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  1. They usually recommend sleeping upright for the first week to ensure that any swelling is reduced. An option is a recliner or if you're in bed then to use a neck pillow (the ones people use in aircrafts).
  2. I think in today's world it can be as difficult to make an informed decision as it was before the internet! This is due to the incredible amount of information that is contradictory and misleading. Add to this a person's low self-esteem and self consciousness and you have the recipe for many disasters! We certainly do need to rely on the moral fibre of individuals to advise people appropriately, but unfortunately that moral fibre isn't always present. Cosmetic surgery of any kind has its risks; I have read enough horror stories about nose jobs and seen enough shows about terrible surgeries in Mexico or Asia! In my particular case, there is no doubt that my vanity got the better of me. Not just once but twice now!! In fact more than that if I count the various creams, etc for my face! As far as HT goes, if I had to do it again I wouldn't have one. I would have simply kept my hair shaved as I did before my first HT! In regards to my current one, well at least my donor site has recovered a bit since my last post. It is still growing back thinly, but at least it is better than a month back. Luckily I didn't have my hairline lowered to any significant degree. Just 1mm on the sides of my hairline. As such, the small bumps I can see are hidden in my current hairline. Although there is a small degree of discoloration as it heals. It also looks raised slightly, but hopefully this and the discoloration will settle. It is then a question of seeing what my yield will be from the HT. Hopefully it will be okay. If not, then my last HT will be into my old strip scar and I will go back to shaving my hair. I honestly think that had I known all the criticisms about Armani, I might have still gone to him since my vanity would have been too strong to overcome! No one thinks it will happen to them as the famous line goes!
  3. He wasn't unnamed, I just can't remember his name. It was made clear to me that he would be taking out the grafts. Armani told me that he is grooming him to take over the Dubai clinic since he is planning to semi-retire from this year. He had been working in the Toronto clinic before that. These days I think most doctors split the surgery with the main surgeon simply making the necessary slits. There is always a team of technicians that put them in as well. This was also the case when I went to see a better know Indian clinic. Doc did the slits, his team put the grafts in. Anyway, yes there is always light at the end of the tunnel as you say. Hopefully it will grow though, if not then I will wait for Histogen, Acell, Latisse. If none are forthcoming in the next year, then a BHT into the strip scar. That will then be the end of it once and for all. After that I will simply shave it off or keep it super short I'll follow in the footsteps of Ghandi ha
  4. Yes, hairsite does seem to have strong commercial connections with Armani! All the Armani advertising is testimony to this very fact. In fact, I think hairsite is offering its users 50% off Armani cosmetic products! I am definitely hoping that I did suffer shockloss! I previously had a strip which would increase my chances for shockloss. Also, I was very nervous and anxious throughout the process since my threshold for pain is very low. I think it would inexcusable if they overharvested my donor site! It was the junior doctor that took the grafts out. Originally, looking at the donor site they had thought 3500. However, after looking at my scar they said 3500 would not be possible. The junior doctor went from one side to the other and said we’ll see how many grafts come out. I guess I had a fair number of 2s and 3s which tool the total to 3100. I am currently getting pimples in the donor areas, more than the recipient area actually! I am really hoping that this is a sign that hair is trying to grow back! If not, then I will have to start saving for a repair as well with body hair. I have definitely learnt the hard way! I used to keep my head shaved for 2 years and never had any issues with it! I don’t know why I had to become so conscious and resort to hair transplants. I have definitely learnt my lesson though. No matter what happens now, I will simply accept my fate and make the most of it. I will not hide in shame. Fck what other people think. I have my family, They love me and always will no matter what! I don’t think I have made a single friend because of my hair and I am sure I won’t lose any from a lack thereof!! I will definitely seek compensation from Armani if he has made a grave mistake like overharvesting my donor site. I am a lawyer, so will use the New Zealand and Indian embassies in UAE to put pressure on him. But that is only if needed. Hopefully, it will not come to that! After that, I will simply wait for Histogen or some other very sure solution. No more putting my head in the hands of another person!
  5. Hi Sparky, sorry what exactly is donor recharging?
  6. Hi Balboa, It's a shame that you couldn't keep the growth you had at 4 months. It looks quite good even if you say that it's the camera playing tricks. There is a marked difference between month 3 and month 4, so I guess at that stage the rate of growth is rapid. My bumps are mostly in the side where there was no native hair present, with a few littered along the hairline. Hopefully they will settle down. To tell you the truth I now wish I hadn't gotten it done in the first place. My donor hair is what I am also worried about. If it does not fix itself then you might be looking at the first person to get a BHT into the back and sides of the head ha! Hopefully a thousand grafts on each side should do it, plus I will get my strip scar fixed filled in as well. Then I will keep my hair short and simply wait for Histogen or something else to turn up!
  7. Yes, aaron it is too early to panic. My donor area before the HT was quite good actually. Quite thick. I had a strip in 2008 for 3400 grafts. Yes, I too think that the donor is overtaxed. I hope that there is quite a bit of shockloss there and it will grow back. It seems fine in the back, but it is around the back of each year where it is the worse. They had originally said 3500, but after seeing my donor only pulled out 3100. Thank goodnees they showed some restraint in that regard. It would be pointless to get my hairline transplanted it my sides and back are so thin!
  8. Hi Balboa, Link to my pictures. Would appreciate your thoughts. http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/159151-3100-fue-dr-armani.html Luckly for me my native hairline was low as it was, so I didn't have to get it any lower other than from the sides where it has receded. This where the small bumps are most prominent as well.
  9. Thanks Guys, Einstein, yes I do feel my donor site have been over-taxed since it is growing very thinly especially behind the ears on each side. It has only been a month of recover since getting it completely shaved so I might have to wait, plus hopefully there was a little bit of shockloss since it was done near the previous strip. Overall, hoping it will grow back a lot more over the next month. I am trying not to panic. I really do have to wait and see what happens I guess. In the meantime I was thinking about using dermatch and/or toppik, but have been advised that this could affect my yeild. Ark
  10. Hi Balboa, Sorry, I tried to send you a private message instead of using this tread but couldn't. I recently had a procedure with Armani, I've posted my current progress here. In terms of your experience, if you had the hairline done, how long did the redness stay for? Do you still have tiny bumps in your hairline or have they gone? Would really like to hear your thoughts on my pictures under 'HT with Dr Armani'. Thanks Ark
  11. Thanks Einstein. Yes, I do need to be more patient. It is worrying that you say the bumps won't go away though! How long did it take for the redness to disappear for you? I am getting frustrated with the donor site not coming back since it is scalp is still red from the surgery so is more visible! Thanks to all you guys for your input.
  12. I guess these were the types of posts I didn't want to read! Einstein, can you please post your photos and give details about your procedure? I certainly hope that the redness and pimples go away! I am one month out from the procedure. Yes, the strip is showing. But given that it was shaved down for the procedure and its only been one month of growth I guess you would expect to see that. I just hope the donor recovers soon. I had a massive panic attack yesterday and emailed the Armani clinic with legal action, etc. It really is too soon to tell as yet. I do need to be more patient. I have ordered Dermamatch to help camouflage the baldness.
  13. Hi all, I recently underwent 3100 fue procedure with Dr Armani in Dubai. I am incredibly concerned about the potential yeild from my transplant having read all the posts from dissatisfied former Armani patients. I hope that my yeild is satisfactory, but it seems a long shot! At the moment, my native hair are growing through. My current concerns are that there are a number of pimples in the hairline, especially in the corners of the hairline. I have been advised to put Fucidin H to help. Also, the donor hair looks overtaxed. I go back to work next week and am really worried that people will be able to tell about my HT!! I have ordered some Demamatch to help cover it up since Toppik clearly stands out! At this point I wish I had another 2 months up my sleeve to rest so that my native hair could grow back to where they were preop and I could go back to using Toppik without a pimply hairline! I would appreciate your thoughts, views, and opinions. Thanks Ark