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    Dr. Bernardino Arocha
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  1. 60+ year old man with AGA NW VI wanted to restore his hair, including the hair line to crown area. The after photos are taken 14 months after his procedure. He looks much rejuvenated and is thrilled with his results. 3653 FUT Click Here to see more patient photos.
  2. NEWHAIRPLEASE, Thanks for the kind comments! The team sure appreciates it. Cant decide , Thank you so much for your interest in our work. This patient has said that he will come in on a few follow up calls. However, he has not. Having surpassed his goals for his hair restoration, it is not his top priority to come in for follow ups.
  3. Mick, Very interesting case. Small case to restore a normal look.
  4. 34 year old man with thinning in the frontal third area wanted to restore his hairline and frontal area. He had a hair transplant of 2948 FUT, the results are taken 7 months after the procedure. 2948 FUT Break down results: H1: 472 H2: 1415 H3: 1061 Click Here to see more photos of patient's results
  5. 25 year old gentleman with AGA NW 3V wanted to restore his hairline, frontal and crown areas. He had an FUT 3514 about 2 years ago. 3514 FUT Break Down Results: H1: 562 H2: 1827 H3: 1125 Click Here to view more photos of this patient.
  6. 37 year old with NW III wanting to restore his hairline and frontal area density. His after photos show his results at 5 months post procedure. 2226 FUT Break Down Results: H1: 356 H2: 1068 H3: 802 Click Here to see patient's full results
  7. Gentleman, with AGA Norwood 6, had a comb over and wanted to do a large session to restore his hair. He had a 4000+ procedure to frame the face restoring his hair line and covering the frontal to mid scalp area. His after photos are 11 months post-tp.
  8. The photos in the previous post show the patient at 7 months with dry hair. As you can see, the result looks great for just seven months after the procedure. The patient recently updated us with his 9 month photos- with wet hair. Now we all know that hair looks much thinner when it is wet, but you can see the growth and maturation of the hair- even though it is wet. Take a look here.
  9. 49 year old woman with diffuse thinning secondary to FPHL had a small 2020 FUT procedure. The after results are 9 months after her procedure.
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