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  1. @E.S. I would usually laugh away such suggestions, but its not just one clinic but several in Turkey that claim they do it, and already quite a number of people have done it which surprised me a lot. @scar5. One clinic in Ankara says the Doc, named Saldar(?), does only hand punching. What made my eyes fall out was a posting that said he extracted a little over 3000 in one day. The other two clinics I've heard of in Istanbul use machines, but despite my inquiries, I haven't received any info on which machine they use. It seems there are a lot of non-US companies that are also making and marketing FUE machines, which makes it hard to track. @TC17 Wow. Dr. Feriduni did over 3000 FUE in one day. As he is in Belgium, I've been looking intensely at his site, and was impressed by his work. So I guess, techinically, even 3000 is possible in a day, if the donor density is there. Gees ... What I still can't figure is, are these Turkish clinics just being reckless and unethical or are they justfiably just risk-taking and more adventurous. I know in the old days, they said 4000 FU implatations via FUT/FUSS wasn't even possible, but then it happened and now is mainstream ... so I couldn't dismiss it out right, or disuade others who were going for it. I was hoping I could receive some more consensus opinion here to relay to others, but I guess, if Dr. Feriduni can do it, it is technically possible in the right conditions ..... hew.
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  3. I've been roaming around several hairtransplant sites, in serious consideration of a hair transplant, and I have come upon some clinics in Turkey that claim they can do an FUE 4000-5000 in a 2 day session. I can't help being amazed, since from what I've researched, though there are several renowned clinics in the US and Europe that can do Strip method (FUSS/FUT) of 4000-5000 in one session, I've never come upon 4000-5000 FUE. It seemed that the consensus here at hair-transplant-network was at most 1500 in one session. Yet, not only are there several Turkish clinics that claim to do so (though not TransMed on the approved list here), I've even seen several posting of people claiming to have received such. There's even one guy who is over a year, and whose results seem really tempting (though, admittedly, he has curly hair, which helps, I guess.) So my question is, to hair transplant gurus, and hopefully doctors who visit these forums too: Is it really possible to do 4000-5000 FUE?? Is it feasible? if it is are there no side-effects?? Is there a reason why US clinics never mention such FUE-megasessions?? And then what is the feasible maximum of a FUE session?? Please help. I am really tempted by these clinics, yet I fear there is something strange that it's only happening in Turkey (though here in Europe, going to Turkey for a cheap hair transplant does seem to be happening a lot). And if there's something wrong, I also feel compelled to warn others on the site, to avoid them being tricked into dangerous side effects or possibly ruineous results and wasted money! All answers would be dearly appreciated!