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Hair Loss Overview

  • Describe Your Hair Loss Pattern
    Thinning on Top only (Genetic Baldness)
  • How long have you been losing your hair?
    In the last 10 years
  • What Best Describes Your Goals?
    Maintain Existing Hair
    Maintain and Regrow Hair
    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration
    Considering Non-Surgical Treatments
    I'm here for support

Hair Loss Treatments

  • Have you ever had a hair transplant?
  • Hair Transplant Surgeon
    Dr. Jerry Cooley
  • Current Non-Surgical Treatment Regime
    Propecia (Finasteride)
    Rogaine Foam
    Revita Shampoo

Hair Loss Story

  1. http://www.folligen.com I use the Folligen Shampoo and Conditioner when I am not using Nizoral. (It's what my Dr. sends you home with after your HT!) You use very little so the bottle should last a long time.
  2. I am sure there are lots of different methods for different people... but I was told use Nizoral 3X per week and leave it on at least 5 minutes to penetrate the scalp properly. (Again, everyone is different and may use it differently or have success by other means.) Hope this helps!
  3. Have you thought about maybe putting the spray in the refrigerator so it's cold when you spray it,... might be a more cooling sensation and help with the itching. (I just went thru the same thing last week - 2 Benadryl helped but made me super sleepy!)
  4. Thanks everyone, I am much better now. To answer the questions/comments about the saran wrap - it is standard procedure with Dr. Cooley. His instructions post-op involve using a special spray on the grafted area and the saran wrap acts as a "greenhouse effect".
  5. I am 3-days post-op and the grafted area is itching like crazy!!!:confused: Any advice on what I can do (I took some Benadryl and that seems to help some). I am spraying constantly to keep the area moist, and keeping it covered with Saran wrap. Thanks!
  6. I am going in for my second HT on 12/22 (first was not a success...not looking to explain all the details on this post). Just wondering if anyone has any words of wisdom &/or advice about having a 2nd HT. I'm pretty anxious and emotional about the whole thing. One would think knowing what to expect would help...but it really doesn't. THANKS!!!:)
  7. I just wanted to say I am sorry you are going through this...hair loss is hard enough and now you are having to deal with a not so good HT. Hoping things get better for you every day, hang in there!
  8. I had my surgery with Dr Victor Hasson recently.You should never take 15% Rogaine.Use 2% as its recommended by FDA.Use Provillus female version & trust you you will be fine.

  9. Hi everyone, Just saw 15% Minoxidil on a website, but did not see it in the line-up of items to purchase through this site. I am assuming that if it was worth taking I would hear people on this board talking about it and that my Dr. would have told me about it. Any thoughts? Anyone used it with success??:confused:
  10. Mari, Well sounds like you had a great consult and have some options other than HT for now I am on Finasteride also...too early to tell if it is "working". I only do the Rogaine foam at night...let me know how the Dermamatch works for you, it may be something I could use as I am patiently waiting for hair to grow. Congrats on taking another step in combatting hair loss!
  11. MARI: You will shed most of the grafts, I did but I had prepared myself for it so it really didn't phase me too much. I tried to tell myself that the sooner they fell out the sooner they would start growing back in for REAL Also, I really wanted to minimize anything people might notice (this HT is one of the only secrets I have kept from EVERYONE except family). Trying not to spend a lot of time in the mirror...because I hear until at least 4 months I will not see anything. PURPLE: OH! I am glad to hear about the itchiness...although I am having more around the incision than wher
  12. Mari, Welcome! Glad to see another female on here...there are not many of us! Purplesky answered most of your questions I think. I will add: - Keep a notepad of anything you think of in terms of questions or concerns and take it with you to the consult. I am sure they will give you a LOT of information, so you may want to take notes also. It's really not a bad procedure. You may be in a little bit of discomfort but they give you pain meds to manage that. Just know that you will need to take it REALLY EASY for at least a week or two. Doctors have different post-op instructio
  13. From what I was told NO Finasteride is NOT approved by the FDA for use in Women. However, it is because of exactly what was said above about child bearing. I am 39 and had to prove the "factory is closed" for having children before my Dr. would write me a prescription. I am too early on to tell if it is helping stabilize hair loss.
  14. I don't think I need to worry, but wanted someone to reassure me before I call the Dr. and they think I am a crazy patient. I was getting something out of the trunk of my car and it was not completely raised and I SLAMMED the top of my head on it. :eek: It hurt really bad but I immediately ran inside to a mirror and it was just a little red...does not look like any skin was broken. Please tell me I didn't mess up chances for growth for that section of my head that was hit!? THANKS!!
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