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  1. Hi all, I have been a user of this page for some time now and I have been losing my hair gradually since my mid 20’s. I started to act upon my mature hairline and pictures of these will be posted just to see where it was at. I experimented late 2010 with topical minoxidil but it made me itch like crazy, and also the rogaine foam was difficult as I worked out a lot and the sweat made the foam go in m6 eyes and mouth, not good. During all of this time I had kept my battle as a secret from family as I felt a bit ashamed and was worried what they would think. I started on finasteride in 2012, and bought a pill cutter and took it in quarters but after losing a family member to prostate cancer and the links that were associated with the medication enlarging the prostate I was spooked by this, thus stopped taking it. This does get quite exhausting!!!!!! Then I read about the benefits of shampoos which can halt DHT formation, and tried brands such as Nizoral, alpecin, amd even cheap branded caffeine shampoos, they all gave my hair a boost as my hair is pretty thick. Around 2016 I noticed that the thinning was more apparent around the front area although I got away with sweeping over my thick central hair to the side to cover my mature hairline, whenever there was a gush of wind or bad rain my hair loss would become really obvious. This made me feel really low about myself, and was a contributory factor in me recently going on to antidepressants. Yes it affected me that much! I started looking at surgical procedures to correct my hair loss, each to their own but immediately I ruled out FUT and focused on researching FUE. I then started looking at prices, the uk was too expensive for me, and I was very sceptical about going to European countries and worldwide SUCH A MINEFIELD! Then I looked into going to turkey for my procedure and I was literally hounded by some organisations via WhatsApp some were relentlessly calling me even when I was in the gym rudely cutting my music out regularly. I began talking to a clinic in the besiktas area of Istanbul and they had great reviews and offered an attractive package, hotel, procedure, after care, medication etc. I spoke to the clinic for about 8 months ensuring I did my homework on them and asked a lot of questions and in July this year I plucked up the courage to book a flight with my supportive partner to Istanbul to get the procedure I need, not only to boost my mental state but to give me a new lease of life, time to look after number one I said to myself. The procedure was completed in early October and went really well, clinic was super clean and professional, I met the doctor who is well renowned in turkey and they were just fanstastic. My bloods were taken then the hairline was drawn by the doctor, and I was then taken into the room ready for the procedure to begin. The anaesthetic injections in front and back of scalp were painful but it soon wore off and they strived to produce a very clean procedure. I will add pictures ASAP, thank you
  2. Anyone had any experience with the above mentioned? Thank you
  3. your a good looking guy, why did you originally feel self-concious? I would kill for that original hairline hopefully there will be a happy ending to this story... god bless and merry xmas
  4. strange how people speak negativly about the sexual side effects, iv had some really positive side effects of fin. too much info i know but i have lasted so much longer and have enjoyed sex alot more than before as i know my body is in control and not like a crazy teenager
  5. to be honest mate, ive seen lads in their early 20's with hairlines that are in much much worse condition thatn yours. im couple years younger than you and have the same hairline however most men in my year at school are balding even the ones who had really thick hair, you look liek you have thick hair, maybe get on propecia to keep what you have, be consistent with it too im on month 5 with my finpecia and have seen small regrowth at the front... good luck
  6. get on the fin mate, and hats off to you for not being afraid to show it by shaving it down, im 28 and my line is a bit lower than yours but fin has done wonders for me, next summer i might even have the guts to shave it down
  7. I have had maturing hairline since i was 23, im 28 now and have curbed it using finasteride, i order from all day chemist and its the finpecia 5mg tablet i cut it into quarters, this is always recommended and cheaper and i have noticed slight results in the front after 5 months i had bad experience with minox (regaine foam) its far too messy and too tricky to put in a regeime and left hair looking crap Its all about maintaining what you have and preventing future loss, popping one quarter of a pill daily is very minimal effort as opposed to messing about with foam
  8. we are all different i suppose
  9. from a personal point of view i found it a pian in the ass to keep applying everyday, im now in month 3 of using finasteride and best thing ive ever done, if you cant be asked popping one pill a day then you are not commited to stopping hair loss need any help inbox me
  10. minoxidil made me thin loads and is a pain in the bum to apply, whereas propecia is one pill and thats that, minoxidil is not worth it and is messy, its amazing that places charge alot of money for this
  11. I have been on this for nearly 4 months now and have only experienced trouble with erections but this soon subsides, nothing to worry about and i can see new hairs scoming through along my hairline, i also notice darker shafts appearing behind the more finer hairs, therefore fortifying and laying foundations for a better hairline you have nothing to worry about, dont fret go for it! i buy from all day chemist and cut my finpecia 5mg tablets in quarters my question to you - i recently had a virus and stopped taking my tabs, was this best?