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  1. I have only had fue procedures. In my humble opinion, if you are african american and wear your hair short like I do,I believe a strip is not a viable option as it is extremely hard to hide the scar. As with fue from my experience, even wearing your hair pretty short, it's almost impossible to see the scars. And furthermore if by chance you start to bald later in life after the strip hair transplant, this puts you in a very peculiar position, as your options are extremely limited as to how you can style your hair, as the strip will show and therefore the cons would outweigh the pros.
  2. Hello. And yes. In hindsight if I would have gotten more grafts from Doctor deep the results could have been better. Hope that helps
  3. I had about 1000 done previously. I cant say the other Dr. name because I might get in a bit of trouble because he belongs to this forum. I will say that he has other results on here and youtube with aa clients that look good, but mine didn't turn out as well with him.
  4. I had scalp scarring alopecia from a childhood condition which caused balding in my frontal hair line. I had a previous transplant procedure from another Dr. who says he specializes in transplanting african american hair and the results were minimal. I had smp done after that transplant and wasn't satisified with the results. I went to Dr. Umar and had around 2400 grafts done in two different sessions over 2 years. I am pleased with the results. I attached a picture of before, and at 9 months post second procedure. I had fue the previous procedure with the other Dr. as well as with Dr. Umar.




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