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  1. I would suggest going to an aesthetician to remove those few grey hairs but eventually you'll, probably get more grey hair you may want to check dyeing them. I would suggest using the normal donor hair for that area to be transplanted it would be better quality overall and you don't want little scars on your face from FUE even if they're small.
  2. It's certainly possible for that to happen but it's not like you will have 2 giant bald spots behind your hairline. If this were to occur it would most likely happen slowly and gradually and the hair behind that new balding area would be longer and can be combed a certain way to make it look better, as well as the hair in front of it. Like you said you can always get another small touch up if that were to occur. Since you're against propecia you may want to look into rogaine foam as an alternative to help with keeping your native hair as long as possible.
  3. Having a transplant to replace propecia is not a good idea in your position. Again you will require many grafts, and you may not have enough to give you the result you're looking for. You have a decent amount of hair still on top that you can save with the medication, and you saw a lot fall out when you stopped so you know how well it works. If you have a procedure now you will probably lose quite a bit of your native hair due to shock loss, and without propecia I would say a lot of them won't return as opposed to patients who do use the medication having a better chance of seeing them retu
  4. Why did you stop using propecia? As of right now it looks like you're going toward a Norwood 5A and if you do not use propecia or rogaine it will most likely happen. I highly suggest you continue with propecia if you didn't have any issues with it, because it will save you a lot of your native hair, as well as a lot of money when it comes to the procedure. If you do not use propecia you will most likely lose all the hair in on top of your head until the crown and you will need at the least in my opinion 4000 grafts and you may still need more work to increase density (a procedure of that si
  5. Both minoxidil and rogaine tend to work better for the top and crown areas, as opposed to hair line. It can regrow that area but its rare. Those meds should help keep what you have and the you can focus a procedure to redo the hair line.
  6. Yes swelling is normal it usually lasts for 2-3 days once its noticeable. You should ice the area but be careful to it touch grafts, and you can take an anti inflammatory like advil to help reduce swelling. Nothing to worry about just uncomfortable.
  7. An adjustable baseball style cap usually works well. You want to be able to loosen or tighten if necessary. You don't want to wear something like a beanie hat as its elastic and can pull on the grafts.
  8. Here's an example of a small FUE procedure that didn't require a full shave of the donor site and none of the recipient area. http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/167491-dr-true-true-dorin-fue-hairline-enhancement.html
  9. The difference is usually based on design. If someone is making a lower or more aggressive hairline it may require more grafts. You can ask the surgeon to draw this out on a photo via email. Online bookings are quite common these days especially international patients. Normally you'll meet with the surgeon again before surgery to I over everything again and the number may vary but most likely not by a lot.
  10. Medication can certainly work to regrow your hair but its not a given. YouTube a high chance of keeping what you have but regrowth is less common. With that being said you won't know until you try I'd suggest propecia and rogaine for a year and see the results, and then you can consider transplanting if you want. If you're ok with shaving your head that's certainly another way to go, but you have options.
  11. People can certainly stop at a certain stage. Not everyone automatically goes all the way to a NW7 some may stop a 3V or something else. If you go for a consultation the doctor will be able to look at you and see if there are any early signs of thinning or miniaturization in areas and what they predict you will go to. Also medication such as propecia and rogaine can significantly stop hair loss and reaching that NW level. I've seen many people who have a very good amount of hair on their bridges and crown and have lost most of their hair in the frontal third and were like that for many yea
  12. Propecia does cause initial shedding but it's temporary. Usually you'll start to see a significant reduction in natural hair loss around 6 months and if you were to regrow dormant hair it would most likely start showing up from 9-12 months. If you're able to do both rogaine foam and propecia now I'd suggest it as it will give you the best odds of keeping your native hair and also the best chances of regrowing some.
  13. At 17 days you can return to cardio workouts. Weightlifting and anything else that can put more pressure on your scar is different from person to person but usually at 17 days is also fine. The grafts themselves will be ok at this point, it's more of a concern for the scar, which could potentially stretch. I'd stay away from crunches, or any activity which stretches or puts pressure on that area for another week.
  14. 12 days should be fine, in many cases 10 days is enough. I always recommend you see a professional just in case there is an infection so they can instantly recognize that, but as long as it looks clean, not inflamed or irritated then it should be fine to remove. If you're not sure then you should just go see your local physician.
  15. Yes sleeping on your stomach at that stage can cause your swelling to be a bit worse and prolonged but it's nothing to worry about. You should take an anti-inflammatory like advil before bed and try to put something on your pillow to cushion the area where you staples are so it won't hurt as much. You should sleep at about a 40-45 degree angle and a travel pillow really does work quite well to keep your head comfortable and in an upright position. This shouldn't last more than another day or two when doing that.
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