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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last 5 years
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    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration

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  1. I agree. I have seen a lot of results and those pictures seem pretty darn good. It really does stimulate growth in some instances. With only 1-2% of people getting side effects from this, I really can't see any harm from this.
  2. Actually, I have seen a post on this before. I can't remember which thread it was on though..sorry. They were saying that it probably has to do with the DHT. Were you on medications before the ht and then stopped? This could cause the scalp to be oily. What do you guys and gals think?
  3. Tom Brady may be balding, but he also get to go home to Gizelle every night. This can be a lesson for everyone. And when was that picture taken? That must have been with his old supermodel girlfriend. I bet it has gotten worse for him as the time progressed. And thats why he is growing his hair.
  4. specific surgeons have tendencies and you will be able to tell all of these from hair restoration network Make sure you keep us updated on what you decide to do. Congratulations on deciding to get a HT!
  5. wait, is this person a dermatologist AND a HT doctor? Did you see the credentials? Have you checked that person in the hairrestoration website? Honestly, if that doctor isn't on this site, than it can't be too good. No offense. You are only 22 and have you tried any medication? Minoxidil? Anything? We can help, we just need information.
  6. what a trade-off! that's why this community is know for bringing these decisions to the forefront so people can make the best decision for them! great thread.
  7. i think the simple answer would be yes. if you keep messing around with your scalp, naturally it would be tougher to grow hair. im sure there is a more complex answer though. Any other thoughts?
  8. wow...TMI, "YouOnlyLiveOnce". I can't really see how this would affect the libido. Wouldn't it seem that all surgery would be included in this? Not just ht?
  9. what an awesome thread! i never thought about this haha. I was away for a bit, but I totally agree that good results come in waves. that is why we are all here though! This community is there for good and bad results. Providing accurate knowledge about this subject is the primary objective.
  10. can someone please enlighten me why someone would want to bleach their hair? there is probably an obvious answer, I cannot come up with one. I apologize for my ignorance.
  11. i would also recommend that you shave the head. doctors need to see haha. My friends whom have had ht have also shaved their heads for surgery. I have not had surgery yet.
  12. 2 weeks is totally normal. wouldn't worry too much about that. and isn't medication after ht simply for pain? are you experiencing any pain?