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  1. ok my hairline is seriously so high up my head you would think im in my 40s. I had spent half of my life dealing with insults and jokes that i became extremely self conscious overtime. People say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and yes that maybe true and agreeable when you have matured and have a different out view....NOT when your going to a school or any place as a teenager and honestly i never used to care about my looks and when i did tried all i can to ignore it and let it be... but how can that be possible when i can't set foot anywhere without comments and laughter even from strangers.. I no longer go anywhere without a hat. I can't see myself going to college like this.. I have lost almost all my social skills and confidence because of this problem and it seems it is now too late for me to enjoy a single day of my life while living with this fact. What i don't understand is, i have consulted some surgeons and they all seem to have their focus solely on my late twenties and mid thirties.. i understand they are trying to do me a favor since baldness cannot be predicted. However, what about my life until then? What is more important, today or tomorrow? Why should i be considered with how my hair is going to look in my 30's when i my hair looks like **** RIGHT NOW?? I feel hopeless and yes i will try one of the medications but they will not give me a full head of hear i deserve like everone else at my age. But my question is where can i find a surgeon who will perform this procedure.. I am fully aware of the risks involved and I have got the money. Thanks