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  1. Thanks guys. To be quite honest, I am the kind of guy who if i find someone good, I will recommend them to anyone i know. While my hair transplant was only a month ago, I don't know exactly how my head is going to look, but one thing I can say about Dr. Panine is that he and his assistant are both very honest and have alot of integrity. Here's the reason why I say this: Before I chose Dr. Panine I shopped around a little bit. Just some of the things these doctors told me and what dr. panine and stewart told me were way different. Dr. Panine I think is more concerned about how the patient is going to look than most doctors, at least from what i've seen, and I don't think he would ever put more grafts just to make more money or anything like that. I am only 27 but am a businessman myself, and I always notice customer service, you won't get any better than with these guys. I think stewart called in a pain med for me (couldn't keep the vicodin down) at around midnight or after, plus they did a ton of other stuff for me. Anyway, I will start to put my pics up once i get some progress to show. My last transplanted hairs are falling out, and i'm experiencing some shedding from my normal hair, which from what I hear is completely normal and happens to everyone. So far, so good, stay tuned.
  2. Here's the pics of before, i'll take some more soon, as it's only been 3 weeks since the surgery.
  3. Hey guys, just getting a thread started here, I'm 27 years old, with a receding hairline, although it's not too terribly bad. Anyway, I just got my stitches removed, and i'm basically waiting for the hair to grow in. Basically, I chose Dr. Panine because it seems to me his before and after pics are the best looking cases i've seen, especially for hairlines, really he's good at everything and pretty much does everything. Anyway, when i get the pics downloaded i will show before and after pics, as well as pre surgery and post surgery pics, and updates on a weekly/monthly basis. Honestly, I think this guy really understands hair better than just about anyone. I can tell you for sure that Dr. Panine and his assistant Stewart, are some of the most sincere, genuine guys i've ever met in my life. We had a few discussions and it is apparent to me that these guys really do care about helping you look your best. I cannot say enough about how professional they are. Like I said, be expecting pictures tomorrow.