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  1. Dr. Vogel and his staff are the best, you probably talked to mary and they will gladly answer any questions you might have, i had my first ht in jan 2011, about 2000 grafts, i was nervous about the procedure because i work with the public and had seen so many bad ht plug looks, i took off work for 6 weeks but went back after 3 weeks no one noticed, then after 4 months the hair started to come in, it looks so natural the hairline was perfect because it looked nature, i went back jan 2012 for another ht this time had around 1200 grafts, i was alot better this time knowing what to expect went bac
  2. Hi coach went back for 2nd ht on jan 26, had great experience, went over expectations. I'm nor 6, 1st ht addressed hairline and frontal three, doc vogel did fanastic job with 2000 grafts, had this done in feb 2011. I'm in my 60's and have limited amount of grafts, so this time doc could get roughly 1500 grafts, what i wanted was basically a reverse of a frontal third, so i had a u-curve in the back of head with destinct lines between hair and no hair. So i used the 1500 to bring up the u-curve and break up the lines on each side to make it a gradual transition between hair and no hair, doc had
  3. Coach glad everything turned out great. I told you it is the waiting that is the hardest part of ht. I had ht with dr vogel in feb with 2000 grafts to frontal and hair line. It is amazing what a difference. I'm a nor 6 level and going back in 10 days for another 1500 plus procedure. Can't wait. Will have doc post first procedure plus the one coming up. Again glad it turned out good for youllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
  4. im alot older than most of you so i remember rogaine being the magic liquid that was going to cure baldness in the 70's,then it was said to be only good in the crown. in the majority of cases it never gave the results it advertised. then propecia was the magic pill to grow hair, it help stabilized the loss and grew new hair mostly in the crown, it was a definite step forward in the hair loss story. then came the laser comb approved by fda helping at least 90% of the users, i was in the 10% it didn't help, it was amassing how many people were in that 10%. through it all the ht process has gotte
  5. i agree try propecia to stabilize the hair loss.you love your bf and see his hair loss,however they say half the solution to a problem is seeing you have a problem, your bf doesn't see it as a problem yet.if he goes down the ht path he could have to have more than one procedure, the saying "one and done" is very seldom the case. so it is a commitment that takes time and patience.right now he is doing this for you, if this goes wrong how will he feel or better yet how will you feel, he could look worse. i heard when you use rogaine you could lose more hair in the beginning before it takes effe
  6. im a junior member but this is a great site to get info. in my opinion i would get on meds, propecia, etc for the crown to stabilize the area. also your age will play a part on what you do. you only have so much donor hair and your hair loss could progress over the years. i think on the crown being 3" x 3" i would convert to cm. i think there is about 2.5cm per inch so multiply 2.5 x 3 to get 7.5cm and then multiply 7.5 x 7.5 to get cm2.giving 56.25cm2 now come the density, you start at about 90 hair per cm2, you can go to about 50 hairs per cm2 before you start to notice thinning.now the numb
  7. hi coach you are in the"what the heck was i thinking when i got a ht phase" it is the waiting for results that is the hard part of ht. i had mine with dr vogel in feb started seeing results in 4/5 months even better than i could imagine. your hair could be thinner than before ht mine looked thinner but than it started to fill in i'm a little over 7 months and couldn't be happier. i was worried about my hairline but it came out great. i will be getting another ht hopefully in feb to work on crown. so relax you should see results very soon. going back to dr vogel in oct for follow up.will have
  8. Yes they are, i don't have any pictures to post i tried to but i'm not that smart. However when i see dr. Vogel i will ask him to post my pre-ht and 8 month follow-up.all i can tell you is be patient, there are days you will wonder if it was worth it usually starting 1 month thru 4 months. But i can tell you it is worth it. I think my worse part was thinner hair 1 to 2 months after ht and pimples, but it cleared up.my hairline is natural and i swear i look younger.
  9. Coach glad to see everything ok. Everyones ht is a little different, so you might see hair shedding, pimples ( i used warm compresses and aloe). You could look like you have less hair than before ht. This is all normal.you are going to be looking in the mirror at least three times a day looking for new hair. In about 2 more months you should start to see the change for the good. You are entering the hard part now the waiting. I'm at 5.5 months and it is going great better than expected, going back to see dr. Vogel in oct for 8 month follow up. Will probably have another ht in feb.
  10. relax grafts should be fine. i know you are anxious and super careful but all your answers for your questions will be found on this site.now comes the hard part the waiting, the ht procedure itself was the easy part, next step should be shedding, and pimples (good sign) slowly losing the redness. in the end it will be worth it.
  11. The bottle of saline lasted about week think i used it 3 times a day, but you can make your own i think it is in your instructions, also the aloe was in a small container just applied small amount if you run out can get more at a drug store. Just follow post op instructions and you'll be fine. I was nervous thinking about all the bad ht you can see from a mile away, but the new procedures and this site take away all the worries. The only thing i can tell you because i'm 4.5 months ahead of you is the ht itself is like a day at the beach compared to waiting to see the results, but it is worth t
  12. hi coach had ht with dr vogel in feb great experience had same pain first couple of days in donor area but it will go away you will probably go back in 10 days to have sutures out will probably see mary and dr vogel and they will tell you how you are doing. i was very careful the first week with the recepient area as i didn't want to do any damage. you feel better after the sutures are out. i think you will find the ht procedure easy compared to the waiting for the results. i went back to work after 3 weeks no one noticed, the hard part is the waiting for the results, should start seeing somet
  13. i'm a new member justing having ht 8 weeks ago, i can only speak for myself but what i have always read on this site is that they 100 per cent agree with you, especially with a young patient, they always recommend meds to at least stabilize the hair loss. the threads i have read is that the docs on this site will turn away or try to dissuade a young patient from doing a ht because of the finite amount of hair they can use and maybe not seeing where the hair loss pattern is going. also that is why you are so highly recommended on this site along with the other docs because you think long term a
  14. i had my ht 8 weeks ago, the procedure for me was pain free except for some minor pin prickes from the meds, but you could have hit my head with a hammer and i would not have felt it. i didn't have a mega session only 2000 fut, it was on the second day minor pain in the donor area it hurt but took med and was ok, i didn't have staples i had the tri closure, i couldn't sleep good for about 5 days not from pain but scared to death i would do something stupid like scratch my head. let me add to me the ht was a day at the beach compared to the w a i t i n g for the results, the shock loss the ht h
  15. I had alot of the same questions about the same age. I worked at the job were i couldn't wear a hat and dealt with the public in a casino. The new procedures for ht are different than those from the 80's and 90's. You really can't tell if you have a ht. I originally took off 6 weeks from work praying that would be enough time but went back after 2 1/2 weeks as everything was fine. First you won't have to worry about hair lost shock since you are vi. When you first get the ht, my worst part of the procedure was the pin pricks from the numbing med, and that was only for a few seconds. You will p
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