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  1. Dr. Nigam is our best hope. Far fewer regulations in India. Hope he collaborates with Jahoda. Google "Nigam Jahoda"...first link has photos. When will this site allow links? All the other ones do.
  2. But they are involved in a dozen other cosmetic treatments. And Dr. H is now president of some laser device company. I tend to shy away from those who stretch themselves too thin.
  3. Very good video, and I would definitely recommend the video over audio only (go to thebaldtruth site to find the video). Jotronic's hair looks fuller than I imagined based on his recent photos, while Spex's hair seems less dense (but no signs of balding) than his photo in that famous newspaper article.
  4. I started seeing thinning scalp hair about 13 years ago when I turned 20, but it really became visibly thin in around 2006 since I had great hair to being with and the thinning seemed to reverse slightly for a while before reprogressing. I then started on and off Proscar therapy in 2006, and Rogaine once a day too with no significant treatment breaks. I think the Rogaine did an excellent job for about five years. I have been more regular with Proscar lately, but it seems to not be making a difference. This year, I started seeing my hair becoming extremely brittle and curling in very unusual shapes, sometimes almost like pubic hair at the ends (gross) and sometimes with two curls at the lower one-third area of the follice! My hair itches so bad that I have to pull it out (especially if I have not had a haircut for more than 5-6 weeks), and almost every hair that I pulled out was damaged and excessively curly and is on its deathbed. I FEEL LIKE THIS IS ROGAINE INDUCED HAIR GROWTH THAT HAS REACHED ITS END OF LIFE. The thing that bothers me the most is that my donor hair is also somewhat curlier than normal and no longer has the same quality as in my younger years. i.e., my donor hair is probably half as thick and maybe two-thirds as plentiful as it was when I was younger. I seem to be getting hair thinning in the "permanent" donor zone. My mother's father had almost no donor hair in his 80s, and I think he got there many years ago. Maybe even in his 50s. Even more bizarre, I have fine dark body hair (that is terminal in my opinion) all over my back, and most of the rest of body is covered in thick hair. But I have no thick or long back hair except in my lower back. The fine terminal hair on my back is really strange. I mention my body hair because I am convinced that most men with excess body hair (especially chest, back and ear) tend to go balder much sooner and more frequently than men with little to no body hair. Most surgeons are unwilling to make this conclusion, but I am certain of it. Anyway, sorry about the long post that might not even make much sense. Just venting and hoping to hear if any board member or surgeon has seen such a case. The hair I pull out is not due to the hair pulling disease, since its only the dying hair that I pull out. I never feel the itching and urge to pull out my stronger noncurly hair of which I have little left. I always had slightly curly hair, but nothing like this at the root/end of the follicle. The areas where I have pulled out hair are now visibly bald. I feel like Rogaine will not help me anymore. Is it worth transplanting donor hair that is getting curlier, might not last for more than 5-10 years, and that might not even grow more than one inch once moved to the front of the scalp?
  5. Laser hair removal increases hair in the same part of the body for some patients. It happens most often when you treat finer hair in women on the upper body if I remember correctly. Of course I know its a different laser! However, if one type of laser can increase body hair, I do not see why another type could not increase scalp hair (especially the thinner/finer scalp hair).
  6. The only reason that has prevented me from concluding with 100 percent certainty that these products are scam is due to the fact that there is documented proof of laser hair removal actually increasing body hair in some patients.
  7. Hi scar thanks for the response. So do you take Finasteride daily? After how many months on it did you see a reduction in your body hair? Did you see a reduction in beard hair too? What area of the body did you see a decrease in body hair? Did Finasteride reduce your body hair that was transplanted to the scalp? So was beard hair for you as good as moustache (whisker) hair? How many grafts of beard and body hair have you had transplanted to your scalp? Thanks for your update.
  8. Being one of the cursed with a lot of body hair, but a scantily clad scalp, I have been following the body hair to head hair transplant trend now and again. I am surprised that there are still such few WOW results out there (although I am glad there are a few WOW results). By now, you would think that surgeons such as Dr. P and Dr. U and Dr. W and Dr. C would have a good idea of what types of body hairs give reliable results when transplanted to the scalp. I would guess that beard hair is the best hair to transplant to the head for most hirsute bald people, but is their a consensus on this in 2010? Any people here had mostly or entirely BHTs and are happy with their results? Thanks!
  9. Many people getting laser hair removal have complained that it grew new hair on them (turned vellous hair terminal). There was even a study on it.
  10. I am possibly going to get Botox injections into my feet or try iontophoresis to get rid of my terrible feet sweating. However, is there any possibility of side effects if your feet can't sweat? Is there anyone who has no sweat on their feet at all, even when running in shoes without wearing any socks? Thanks.
  11. It really depends on the body hair. At this point, my beard and chest hair is better than at least half my scalp hair.
  12. I listed the following on my site a while back, but can't provide the link (which includes the below links) per regulations: * Dr. Michael Beehner (amazing hair and body transformation) * Dr. Brad Wolf (HT performed on him by Dr. Ron Shapiro) * Dr. Robert Jones' own HT and blog * Dr. Gary Hitzig (HT done in the late 1970s!) * Dr. Matt Leavitt * Dr. John Gillespie * Dr. Richard Rogers (not updated blog since first post) * Dr. Alan Feller (no before and after) * Dr. Robert Haber (no before and after) * Dr. Robert Dorin (no before and after -- HT performed on him my his partner Dr. Robert True) * Dr. Jerry Cooley (no before and after)
  13. Besides diet and exercise, is there a third alternative (supplements) to reduce body fat? Has anyone tried Tonalin? Any other supplements to reduce BF?
  14. Dr. Carman, I am 5'11 (but you are right, probably still overweight by at least 10lbs). Do you think there is a genetic component to body fat percentage and body fat location depending on race?