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  1. Slightly off topic, but related. I took a DHT test after I quit Fin (it was part of a test of all things due to my sides) - of course I don't know what the level was whilst on it, but 3 months after I quit it, my level was 3.36nmol/L (with the range being 0.32-1.64!!!) It took over a year before the levels got back down to 1.25....
  2. I don't get the whole Jason Stratham looking good thing .... if I had hair like that, I wouldn't be happy at all.
  3. This is so spooky - I just logged on to ask exactly this question, and it was top of the "New Posts" ..... I went to Oceanworld today, and in a load of the photos where the light is shining directly onto my head - it goes pretty see through - so was coming to ask did anyone else have the same problem
  4. I'd never thought of using bleach on its own - surely then you would just be left with white/very light hair?
  5. I like making my hair blue, like this: But to get the best result, you need to bleach your hair first (so it's super light) - then apply the blue. If you don't do this, it will 1) not go so vivid and 2) wash out really quickly. At the moment I am using something like this: But it only lasts one day, thus is getting quite expensive
  6. Which won't help your libido at all.... It's a tough call really, as you read sites that say things will get worse before they get better - which is what made me keep going with it, but after a while I realised that wasnt' going to work. I'd say try it for a month, but if it's starting to give you negatives, then that is the time to stop.
  7. It only started growing in about a month ago, so at the moment I can't really see much. Will post up after 2 more months, as there should be a noticeable difference then
  8. I've had a search through the forum, but the old posts I could find are super old - so wondering if anyone learnt anything new yet. 7 months out of an HT, am I safe to go for a full bleach / coloring yet? I like to dye my hair blue - but the spray is costing a fortune, lol, so I want to just do it with a permanent, which would mean a bleach first. Any ideas?
  9. I used to think like that .... until I tried fin. Believe me, no matter how bad you feel single - you feel a million times worse unable to even think erotic thoughts about a girl.... In the end, I've decided to play the life wheel of fortune, in that I hope that by the time my current hair falls out either: 1) They will have found a cure, or 2) I'll be married (of course, it will still suck to lose hair, but at least I won't then also be worrying about "will I find a partner")
  10. I'm at nearly 8 months now, and I only started the big growing in phase about a month ago (seriously) - so no need to panic.... Anyway, get yourself back to Bangkok and we'll find many places to go that can take your mind off things!!!
  11. Don't withdraw from ATMs as there is a 150 baht fee. Go inside a branch and do an over the counter withdrawal (simply give them your debit card) - there is no fee for this and you can get out 20,000 instead of (for UK nationwide at least) around 13,500 (?300) Never send in Thai Baht - always send in your countries currency and allow the conversion to happen Thai side. The rates are much much better. Alternatively, bring cash and take it to Super Rich near Central World to get an even better rate (though the convenience of a wire transfer might make that more simple!)
  12. If you need any help at all, do let me know - be it to check out some hotels, grab a beer or two, or chilax with some beautiful ladies at Cowboy after the terrible stress of your surgery
  13. My second HT was within my existing hair - 7 days out I looked fine. Before you procedure, start wearing your hair forward for a bit so people are used to you like that - then you can use that hair to cover the surgery later
  14. And if you get bored at all and feel like going for a drink, let me know Soi Cowboy has a load of indoor places where the sun will stay off your head (though you might have quite a few women trying to caress it ... hehe)