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  1. I see where ur going with this but its not that easy. Although, Dr. Umar uses body hair from all over the body to place in the temples he claims. He does a lot of BHT tho. It grows at a different rate than head hair and isn't really optimal as stated above. Its more about the skill of the HT surgeon and what angle and density he or she places the grafts in and around the temple to give that softer look or illusion of a softer look. U cant just take a few hundred soft hairs from ur forearm that may happen to be very light and place in ur temples. Its just not that simple and is pretty muc
  2. Wow that's the craziest hairline ive seen here. Looks great! Reminds me of Dr. Maras but even better imo. Look forward the final result. U still got another 6-8 months of growth. Already look way better. Little moth eaten tho in the donor but SMG will fix that dam near 100% and if u combine that with a little growth there will zero evidence of anything.
  3. Not the most skilled hairline. Dracula like. But when the hair grows as good as this it makes very little difference. Awesome result! Good for u!
  4. Ur WAAAAY too soon to be making a judgement. If after 12 months it looks the same then yes not good but u have to wait. Ive seen a LOT of growth in patients between 9-12 months so ur jus gonna have to be patient. Ive even seen a few make exceptional growth after 1 year. It does happen. U might want to consider SMG tho. It will give the illusion of more hair for sure considering u have very dark hair and very light scalp u would be a great candidate for SMG.
  5. Well, unfortunately ur one of those ppl that have the X-Factor. Meaning, ur NOT a good candidate for a HT. Doesn't matter where u go for it the results it will be the same. Im sure if add enough grafts to ur hairline it will improve greatly but just know as u age ur gonna lose a lot more and u simply won't have enough donor hair to keep up if u have to use 3x the grafts to get the same result as someone else. Erdogan is one the top HT surgeons in the world! Ur HT at first looks like every other patient that has had a HT with Erdogan with success. He didn't just
  6. At one time Dr. Bhatti was one of the only games in town and was the only affordable option and at that time I thought he was a decent choice but as time went on his lack of skill really came to light and dozens of other HT surgeons started popping up doing far better work with way less experience and they were not spacing their grafts so far apart to look like 1990 hair plugs! He never evolved. Its a game of talent and he lacks talent. Dr. Bhatti doesn't perform large hair transplants. Where are the 5000+ graft patients? Im still waiting for those examples! He is a cheap alternative opti
  7. Bhatti is like the "Bosley" of India smh. Sorry for ur poor results OP but I've been here a very long time. Long before Bhatti and I can tell u his work is poor and always has been. His graft placement is too far apart and when they don't take it looks really bad. He is not someone I have ever recommended to anyone ever. Sorry if that offends ppl but if anyone wants me to post up some evidence id be glad compare Bhatti to Erdogan or half a dozen other HT doctors but anyone can search for themselves. In the past anytime someone would criticize Bhatti they would get
  8. Talk about a Life altering event wow! Good for u bro! Looks great!
  9. U just look like a dude with a full head of hair now! Congrats! Looks amazing!
  10. Dr. Maras still has the best hairlines in the business. I just cant wrap my head around why other surgeons don't emulate his technique smh.
  11. That made me LOL literally! Hairline too straight? Yea dude..... go with that. Sounds legit. There is absolutely nothing straight about his hairline. In fact, its about as perfect as it can get and the hairline is also too low? Yea... go with that one too sounds even more legit.....🙄 Gotta love when the jealous haters just can't contain their hate as they try to give a compliment backed with an insult smh. Some ppl are just utterly clueless....
  12. Wrong. The area around the crown will take up to 18 months to fully mature. Thats a fact not an opinion.
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