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  1. Thanks shankar for your comment on my pic.

    will go with your opinion.

  2. hey for ur hairloss level, u shud not be considering HT. continue ur minoxidil for some years and then decide.. i can see ur frontal hair is good... HT works well practically in front and not in crown region... meds r meant for crown region..



  3. had hair transplant on May 13th, 2010 - FUT 2550 grafts. sharing my results
  4. Shankar,


    I'm pleased to read your current "status!" I hope you'll continue to keep the community updated on your progress, and you may even want to investigate adding photographs to your social profile or hair loss weblog. Good luck!

  5. hey, exactly the same here.... i'm 2.5 months out of the surgery... i havent asked my doctor about this because i believe this will definitely be ok later
  6. and i forgot to mention that i had absorbable sutures which went away after 3 weeks. do absorbable sutures also contribute to scarring?
  7. thanks sparky and dr.mike I will be visiting my doctor on august 9th. Will find out from him whether the 2 mm line is fully scarred or i will grow some hair there to make the line thinner. After seeing the back of my head my friends are telling mixed comments whether its a fully scarred area or shocked area. And I am unable to find out from pictures. This is really bothering me because i like keeping my hair short doctor, if a 2nd strip is taken along the same scar for next surgery will i get a similar scar or wider one..
  8. folks, pls reply... what is the average time it takes to see the final width of donor scar?
  9. Hi , I had a 2550 grafts FUT surgery done by Dr.Venkataram Mysore, Bangalore 70 days back. I can see some garfts have produced new hairs but very thin and insignificant. So I need to wait and see when they will thicken and when I will get the remaining grafts growing. I experienced mild shockloss in the native hair but they have come back. My concern here is, my doctor told that I will end up with a 1mm wide scar. But now, 70 days post-op I am having a scar which is at least 2mm wide. Will it take much longer to shrink? or I have to live with this 2mm scar? I am planning to visit Dr.Venkat and have a consultation soon. FYI, my post-op report says that the strip taken from my head was 27 x 1 cm. My scar pic attached.
  10. Thanks for ur reply. I have another doubt. I'm using minoxidil. How often should I wash my hair. Daily or every other day. I know once in three days will not be enuff
  11. Shankar,


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  12. Hi This is such a nice and informative forum, I have been reading topics for last 1 month and I joined today to post a new thread as I could not find answers for the situation I am facing. I had a HT about 1 month back. 2500 grafts, FUT to cover only the front 1/3rd. Using minoxidil and finpecia 1 week post the surgery. My question is I shed almost all the new grafted hairs in the temple region on both sides. But hairs fell slowly in the front and a good number still remains. And I am seeing some black dots resembling new hair growth in the front region where grafts are falling slow. Am I seeing these black dots because the hairs which shed where broken at the base and did not fall actually? And in case if they are new hairs, are they due to the medicines or surgery? And if what I am seeing is new growth, I am not able to see such black dots in side regions(temples) + graft hairs fell very aggressively leaving a shining scalp. Is it possible that I wont get hairs in these regions considering that they fell very faster and looking shiny? Please reply if someone has any idea what is happening to my hair.