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  1. Dr. Feller, You bring up a good point. I have been through a number of HT procedures 20 years. I too worried about the growth rate. As you point out, things always worked out. I had a hairline revision three months ago. This was my first HT in 15 years. Given my past experience, I am not even paying attention to the growth of my latest procedure. I know from past experience that it will grow when it grows. The moral of the story - A watched pot never boils. :-)
  2. Dr. Cooley, Thanks you so much. The reason that I ask is I am basically out of donor area and wanted to try this to thicken the crown a little. I am currently using SMP but am always open to new ideas. Thanks again!
  3. Dr. Cooley, What a great transformation! I do have a question. Has PRP been used at times other than at the time of an HT to thicken the crown area? Is that even possible? Thanks Haircut
  4. Dr. Cooley, Your patient might also consider SMP. It has made a huge difference in my crown area.
  5. Hi CD, Well, as you know, temp SMP uptake and duration varies by individual. Not sure that you would really need 4-5 passes a year. I have found that a full pass every six months or so is fine. Like I said though, everyone is different.