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  1. I'm a norwood class 7. Most doctors that looked at my pics said I'd be lucky to get 3000 grafts. So I was expecting between 2000 to 3000 grafts. When Dr. Wong saw me the day of surgery he checked my scalp laxity and said he could get 5000 grafts! To say I was shocked to hear this is an understatement! I'm sure the scalp massages that Dr. Wong recomended helped increase my scalp laxity.
  2. I had 5,250(approx.) grafts performed by Dr. Wong in March 2010. It's been a long six months of waiting but I'm now a "believer". I'm quite happy with the results at six months post-op. I've hear the full results will be seen in a year. So I'm excited about looking forward to seeing what the results are at one year post-op. You can click the attached pictures to enlarge them.