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  1. This^ @Mat16 There are things you can do to slow it down, but ultimately you’ll have to learn how to be more than a hairdo. Try to think bigger than now. When people tell you that you’re a terrible candidate for surgery, there are two possibilities: a) everyone just maliciously wants you to be unhappy, or b) everyone’s genuinely horrified by the typical outcome for candidates like you. Hang in there, man. Forget the club/party scene (or whatever), focus on real relationships, and start building a life for yourself. And chill out. So you lost a little hair on your temples? What,
  2. That’s a tough one every man has to figure out for himself. Me, I do live with limitations, and the cost/graft for FUT on my first procedure made it the obvious choice, considering the coverage and density I was going for. With docs like Konior, FUE may not harvest that much less than FUT, but the strip is a nice, fat harvest. I needed less work than you and still felt FUT was the way to go. With the room you need to cover, I would def make choices that maximize harvest and yield. That means top docs and maybe even 2 strips before switching to FUE.
  3. Dr. K is worth every dollar, period. You’ll need to do some soul-searching about FUT v. FUE, but Konior’s gonna do the best work money can buy.
  4. Oof. MPB doesn’t get much worse than that. Sorry, bro. Be careful with surgery. It’s hard to think clearly in your situation. Just remember bad choices in cosmetic surgery can be worse than hair loss.
  5. Both great docs. Everyone knows I’m partial to Konior. Might be tough to get you in on short notice.
  6. Totally understand, so as others have said, def talk to a good surgeon about the long-term strategy, where to begin, how to maintain a natural look between the first and second round etc. About starting in the front with near-complete loss in the back, I’ve seen many posters in a similar situation, really high NWs. I’m less informed than these other guys on the particular techniques, but I’ve often noticed surgeons addressing this with so-called “density gradients“ that are meant to deliver the appearance of thick hair in some areas while blending with thinner areas to look as natural as
  7. Of course! We’re all in the same boat, man. These guys on here will give you priceless advice and help you get through it. I owe this forum big time. Looking forward to seeing your progress in the coming years.
  8. Hey man, you came to the right place. That is really aggressive hair loss for your age, so I feel for you. I also tried a short buzz for many years and ultimately decided I didn’t want to live that way. I waited a long time and did my research before getting surgery, bc making the wrong choice can put you in much worse condition. After years of watching and waiting, there was one and only one surgeon for me: Ray Konior. He’s less visible than some of the other big names because he just lets his work speak for itself. He’s expensive, but you have to accept the cost of doing this right. If
  9. A lot of protein isn’t great for your health. Unless you’re legit bodybuilding with an abnormal BMI and low body fat (which is increasingly the norm in our cartoon world), you get what you need from a reasonable diet. I know ppl say that all the time, and it sounds like ignorant hippie BS, but I’ve come to believe that more and more over the years as I’ve gotten less interested in “gainzzz!” and more concerned about aging and dysfunction in multiple organ systems, esp. the liver and brain.
  10. I’ve seen cases here where that happens and it eventually evens out, and I’ve seen other cases where one side or spot just doesn’t deliver. When did the other side start popping? No photos? Some of the better doctors would probably insist on fixing anything out of order for reputation and ethical reasons. Lots of docs will offer discounted repairs, but if it’s a sketchy surgeon, you’ll normally want to go elsewhere. Sounds like you need to wait it out and do a bunch of research.
  11. Yeah, they should settle that question for you in the follow-up. Definitely be more careful in the first couple weeks, though. But no bleeding is a good sign.
  12. Had my first HT a month ago. I had minimal shedding until just the past few days. I was worried because it seems like IF you’re going to shed, you want that to happen ASAP. Once it goes dormant, you’ve got 2-6 months until it comes back. It would suck to lose it all in month 2 or 3 and then wait that much longer for the final result. That’s the concern, right? I wouldn’t worry about the final outcome, just the timing. Everyone’s different. Are you shampooing thoroughly? I realized my shed seemed a little late bc I was still babying the recipient.
  13. It’s really hard to say without pre/post. When was it done? Some hair is better than no hair, but I wouldn’t expect a dramatic change in the crown from 500 grafts. I wouldn’t have bothered with it until I was ready to do 1500+ , like @pre-screened said. I understand the desire to address the problem areas, but those extra grafts might have made a difference up front. That said, congrats on your HT. I hope everything grows great for you.
  14. Hey Concord, congrats on booking your procedure. I recently had my first as well. I think I’m okay with my hairline design, but I will give you this advice based on my experience. After a month of criticism in the mirror, you will have plenty of thoughts about how you’d change it if you could. Seems like it’s bound to go like that even with a great design, but I wish I had spent my final weeks repeatedly drawing my hairline and taking lots of pictures from different angles. I walked into my surgery with a pretty half-baked idea about the hairline, which could have cost me dearly. I thought I k
  15. Hey @Melvin-Moderator, I’ll tell you in PM. I’m waiting til later to name the surgeon on a more concise thread. By the way, it’ll be 1 month on Monday, and the shed is finally hitting pretty hard. I’ll be full ugly duckling in a few more days. Fingers crossed for a swift rebound.
  16. Same here. I had FUT one month ago and it was indeed the little singles on the front that went first. It could be that the tissue heals faster in the smaller units.
  17. It would indeed be the first without side effects, which is why I’m confident that it def will have side effects. Thanks for the heads up, though. I’m curious to see how that does for people.
  18. I tend to think artificial hair lines from HT often are too flat. I probably overdo it with the recession going into the temples, so the best is probably somewhere in-between, but here’s what I would ask for in your shoes: It can look like too much with the hair buzzed down, but those high arches won’t be visible when the hair grows out.
  19. Thanks, @aaron1234. Looks like you’ve done your time in ugly duckling prison, and chose your surgeon very well. It’s comforting to get that feedback from you. You got any work left to do? I see it has been a while. edit - Just checked out your background, looking pretty good. I don’t blame you for getting it done. MPB with that hair/skin color combo is a hard sell. 😉
  20. @giegnosiganoe Heard back from the good doctor: [1s, 2s, 3s] = [470, 1815, 967] It totaled 7k hairs, which sounds pretty normal based on other posts I’ve seen. The caliber was not measured, but I’d guess it’s also middle of the road.
  21. Dunno, but I would worry about harming other grafts nearby. You can always pluck it back intermittently when everything is healed and growing again, in like 6-12 months. You don’t know for sure what it’ll look like until then anyway.
  22. It depends on your particular donor quality and goals. If you truly went to a great surgeon, you’ll probably be pleased, whatever the graft count. I had maybe 2 times as much area to cover, and my surgeon said he could deliver good results with maybe a little over 2k grafts. I decided to go with more grafts using FUT because I wanted a certain density and body on top of coverage. I might have pushed for a little more in your shoes, seeing how dense the hair is behind the recipient, but the right surgeon can do a lot with that. A bad surgeon could use a thousand more grafts and deliver less.
  23. In my own search, I focused on the very few surgeons who virtually never screw up. With cosmetic surgery, esp. above the neck, you don’t gamble. One surgeon mentioned above is known for being the most expensive, but he’s well worth it. In fact, I think he ought to charge more. In the end, it’s cheaper to do it right the first time.
  24. Just got the lady to photo the cut with flash and fresh neosporin. God d*n, that is clean work. I didn’t expect to be able to buzz it after strip, but I think I will. I can hardly find it even with the redness and incipient shock loss.
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