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  1. I appreciate you replying. Explain to me by what you mean by "plugs", as I have def heard the term but trying to understand the negative connotation and how it differs from what people would prefer. Did you see the burn victim on the photos section? That looked damn near amazing to me, but maybe I just need to some better ones that are out there. I think I will def continue to look @ Doctors on the site. Thanks
  2. Shaving head is an option some African-Americans choose, however most, including me, don't have the head for it. And you would be surprised how many friends I have, that are African-American, that are seriously considering hair transplants (esp young Black professionals as they feel the need to maintain their image for careers). I am take Propecia (i guess finasteride) currently but avoided Minoxidil because I dont reallt have any balding in my crown. Yea, i figured lowering the hairline was easier said than done. I'm still debating, as I think the angle of the hairline is prob even more important than solely getting a lower one. Thanks for the info
  3. Hey ALL.. I wanted to ask the board's opinion on a matter I discussed when sending an e-mail to the office I plan to have my transplant and ask their thoughts. I have attached it below and wanted to see what your input was. (I ADDED PICS OF MYSELF WITH THE FACE CUT OFF TO TELL YOU WHAT I DO WITH I USED TO DO WITH MY HAIR, STYLE-WISE, BEFORE IT FELL OUT EVEN MORE) ----------------------------E-MAIL---------------------------------------------- I didn’t want to swamp Dr. ------ with questions upon my arrival on the day of surgery, so I thought it would be best to ask now to have a solid idea out of what I want/expect from my particular transplant: 1)I wanted his (or your) opinion on adding hair to an area that currently has no hair (as opposed to making the current areas with hair fuller). For instance, for those who would like a lower hairline (many African-American patients and many 2x clients) have chosen to have hair placed further down on their forehead where there is currently no hair. As much as I would like to do this, is there anything to consider that I would be giving up in the process (ie. Hair density, fullness, etc). As much as I would like a lower hairline, I want to ensure setting myself up for the best results possible and if placing too many grafts on an area where there isn’t any hair there at all currently isn’t conducive to that, I can prepare prior to my transplant date. 2)I aspire to brush my hair forward after transplant to add length to my hairline currently, giving the appearance of a hairline that is lower. I currently do this with my hair now, and have been doing this every since my hair begin to thin out. (This is similar to what the scarred patient Rahim has done with brushing his hair forward, which I like). My question is, with my grade of hair being a little bit thicker, would this brushed forward effect be more effective in a situation where my hair was less dense? For instance, like dominoes (like hair follicles), if they are too close too each other, they will not lay flat, as opposed to if they are a little spaced out, allowing for them to lay flat (which is my desired look). Especially with sometimes transplanted hair becoming a little less manageable (kinkier, thicker, curlier) than the finer hair that is currently on the patients head (which is usually thinner). Your thoughts? ---------------------------------E-MAIL END------------------------------------------- ****Add'l Notes I added pictures below to explain what I meant by the "Domino Effect". I never really understand why guys who still didn't have the hairline they wanted (not low enough) didn't just grow their hair longer and brush it forward over their hairline, just like the scar victim did in the pic below. Unless they (1) wanted to brush their hair back for style purposes or to show off their hairline or (2) their hair was SO dense that they physical couldnt brush it forward like they could before their surgery (when their hair was finer, softer, and less coarse). Any answers? The Caucasian individual in the photo is what I mean about a hair being "more coarse". The advantage that the burn victim had, which I found out from asking the office that did the transplant was, he actually wasn't able to cover enough of his head with grafts because of limited bloody supply to certain areas of his head (which is why they actually had to give him less density than they wanted to), but doesnt it look better to you guys?? His transplant is arguably the best one I have EVER seen, and that is what I want them to do for me. But is it almost ridiculous to ask for less density to be able to give that same hairstyle effect? I would be happy with my hair like that, even though I'm African American and might have hair that might be a little more coarse. Your THOUGHTS?? (I ADDED PICS OF MYSELF WITH THE FACE CUT OFF TO TELL YOU WHAT I DO WITH I USED TO DO WITH MY HAIR, STYLE-WISE, BEFORE IT FELL OUT EVEN MORE) And I don't know if it seems like I am overthinking every aspect of the surgery but I am extremely serious about getting what I want out of the surgery. I know you can't dictate exactly how your transplant will come out, but I have seen some that are mind-boggling (as in ones where I would be extremely dissatisfied). I worked hard for the money for the transplant and it is ME who has to walk around with a potential botched hair transplant for the rest of my life so yes, I feel the need to be a little thorough with my questions/detail. Anybody who is like me and feels similar about overasking/inquiring prior to their surgery to ensure their best result is accomplished, feel free to reply with help. Thanks guys
  4. Hello All, this is my first post (hopefully of many). I have been researching what was best for me, in regard to where/when to have my transplant, for about 3 years now. After much searching, based on quality of work, professionalism of staff, and price, I think I have decided on Dr. Brett Bolton, Age Defying Surgical Center in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Nonetheless, that was not meant to be a plug but give background info. Before Dr. Bolton, I was set on possibly traveling overseas for a transplant from Alvi Armani, but the cost was out of my range (being 24) and they seemed so sales-ey. After being on the site today, I was impressed with some ppls posts on Dr. Bisanga (Spain) and Dr. Keser (Turkey). Their sites and work were def impressive, however Spain and Turkey???? For any Americans, or otherwise, who have traveled outside of the country for a surgery, how did the prices compare (less or more than the States)? I am only looking to pay about $7,000 (including travel) for my transplant. I would also prefer a Dr that didn't charge per graft (Yes, there are some out there.. ie. Dr Bolton). Any advice on any of the Surgeons I named, and flying out of country (prices, relatability, etc) for a transplant?? Thanks