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  1. Thanks guys I totally agree with you I was just wondering as I am in need of repair to my hairline and rear donor scar in the near future I was trying to make up my mind weather it be Feller, H&W or Cooley I was looking into Cooley as he has been researching Acell and feels he can pluck a hair and plant it into a scar and re grow a follicle ....the same with hypo pigmented pit scars he feels he can remove and set with Acell and it should heal without or at least minimal hypo pigmentation A have seen several before and after photo's and each look like a FUE session was done but it was just plucked/tweezed hairs set in Acell Along with several punched out grafts healing without scars..... So my choice book is still open........ Just trying to do my homework I may try and make an appointment for a 1 on 1 evaluation sometime in Dec with Feller if I could.....I live In PA
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  3. Just curious if there are any repair patients that were not totally happy with their repairs......
  4. I live in NJ and am interested in meeting a few Feller and H&W patients before i schedule my repair....... Can anyone help .......??