplanted hair has no dependency to the minox you should not lose the transplanted hair as they are gentitically protected form loss. just use the minox as a safeguard on the rest of the hair that you have and forget about it
  4. The scar looks pretty thin you are just having the slight shock loss of surrounding area, give it a few months, start putting some minoxidil foam on there that what I did it will help kick start the growth again I had the same thing don't worry 2 months later back to normal
  5. Guys always have a spare of concealer ready at hand, topik/ nanogen/ kabooki, it only needs a real small amount and it blends it perfectly you can ride out the shed with no detection or anxiety I also recommedn the following shampoos, when used together and left to saok in until the suds have been absorbed buy the hair does trully pump up the voulume of the hair considerably: Thicker Fuller hair by Shawarzkopf Daily Volume by nanogen Elvive for men with reginium - this makes your hair a little dry but the daily voulme of nanogen acts like a conditioner and sorts it out the combination of the three is better tan any one on its own
  6. Minoxdil is there to provide vasodilation to the surrounding native hair,,, it has great results and if you are prone to any kind of loss it should be part of your daily routine just like brushing your teeth. We know it works so why put the doubt into the equation? Use the foam it is less irritating and better for a transplanted area initaily
  7. Keep us posted, looking forward to the result he looks like a great dr
  8. Spex, I believe you are still representing Milena Lardi again and I'm interested to find out how you are getting on with the SMP you had with her into your strip scar. Is it holding up ok? My scar looks great but I'm thinking i might do this temporary SMP into it to enable me to go even lower than a do currently, at grade 3 without any visible evidence of my strip scar showing. Also be good to see your current pictures and some other results on here when you have time ? Does Milena Lardi plan to do treatment in the UK or offer it in the UK through a clinic or do patients need to travel to Milan and if so for how long?
  9. Hey Ritchie, Great updates and pics, Im needing a similar crown fix great to see the results you have had Uk R
  10. Hi Magnum, See my post here on this topic. I am now 7 months post 2nd surgery, and I have to say that the scar's chracateristsics are perfetc, i.e. ZERO ittching, no irritation no loss of nerve sensation, no ridge nothing, Bear in mind it has to do with the number of grafts i.e how wide the strip is. For exampe my first proceedure was around 2300 and the scar was good but noticeably more irritation to this one which was under 2000. Yes it deepnds on: surgeon sjill - tricho closure individual healing characteristics to trauma size of strip scalp laxity and the rest....... here is the link have a look at the scar healing post op http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/166679-fut-scars-detectable.html
  11. Well done Spex, great to see you putting yourself out there - this can only help the industry and standards. UK R
  12. Hey man welcome aboard, I wa where you were about 3 years ago, I can say that you got a great Doc ion your corner, I have ahd 2 great HT's there, still waiting for my 2nd to grow through, but I know that spending a few thousand pounds in new york for me is almost addicative! best of luck uKR
  13. Looking forward to the result! You got a great surgeon behind you and you just have to sit it out now
  14. Good luck, I'm thinking of the crown as well will be great to see your result!
  15. thanks for sharing, looks great and will look awesome, I have a similar tweak into the front hairline and will of course post up in a few months time when i hit 6 months