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  1. i've been going bald for 3 years and hated it, i have big ears and the bald head and the big ears change my appearence completley, and i've become from handsome man to ok minus, but the big problam was my self confidence and that was the point when i decided to go for ht. now i look in the mirror and see my baldness is progress and can't believe it. now the money ant time is not the big problem the big problem is that u need to think how u gonna look in the next 50 years, let's say i'm counting on for future hm, i've to save some donor for this and not wasting all. about the strip im not worried because first i did the hairtransplant because i didn't like the bald look so i don't wanna shave my head, and if i get to the worst point when i lost all my hair and stayed only with scar and thin front and still no solution for hairloss, i can tatto my scar, tatoo all my head or make fue to the scar and go with little hair on the sides (but that is the worst cases) and offcourse there is dr umar with unbellivable repairs. the bottom line for me is to be on fance as much as i can and hope for honnest solution soon (which seem to become somtime soon) but to never give up!
  2. little background: im 26 adding to nw 6, i had strip procedure 1800 grafts to the third front 2 years ago and still the front is thin and i keep losing hair. tried propecia before and stop it because testicles pain that i had from it. i send dr hasson pictures and he said that he can harvest probably another 1500 grafts from my donor. actually i think ive another 2000-3000 grafts left whic is certainlly not enough (because im on my way to nw 7 soon) but this is one option, so second option i was thinking to go to dr umar and use body beard and traditional hair, give up the crown, make fue to scar and low down the hairline, and to get to ilusion of full hair from front by going very short hair. so my question is should i use all my donor by strip and take a big risk for future or should i give up long hair and go for the other option? or there is a third option?