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  1. I don’t mean to be controversial, but I consider that to be irresponsible behavior by the clinic. I have only the best things to say about H+W and their work is always top notch, but this achievement is nothing to be proud about. Instead (and in my opinion) it demonstrates that the patient has no (or very little) back up to go through a future follow up procedure which I can only imagine will one day be necessary seeing as that person needed so many grafts in the first place...
  2. 18 days is totally normal to have no shedding. You will probably see some sheddign soon. I wouldn't rub then, but definitely dont be too gentle either. For the scar, I wouldnt be too worried. That sounds normal...
  3. Thanks Dr. Glenn. Just to clarify... I was affraid that the reluctance of the new hairs to fall out, would delay the final outcome because when they do finally fall out (say after 6 months) the new hairs would take that much longer to grow through. Is it a fair assumption that because the new hairs haven't fallen out yet (after 2 months post surgery) they are there to stay? I will post pictures soon...
  4. I am at the 2 month mark and I would say only 50% of the transplanted hairs have shed. Pretty much all of this happened in the first 5 weeks and since then more or less nothing. Is this a positive sign as the transplanted hairs will stay put and continue growing, or a negative sign suggesting that my final results will be delayed as the transplanted hairs always fall out? Thanks for the help...
  5. Twice a day? What shampoo do you use that doesn't cause you irritation?
  6. Yes I know exactly what you mean by the L at the end! So out of interest when you loose a normal hair that has a white bulb on the end, does that mean it's gone forever?
  7. Ok thanks very much guys!! It's so easy to get paranoid post surgery!!
  8. So I am at day 9 post op, and my shedding new hairs don't look anything like normal hairs when they fall out. Normal hairs have a small white "bulb" at one end. My new hairs when they shed have a blunt dark end at both ends and no small white bulb. I am beginning to worry that 1 it's too early to be shedding the new hairs and 2 that they don't look like normal hairs when they shed. Should I be worried, or is this totally normal? Thanks very much...
  9. I am seeing shedding at Day 9, and there are no scabs... is this normal?? I thought you had to wait at least 3 weeks. Thanks everyone...
  10. What exactly does this tattoo look like? I presume lots of tiny black dots to look like early stage hair follicles? In which case I can't imagine it can take more than a couple of hours to put approx 500 dots on a 30cm scar line...
  11. Has anyone ever been told to follow this action post surgery? UK tabloids aren't exactly all that accurate so I can't say that I take this article very seriously, but out of interest could there be any truth to this? I have never heard of a HT surgeon recommending this... Rooney on week-long ?sex-ban? to avoid his new hair from falling out! | TopNews
  12. El Nino, with all due respect, you don't need to do much research to come across Dr. Walter Unger. He is pretty much every HT surgeons' mentor, he has written pretty much all the books on the subject and he helped developed many of the techniques used today! As far as results go, I too couldn't find many results on the internet. My advice to anyone on this site, is that the coalition list is not the be all and end all of good HT surgeons. There are some of the best in the world on that list, but not all of the worlds' best doctors are on the list. Dr. Walter Unger should absolutely be on that
  13. Hi Lisa. I just read your post now... Funny you should ask as I had the exact same question a while back. It looks like this forum doesnt have much on either doctor, yet they both (well Walter for sure) come so highly recommended in the NY area. I met with him ages ago and I was really impressed with his work, although I just feel that in order to follow through and schedule surgery I still need more feedback...
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