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  1. Hi all So this is all the way on the other side of London (I'm near Heathrow) so it's a long trek but I spoke to them and the website looks OK, so it's probably the nearest hairpiece vendor and salon I'm going to get. The website is typical slick sales stuff but to be fair they seem to know what they're talking about on the phone and their prices appear reasonable - though TBH I am more interested in the quality rather than the price. I want to be sure I won't look like an idiot with the hairpiece on! Before I venture out, has anyone here heard of them or used them? Mens Hair 2 Go-Hair Systems Uk, Mens Hair Replacement, Hair Systems London Or can anyone here personally recommend another vendor & salon in or around London?
  2. Hi Snowman, not sure I understand what you mean?
  3. Hi Grincher Just wondering if I understand this correctly: is the salon in London affiliated to UK Hair Systems? And if so, can I call them to make an appointment to get the template measured and the hairpiece ordered?
  4. Hi Grincher How would I go about finding a reputable salon near me (Heathrow side of London)? I'm keen to order the piece from the same place you do, but I really want to make sure there's a good salon nearby that I can rely on - at least for the first few times. Thanks.
  5. Yeah I know what you mean and a part of me does worry about that. The problem is that I don't have any experience or knowledge around this and so have to rely on the "high street" shop to kick start my change. I can't see any alternative - going it alone right from the start would leave me at greater risk of doing it wrong.
  6. Thanks again, I'll investigate and get more details. The place I am looking at is called Ultra Hair Clinic but I'm only looking at them because of a recent advert they placed. Not sure how long they've been around. Definitely need to have the DIY option in my plan, otherwise it just won't be viable to keep this up long-term.
  7. Thanks again Grincher, really valuable advice you have there. I wouldn't have thought about keeping a spare piece but that is so important. You could probably make a business from teaching and advising on this subject! Can you PM me the details from where you buy the pieces? (it's real hair I guess?) And if it's not asking too much, can you send me the web links of where I can learn the DIY technique? Going into London every month would basically kill off this idea for me, so the DIY method is the way to go if I could learn to do it properly. I appreciate the time you've taken to write up these posts, thanks again.
  8. Hi Grincher and thanks for replying. This place is quoting ?500 for the piece and then they say around ?50 each time for the re-fit/wash/cut around the sides etc. So I am estimating an annual cost of around ?1100 to ?1200, which I can deal with (for the change in my life I mean) - but it's the regular visits to far-away salons that I can't deal with. Which part of London is the salon you mention? Getting into the City is a an hour's trek for me so not ideal as a regular thing, hence why I would prefer something closer to the Heathrow side. Can you please explain your process to me, i.e. do you order a new piece every 6 months, go to the stylist to get it fitted/cut, and then every 3 weeks you DIY at home? And then after 6 months you repeat that cycle? Is it difficult to DIY and what if it doesn't come out looking good? Surely someone else must be cutting your hair every few weeks? Thanks so much - really appreciate your real-life knowledge on this. It's daunting trying to figure out how to do this without ending up looking like a buffoon at the end of it
  9. Hi all Well I'm at that stage now where I'm thinning obviously at the crown (actually I'm bald, but I'm trying to lie to myself that it's not all gone ). I've been using things like Dermatch and fibres to cover up my 'shame' but frankly I'm sick of doing this on a daily basis, and it doesn't look good now anyway because there's no hair on that part of my head. I don't want to go the surgery route, mainly due to the recovery time (can't take time off work, office job etc), risks (might not work), and the fact that you have to take meds for the rest of your life thereafter (like Propecia, if I understand correctly?). So I've been looking into hair systems and what caught my eye recently was a new-ish place in Birmingham (UK) where the guy who owns the business is system wearer himself. I spoke with him and it sounded OK, costs are reasonable. He advised me that it would take 2 months for the custom piece to be made and then once fitted, I would have to have it taken off and re-fitted every 5 weeks. The piece itself would last about a year. And really, I think I'm OK with all that. The only thing I want is a place close to where I live, so that the ongoing maintenance doesn't become a pain. Does anyone have any recommendations for places around West of London that either sell pieces, or are really good at fitting/cutting/maintaining them? Thanks so much for your help all.
  10. First of all THANK YOU for this website and forum, I am learning so much about the whole HT process. I never realised that I may need to shave my head during the HT process. This presents a problem for me as I work in an office, where a hat is not an option. Also, as an independant consultant I don't get paid unless I come into work - it's quite an earnings hit to take especially when the cost of HT is considered too. I always thought I could get back to work with a few days, but it appears that's not the case. At the most I wouldn't want to be off work for more than 2 weeks. I understand that every case is different, but have any of you managed to get back into an office work environment at the 2 week stage, without a hat (or any kind of head covering)?

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  12. Hi all I live in the UK so am considering Farjo now, for my first ever transplant onto a NW3v/NW4. However, there's a chance I will be in California early next year for a couple of weeks, and could use the opportunity to book in surgery there. I'll be near Irvine/Newport Beach, and due to other reasons I will not be able to travel out much further (LA at a stretch maybe). It appears that there are 2 Coalition surgeons close to Irvine: Dr. Parsa Mohebi and Dr. Meshkin. Are any of these 2 particularly recommended, or perhaps you know of any others in the area that I should research on? Kind Regards Deg
  13. Hi all I'm a NW 3 Vertex at the moment and looking for a hair tranplant around London if at all possible. I've been a long time reader but just signed up, and I understand the reasons suggested for travelling but the UK seems a little sparse for Ultra Refined Follicular Unit Grafting and ideally I'd like to find a clinic close to London so that I can easily visit when needed. Does anyone have experience or information on Harley Street Hair Clinic (FUE Hair Transplant, Hair Loss, Hair Replacement, FUE London)? I think they provide surgery in London so I am considering an initial consultation, but admittedly I am new to this so unsure how to proceed. They seem to focus on FUE but this is not a top priority for me. I just want some hair back on my head! I am also looking at Farjo, though Manchester is 4 hours drive away. Now I know many will say that distance is irrelevant, but I prefer my clinics to be local - it's just a personal preference, like when I had my laser eye surgery, though that was with a reputable doctor in London. It's a comfort thing I guess. If Farjo is by far the best option then I will do it, but I'm just trying to gather any info I can on London based surgeries. I hope you guys can help me out here. Kind regards Deg