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  1. Good suggestion...one that I toyed around with a lot...since I am keen on knowing why the hair loss I thought I should visit him and get the detailed analysis done...the fee is OK - it was the lab costs that scared me...it doesn't say how much on his website but I don't know if it will runs into thousands. I might as well use it for my HT! Any idea of how much the lab tests would be (approx)? I read Dr. B was good...but didnt hear people go out of their way to talk about the way he dealt with them...and in my situation I want to talk to a Dr who is a top HT surgeon, a good listener and one that I feel comfortable with...from the readings sounded like Dr. Feller was the best fit.
  2. Spex..thanks for the detailed response. I've read almost every single message here and have seen everyone thank you for the wonderful job you are doing...also visited your HT pix ...very impressive. Nothing like having all this wonderful support for people like us...will keep everyone posted of my journey...
  3. Thanks a lot for the wonderful response "Lady's need hair"...you won't believe how it makes me feel! Another woman with my same problem!! In fact looking at your blog and the pictures your hair loss looks very similar to mine. It looks like Dr. Cooley did a good job..day 8 after shampoo looks nice... So it looks like I will have to have a clean shiny scalp to go see Dr. Feller. I really think there is some kind of deficiency and would that why I asked about whether or not the Dr. would talk about HT or actually run some tests...now that you mentioned that Dr. Cooley did so- at least I know HT Dr's do that..if not I can ask. Now that I know you can indeed out hair in between without shaving thats reassuring...whether or not Dr. Feller does it...will know soon! From last night to tonight after reading yours and Spex's my hopes are high again...I will send you a PM you after posting this - can't wait to hear about your experience and share my pain...thanks again...
  4. I have had thinning hair since I was 17. Mom,dad, bro, sis all have thick hair - my mom's sis has thin hair. I didnt think it would get to a point were I'd be worrying about how can I live 30 more years before I go totally bald. I started using Dermmatch 3 years back. It was a life saver and still is - however I have lost so much hair in the last one year alone, even dermmatch is not helping and now I am depressed Ive not visited a Dr to check on my condition and am just embarrassed - the thought of going out without a concealer is killing me. Been reading forums about what people do and see that HT is quite common among men...or maybe its that women simply dont write about it..we just bury it and deal with it quietly. After much researching, emailing 2 HT Dr's, I decided to visit Dr. Feller. I really want to speak a Dr who is compassionate and listens...from all that I have read I think he has both...It will be most painful 60 mile drive from my home- but I think my options are limited. I'm yet to call for an appointment. I have a few questions about the first consultation and HT procedure itself...if anyone can help answer them it would reassure me... 1) I'm assuming I have to wash my hair (with no dermmatch) and go? 2) What exactly does Dr. Feller do during the consult? Will be do scalp biospy, run test etc and diagnose my condition first or straight away discuss HT? (It may sound weird, but I really would like to know what my condition is) 3) I have hair loss on the front/top/vertex...the other areas are in tact but overall not super thick but the scalp doesn't show. I've read that women with hair like this may not be good candidates...true? what are the chances Dr. Feller wont do HT for me? 4)I saw bef and aft photos of a women who did HT and she had HT done in the front - the photo showed big portion of the front shaven and it took almost 8 months for hair to grow. I thought only the donor area had to be shaved? 5) If in fact the transplant area has to be shaved how do people go out with a big area with no hair right after the HT. I cannot imagine walking around like that If I decide to do HT I wouldn't want any one at work to know about it...I can probably take 2 weeks off but that wouldn't help a big hairless area on my head. 6) Its not that I have the money sitting in the bank to pay for it and HT is expensive - I would've never considered HT if it wasn't this bad (will try to post some photos later on). Now I look at it as though I need clothes to cover my body and need hair to cover my head...it is a necessity..I may have to live on a tight budget for long but I think it would regain my confidence The only best part of all this is my boyfriend of 3 yrs - he is extremely supportive and understands how I feel. I've only spoken about my hair problem to my mom and sis - no one else knows...demmatch magic... I'm here for support and any suggestions...thanks for listening... Good luck to all of you in your journey of restoring your hair...god bless.




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