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  1. I would hate to rub my scalp with an onion, even if I was washing it afterwards! I agree that the non-prescription remedies seem safer. I hate the idea of minoxidil, especially since I've never known any women who have found it helpful. I could be wrong, but...
  2. There's a company called Best of Nature that offers a Dry Scalp Remedy that worked for me as a cure for dandruff. (promotional link removed by moderator) I have scalp psoriasis, and I find that this remedy is very helpful! Hope it works well for you too.
  3. As a woman who is (trying) to cope with my hair loss, I would be inclined to agree with Dr. Mejia, but I would imagine that for many men, the loss is just as deep. I've recently acquired a great collection of hats, which I can't take off because I'd have "hat head" - so far, that works in most circles. I have been using an all-natural Hair Remedy for about a month so far. I am hoping it will work, but of course, it takes time. It's nice to have found a place to vent. Thanks