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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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  1. Here are some 10 month update pics. I have come a long way since the start I can see that now. Hairline is coming in well..although the side that was worked on the most is still slightly disproportionate to the other side, its still looking alot better. I have been able to grow my hair out significantly and people are always saying "wow you have really nice hair!" let me know what you guys think!!
  2. for some reason, the attachments are nt working on here..will have to upload later
  3. Here are some pics to show the 8 month mark..pretty happy with the results so far, but hoping the last 4 make the hairline and peak areas more full. These pics are with hair partially damp and in really good light and natural light..let me know if you see the progress!!
  4. Thanks guys. Spanker yeah I totally agree that from my first HT I've come along way and have a ton of Improvement. There is no way I would be able t o grow my hair back and put it back when my hair was the way it was before. Rap yeah I can tell the hairline is dense and compared to the other side it still has some ways to go. I'm hoping that after 6 more months those hairs that are still growing thicken up alot because the bottom hairs ( those that begin the hairline) are Graphs and its kind of noticeable to someone that knows about HTs that they are graphs. They look more spaced out then usual, but I noticed the same from my pictures from my first HT and at 9 and 10 months it looked better.right now I put literally a dab of toppik at the base of the hairline and it looks amazing. Im hoping that a year any beyond I won't even need to do that. So I'm definitely hoping for more thickening in the last 6 months..and of course more growth haha
  5. Here are some pics of me at the 6 month mark in natural light. Let me know if you think there are any improvements. I cant really tell from last month or 4 months but thats just me. I know that I am really hoping the hairline gets alot more strengthened soon, you can see alot of the hairs behind it and I did have work done in both areas, but compared to the other side of the hairline, there still needs to be alot more strengthening of those hairs for them to match up which was the goal of this 2nd HT. Please share your thoughts
  6. Im at the 5 month mark. Most of the shock loss seems to grown back and alot of the graphs are coming in. Its nice to see that they are there because my other hair is longer. Im hoping that the peak area and the rest of my hairline gets thicker looking when the other hairs come in and thicken up more! let me know what you guys think. I can take better pics if needed.
  7. In regards to the laser comb, I used to use a dinky one bought on eBay and it was a waste of money...i then was reading up about OMG and decided to build my own laser helmet..the whole thing costed me probably around 20 bucks. I used the helmet following the 2nd touch up procedure and was using it for about 2 weeks prior to it as well. I noticed my recovery time was almost cut in half from my first procedure. If that's is from the lasers itself or the fact that my scalp was used to the stress...who knows but I was happy with it. Also I do feel my hair has been getting thicker and less hairs have been falling out. I have been using this for around 7 months now and whatever is going on it has allowed me to grow my hair out more without that thinning look..something I haven't been able to do in a long time. I am not saying that these lasers work like a charm, but what I have noticed so far has helped or at least prevented some loss so far for me
  8. Here is a 3 month update. All the redness is gone and some growth is appearing. I think some if not most of my shock loss is coming back, and seeing some of the graphs come in. Here are the pics you can decide for yourself. The area still of concern is in the hairline and inside areas. Hoping for a solid hairline when all is said and done. My hair has been growing out a little longer as well, its helped me to see the smaller hairs growing in
  9. Heres 3 weeks post op. All is healed and almost all of the graphs have fallen out. I have experienced a good amount of shock loss however which I'm not happy about especially because its so visible in front..hoping it all grows back soon!
  10. bump on the laser comb anyone know when its a good time to use one after a HT?
  11. Oh yeah not too concerned, just its the area people will see the most so of course i don't want it to be thinned out haha. It is noticeable and i cannot remember if i had loss the last time or not, but as long as it grows back all will be fine..will just have to wear it down for a bit. Oh yeah i know ill be happy with the HT for sure, just loss is nothing i want to see at this point just growth!! lol. plus i want to spike back that front some, so a good hairline in front is a must ill update with pics as the months go on Any experts know when it would be a good time to start using a laser comb again?? or for my sake my own personal laser hat invention??
  12. Ive noticed that in the peak area it has been getting thinner in the past couple days..im about 5 days and out and seems to be the result of some shock loss..anyone think it is of concern?
  13. Hey guys, just to update you yesterday I received 850 more graphs from Dr Charles to touch up the problem areas that arose after the last HT. Basically Dr. Charles just filled in the gaps from the hairs that dyed off the last time. I am very excited about this and it looks like it is going to turn out great! We discussed how to attack it prior to the HT and it turned out exactly like Imagined. Cheers again to Dr. Charles and his amazing staff, the experience was great as usual (besides the getting poked at the beginning- I hate needles) but I was very comfortable and the process flew by. There is ALOT less redness this time which I am very happy about, and practically no discomfort from the donor area. Overall a great experience and I am thinking that the results are going to be great! Here are some pictures to fill you in, let me know what you think. they are taken damp from the graftocyte. Don't mind the redness, its just the lighting its not that red at all!
  14. Gettinold, If you happened to read my post at all and thought anything negative of it, please don't. My experience was great and Dr. Charles is awesome..my problem with my procedure was that I did it too soon. If I would have waited about 6 months I would have gotten the results I really wanted to achieve because all of my dead hairs would have been gone and the graphs could have been a lot closer together. Im currently scheduling a touch up next month with Dr. Charles to fill in those gaps and align my hairline and I would not think twice about it!!